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At SuperCheats Towers we are incredibly excited about the release of Final Fantasy XV, we have been waiting so long to get stuck into the latest Final Finatasy game.

Now it's officially out today we wanted to share some of our excitement by putting together a piece on the characters of Final Fantasy XV.

It is no secret that the Final Fantasy game series owns a large following of fans. It is true that the gameplay and story have a lot to do with building the fan base but one of the things that has continued to sets each Final Fantasy game apart are each of the game’s characters. Throughout all the Final Fantasy games, fans have picked their favorites–from Tifa, Cloud, Sephiroth, Aeris, Yuna, Tidus, and Squall. And now with the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game new favorites are bound to be made. So, before getting on with the game, here are a few details we know about the characters of the game:

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FFXV Characters Spotlight

Noctis Lucis Caelum – Noctis is the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV and the crown prince of the kingdom of Lucis. Players of Final Fantasy XV (more info for those who watched the Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood anime series) will see Noctis go through his childhood and then eventually mature and attempt to reclaim his throne from the Niflheim empire. We will also see him deal with the burden of carrying his country's fate on his shoulders after his father’s untimely death.

Gladiolus Amicitia - Those who watched Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood will find that Gladiolus starts out not really liking prince Noctis. However this changes as Noctis helps Gladiolus’ sister, Iris Amicitia, get back safely to the palace and also take the blame for an unfortunate incident Iris herself caused. This made Gladiolus see Noctis in a new light as it also showed Gladiolus finally accepting and training Noctis in combat. Now we all know who to thank for the fighting skills Noctis uses during the game.

Ignis Scientia - Ignis is probably the only composed person in the group. Even at a young age, he has worked for Noctis family as a consultant, eventually also taking care of Noctis even when he began attending school. Ignis can even be seen as a parental figure of the group as he also excels at nurturing and looking out for the gang, just like any parent would do–may it be shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. During the course of the game, we will see how these traits evolve while the gang goes through more challenging situations.

Prompto Argentum - Prompto is the only one in the main party who isn't a part of royalty. Being an outsider, he often feels the need to "keep up" with his friends. In the Final Fantasy XV : Brotherhood anime, we see Prompto's childhood, he is seen living alone and he had no friends. His fate changes one day as he finds an injured puppy. He nurses it back to health and eventually, the puppy goes back to its owner, Lunafreya. Who will eventually turn his attention to Noctis as Noctis doesn't have any friends in school. These events lead up to Prompto being close friends with Noctis and the others. Through this game, like the others, we will see how this cheerful character handles the trials that will be given to them and if his personality will change in the future.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret - If all the released material leading to the game's release are to be believed Lunafreya is one of the most important characters in Final Fantasy XV. She is Noctis' childhood friend and was a princess of Tenebrae before the Niflheim empire invaded their country. The invasion then made her a captive of Niflheim. She is also Noctis' betrothed with that aspect playing into the game's story since the group is said to be on their way to meet Lunafreya for a wedding. How this turns out remains to be seen still. One of the great roles she also possesses is, aside from keeping her country afloat despite being under the Niflheim control, is her task as an Oracle that is tasked to prevent the "Plague of the Stars". By playing through the game, we will see how she deals with this task to save the world from another threat. She also can speak with Astrals like we see her speaking and maybe challenging Leviathan in some videos. How things will turn out is still a mystery.

Cid Sophiar - Cid is a recurring character in most Final Fantasy games. One thing he is known to be associated with, is giving the player the freedom to travel the world–usually via airships. With Cid being in Final Fantasy XV means that like the past Final Fantasy games, he could be responsible for turning the Regalia (Noctis' party's car) into a flying vehicle. Aside from this aspect, nothing much is known about Cid Sophiar in Final Fantasy XV aside from him being a long time friend of the late King Regis, and speaking his mind on some events throughout the world.

Cor Leonis - Cor Leonis is regarded as one of the three best fighters in the Kingdom of Lucis and for further suggestion, his alias the "Immortal Shogun" also points to him possibly never being beaten in battle. The fact that he will join the group at some point (based on promotional material) means it will be a blast to have him around. Aside from being featured in some videos, he is also often seen alongside Noctis' party in some cover shots–meaning he could be a very important character that will greatly affect Noctis' party or even the whole story in general. There is also an interesting theory that he is an Astral himself. His title "Immortal Shogun", his weapon of choice, a katana, are all Japanese-related hinting to a familiar entity that uses the signature move "Zantetsuken".

Gentiana - Gentiana is what appears to be Lunafreya Nox Fleuret's assistant and caretaker in Final Fantasy XV. Nothing much is known of her with the given material but the series director Hajime Tabata says that "Gentiana is not just any assistant. Rather, she herself also is a special existence, you could say" which could lead others to speculate that Gentiana would eventually play a vital role in the world's events.

Ardyn Izunia - Ardyn is the chancellor of Niflheim. The role doesn't sound much but his demeanor says otherwise. It seems that he knows more than he shows. Also being on the side of Niflheim, it is strange that in some promotional material, he is shown helping Noctis and his group for unknown reasons. This character is shrouded in mystery and we would love to know more about him when the game comes out.

General Glauca - A General of the Niflheim empire, who, in the later parts of the Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive, reveals that he betrays the kingdom of Lucis and was the former leader of the Kingsglaive unit, Titus Drautos. He is also responsible for killing a lot of people including Clarus Amicitia, Gladiolus and Iris Amicitia's father, and most notably, King Regis himself. With Glauca in the game, this would probably mean that you might get to fight him and have Noctis and Gladiolus avenge their parent's death.

Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII - The 113th king of the kingdom of Lucis, Regis (and possibly his predecessors) is responsible for keeping the land safe by using a powerful barrier that he alone can control with the aid of the crystal. In a previous article, we talked about the possibility of Regis being included in the "Knights of the round". This theory makes fans believe that it is not the end for this king as he can still give advice and speak to his son through the Ring of the Lucii.

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