Best 2nd Generation Pokemon In Pokemon GO

Way back when Pokemon GO was the newest phenomenon of the gaming world, eons before Pokemon Johto came to the game OR before its coding was leaked, we here at made an article on the To-Be Powerhouses of Pokemon GO Generation 2. And now that we are in the age of Johto, we thought it was well time to examine which of these Pocket Monsters actually rose to top!

In all actuality, we think we did pretty well with guessing who these Pokemon would be way back when. We nailed it with Blissey and Tyranitar, as well as Heracross and Scizor. But we did, admittingly, drop the ball on a few, including picks like Miltank, Meganium and Umbreon. We’re not perfect, sure, but 7/10 ain’t bad at all.

But now we’re going to take a look at the ten best Pokemon of the second Generation currently in Pokemon GO. We would like to note, specifically, that we will not be including legends on this list. This is primarily due with them presently not being in the game - they will come one day - but also because they would occupy most of this list too. We will also be ranking these ten Pokemon from least to greatest, and with no bias being shown either. But that doesn’t mean we will solely be basing things off a Pokemon’s Max Combat Power; that will be included, but others factors, such as typing and possible moves, will also play a key role.

And if at anytime you’d like to voice your thoughts, you can do so at any time in the comment area below each and every page. We’d love to hear from you, no matter what you have to say. If you think we nailed it, tell us! If you think we blew it, share it! And if you think we missed something, remind us in that same given space!

Before we begin, we would like to tell of thee Pokemon that just missed the cut in our eyes. This time around, there is really just one Pokemon that missed being deemed the best of the best of the 2nd Generation in Pokemon GO. And that Pokemon is none other than Typhlosion:

So why was Typhlosion snubbed from these rankings? Don’t get us wrong, Typhlosion is a really good Pokemon GO monster. It can reach almost a Max C of 2700, which is really, really good. But that’s not the reason it missed our list. The true reason, quite honestly, is that Arcanine and Flareon still do everything Typhlosion does, but better. And really, if a player wanted to play with one of their favorite starters, most would still choose Charizard over Typhlosion. It’s clearly more popular; plus, it’s not too far behind Typhlosion in terms of CP.

With Typhlosion out of the way, as well as the other seventy Johto Pokemon too, let’s examine the ten best 2nd Generation (that aren’t legends) of Pokemon GO!

#10 - Feraligatr

Literally just beating out Typhlosion to make this here list is Feraligatr. And why shouldn’t it? Sure, they both roughly have a Max CP of about 2700 each, and both have a unique balance between their Attack and Defense, as well as Stamina. But the one thing Feraligatr has over Typhlosion is the most obvious aspect: its typing. Even if you’re the most novice of Pokemon Player, you still know that Water beats Fire. Shoot, even if you aren’t a Pokemon Fan, you should know that water extinguishes fire in the real world. And it’s that mere component that sees Feraligatr edging out Typhlosion in the process.

But yes, Feraligatr, like Typhlosion, is still beat by other Pokemon of the same type, primarily two Pokemon for the First Generation: Vaporeon and Gyarados. Both Pokemon have a higher Max CP than Feraligatr; Vaporeon is more bulkier and Gyarados is a better attacker. However, Feraligatr is like a perfect balance between these two Pokemon, having enough Attack to do some real damage while still having enough defensive bulk to take a number of Special Attacks. It may not be the best Water Pokemon in Pokemon GO, but it still can get the job done as a good Gym Attacker off the bench.

Posted: 22nd Feb 2017 by Team SuperCheats