Top 10 Best Video Game Stories

4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you haven't played the previous two games, you might find it hard to fully appreciate the Witcher 3's compelling narrative. If you have, however, you're in for a treat. This is the final chapter of the story of Geralt, a monster hunter who decides to embark on a personal quest of finding his former apprentice, Ciri. But with the entire world around him crumbling and decaying, Geralt will need to be very careful if he intends to survive. Medieval fantasy has rarely been this captivating.

3. The Last of Us

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The zombie apocalypse genre is not exactly known for its realism, but The Last of Us turns that entire notion on its head. You won't find any heroes or villains here – only broken people who do what needs to be done in order to survive. The protagonist, Joel, is not even particularly likeable. He starts to change, however, soon after he finds Ellie, an infected fourteen-year-old orphan. Slowly but surely, Joel starts to discover his basic humanity as he tries to protect Ellie from the rest of the world.