Ten Reasons Why Pokemon Sun and Moon Were Epic

We here at SuperCheats know when we see an epic, incredibly unique Video Game, especially if that game belongs to the Pokemon Franchise, and Pokemon Sun and Moon are that exact thing. From the personality of the characters found within to a whole new culture of Pokemon, Sun and Moon brings it all to the table. And we're not just talking about these games being on par with the likes of other beloved Pokemon Games, but every game that have ever been. These games are arguably some of the best the gaming world has seen, easily one of the best of the year 2016.

But in this article, we're going to stick with just how Sun and Moon are awesome in their own ways, even with how they compare to previous Pokemon Games. There are a number of reasons why these games soar, but we're going to try to contain things to the best ten features and characters. It's especially hard to do when there are so many great aspects, but it's a task we are determined to do. But if you think of something we missed or something that should've been included, you can share your thoughts in the comment section provided below.

With that be said, let's get started already with this epicness!

Professor Kukui

Though they never really make or break a Pokemon Game, the Professor for a given region always plays an important role. Usually this is done through little tidbits of wisdom and appearance during the main storyline of any game; however, Professor Kukui is a different breed compared to all the rest. From just his appearance alone, which Lillie noted in her journal, Kukui is something else. Unlike the prior scientists that stuck closely to their work, Kukui is much more relaxed, adventurous, and fun. He even has a much more involved role in the storyline, more so than even Oak, Rowan, Juniper and Sycamore combined.

On top of all of that, Kukui has a double life as Masked Royal. If Kukui couldn't have gotten cooler and different in any way, the creators just had to throw this in as well. Like most things in Alola, Kukui was a big change in regards to the the entire culture and precedent set before him as a professor. However, like most things in Pokemon Sun and Moon, it was a necessity to have to break away from the usual norm of what were the Mainstream Pokemon Games.

Pokemon Trials & Grand Trials

When the details of Pokemon Sun and Moon were first being leaked, more than a few fans were a little skeptical of the entire to-be plot. The system of Gym Leaders had been around this the dawn of Pokemon, and this change seemed to be a little too drastic after two decades of success. But in all actuality, it was this very change that brought a whole new sense, a brand new breath of fresh air to the somewhat repetively mundane plot. Should we even go so far to say that this was main the reason of the epicness of these games?

But what made it work all the better is that the creators found a way to make this different way of doing things not so extreme. Sure, each trial is a different task you must complete and all of this is different from the way of old. But you still get to battle at the end of each, you still get to battle virtually all the Trial Captains either before or after completion of their trial, and there is still an Elite Four to challenge. Things looked way strange when they first released, but the creators gave just the perfect mix of styles to make the journey both new and yet still nostalgic.

Four Different Islands

For the longest time now, players have wanted to once again be able to travel to multiple regions within a Pokemon Game. We were given it way back when in the second generation games of Gold and Silver, and we've been hoping to see it again ever since. We wanted to go to space when in Hoenn - later done in the updated versions of Ruby and Sapphire - and we all wanted to travel back to Sinnoh with Cynthia in Unova. But now, with the ability to travel to not one, not two, but four different and equally unique islands in Sun and Moon, Poke Fans around the globe finally get the chance to relive the glory of former Pokemon Days.

It really feels like four different storylines with each given island, adding to the originality of the games. It's like a television show with episodic themes, but a season long plot that develops along the way. There are different challenges, different trial captains, and more fun ready to explore from each island to the next!


If there was just one character outside of Lillie that honestly made Sun and Moon as great as it was, there is no doubt that it was Lusamine. Sure, she kind of had to be with Team Skull being so underwhelming and what not, but her character literally brought everything together. She didn't have the same feel as prior evil masterminds found in Pokemon, but by the end of the game when all of her colors were shown, she was right up there with thee rest of them. She may have had more madness and craziness than the rest of them in the end, not the same level of calm temperament as the others, but it was great to see some real passion after Team Flare in the Kalos Region.

Lillie & Nebbie

Oh my, oh my… Where do we honestly begin when it comes to Lillie and Nebbie? Misty was the original girl that set the bar high. Then came May and everything seem to change. Then walked in Dawn, who stole the heart of many. Iris ruined the great streak that was, but Serena more than returned things back to the right path. And now we have Lillie, a girl so different from all the rest. She begins as a shy and quiet character, one who isn't completely on board with your trainer. But as time and circumstance change, she transforms into her incredible z-powered form.

