Best 2nd Generation Pokemon In Pokemon GO

#08 - Scizor

When we first ranked who we thought would eventually be the top dogs of Pokemon GO Johto, we sort of imagined Scizor being ranked higher than this. But after careful consideration, we simply could not do it. You may be asking why initially, but after looking no further than Scizor’s typing, you’ll see exactly why this powerful Pokemon ranks so low. That reason rests solely upon its x4 weakness to Fire Type Pokemon. And in a Pokemon GO World still dominated by Arcanine, Flareon, Charizard and yes, even Typhlosion, Scizor’s stock drops dramatically pretty darn quick. You could even say it goes up in flames, pun intended.

With that being said, Scizor is still one heck of a Pokemon, in both the mainstream Pokemon Games and here in Pokemon GO. It reaches exactly 2800 Max CP, which is no joke. It also has a number of resistances with its typing, as well as enough offense to destroy through gyms and enough defense to keep its Gym Leader Titles. That is, as long as no Fire Types stand in its way or oppose it.

Posted: 22nd Feb 2017 by Team SuperCheats