And who could forget about cute little Nebby? It was the first ever Pre-Evolution for a Legendary Pokemon, the same Cover Legend that you actually get to the chance to catch during the main storyline. It loves to explore and get Lillie going, the perfect pair to her reserved nature in the beginning. The two are wonderful, so great that most hearts can't help but grow fond of as they travel with these guys.


Much like how Lusamine was needed to fulfill the role that Team Skull couldn't, a lot so Gladion had to do with Hau. Nothing against our happy-go-lucky friend, but Hau simply didn't have the makings of a rival. He was more of a friend than a rival, and though this same theme in X and Y showed us this can exist, Sun and Moon still needed a strong character to challenge your trainer along your journey. And Gladion fits that role to a T.

Gladion is a mysterious trainer that brings depths of character development to an ever growing storyline that is found in these games. And he is no joke as a trainer either, bringing more than enough strength to the battlefield with his extremely rare Type: Null and later SIlvally. Gladion is almost like a mix between both Gary and Silver, being a little on the quiet side but still with a quite comment or two, as well as the power-seeking Cheren. Hau was more like Berry, but since he lacked in the competitive nature, Gladion brought the perfect personality needed to go along with the mix.

The Return of Looker

We swear, if the Pokemon Company didn't bring Looker back in Sun and Moon after having been in the previous three generations, not to mention that weird scene of him having amnesia after the main storyline of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it would've been a huge injustice to all fans alike. Looker has been a centerpiece of the Pokemon Franchise since he was first introduced back in Pokemon Platinum, and PokeFans just love helping him in his detective duties.

From helping stop Team Galactic summon Giratina and capture Heatran, to finding all the members of Team Plasma in Unova, to being apart of his detective agency in Kalos, players across the years have love to help this mysterious man with no real name. And this continues in epic Pokemon Sun and Moon, and with capturing some of the most powerful and beloved Pokemon of this new generation!

Zygarde Complete

If you were upset after hearing the news that Sun and Moon were coming instead of rumored Pokemon Z, you wouldn't have been alone. Zygarde Complete had just recently been revealed as a teaser, just to be ripped from the hearts of all Pokemon Z hopefuls virtually immediately after such. It was heartbreaking to so many, and it was this heartache that turned into both frustration and animosity towards the Pokemon Company. But GameFreak and others had something up their sleeve still yet.

And with Pokemon Sun and Moon, came not just Zygarde Complete, but also Zygarde Cells and Cores and its 10% Form. Now players can personally build a Zygarde to their liking, even if that doesn't mean one in its perfect form. But after crushing so many fans with the skip of a sixth generation sequel, the Pokemon Company really came through with the additional of these forms. (As well as Ash-Greninja and Pikachu With A Cap!)

Return of Many Old Faces

It's the twentieth year of Pokemon for heaven's sake, and it wouldn't have felt right if Pokemon Sun and Moon didn't bring back the number of characters we had grown to love in previous generations. From Dexio and Sina dropping their vigilante acts for a more mature vibe, to Grimsley having a complete change in appearance, to Colress showing up in the middle of nowhere, to Blue and Red setting the tone at the Battle Tree, GameFreak brought more than enough familiar faces back help balance all the changes being introduced in the plot of these games. It brought back the thrill of those journeys for older fans, and allowed newer trainers to experience the hype with these special few.

Easier Mechanics

We would remiss if we didn't at least mention the brand new mechanics in Pokemon Sun and Moon that made so many things easier than they have ever been. One of which is Poke Pelago, which makes a whole lot of things simpler. From finding Pokemon, to growing berries, to ease the pain of hatching eggs, this little feature makes life a breeze.

EV Training and Shiny Hunting have also become quite easy with the addition of SOS Pokemon Chains. With this new feature, a trainer can literally fully EV Train a Pokemon in record time, in a fraction of the time that use to be. The odds of finding Shiny Pokemon during these battles are also especially high, much higher than the usual shiny rate in the wild or when breeding for such. And let's forget the new concept of IV Training with Bottle Caps. Though the effects are only superficial for battling and statistical purposes, a player can still raise the Individual Values of their Level 100 Pokemon for the first time in the history of Pokemon!

Everywhere you turn, things have been made so much so simpler for smooth gameplay!

Too Epic To Handle

These are only ten reasons why Pokemon Sun and Moon were so great, and there are so many more that we didn't even have the time mention! But still, we thank you for taking the time and reading what we have to say. We truly appreciate your time, and we hope you enjoyed it along the way. And if you think of more reasons why you love both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, we really hope you will comment in the area provided below!

Until next time, PokeFans!

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