The Available Summons in FFXV That We Know So Far

Throughout all the Final Fantasy games, Summons have always had an important place in the game. In some of the games in the series, like Final Fantasy IX, summons even played an integral part of the story as they would aid the characters in various points in the game. Some summons would even go as far as defending their city.

In the upcoming and highly anticipated game, Final Fantasy XV, the fans are all excited to hear about which summons, or Astrals as they are called in the game, will appear since some Final Fantasy games leave out some summons or perhaps introduce new ones.

Here are six summons we know that will be available and another two summons we think have a great possibility of appearing:

Final Fantasy XV - The Summons

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Ramuh was first introduced in the Final Fantasy Episode Duscae demo, which was available only to those who had the Final Fantasy Type 0 game. Upon reaching 0 HP, Noctis summons Ramuh to deal with the powerful Behemoth their group is fighting. Ramuh appears and takes Noctis and his group and proceeds with his signature move "Judgment Bolt". Ramuh’s first appearance also shows how wonderful and impressive the summons can be in this game. With that, fans are left to wonder how their favorite summons would look in this game if ever they appear.


In this year’s E3, Titan was another summon that was revealed through a playable demo of Final Fantasy XV on the "Trial of Titan" floor demo. Titan is a boss who will require you to prove yourself first before he agrees to come to your aid. Titan, with his towering stature and incredible physique, attacks enemies directly or perhaps even hurls giant rocks at the enemies. Both of these attacks were labeled "Gaia's Wrath".


Carbuncle is a small cat or bunny-like creature that appears in the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo as a friendly entity to Noctis. This is befitting and consistent to what Carbuncle does in other Final Fantasy games as Carbuncle has the ability to cast the defensive spell, Reflect, on the entire party. However, the little guy has to fill some big shoes since he is just one of the few summons (if not the only one) that aids the party through defense.

Leviathan - Leviathan was revealed during one of the earlier trailers. In those trailers we saw Leviathan and Lunafreya Nox Fleuret seem to be doing the following: 1) They could be communicating, or 2) Leviathan could be testing Lunafreya as it is seen lunging at her. Leviathan is a water serpent that uses its signature move, "Tidal Wave" or "Tsunami" –a smashing a big wave on the enemies. Although gamers and fans are not yet aware of how those moves will exactly work in the game.


Shiva is a summon that uses Ice and is usually portrayed by a beautiful woman. Her signature move "Diamond Dust", surrounds her enemies in ice or shoves of ice shards on her opponents. Shiva was revealed during preview trailer of Final Fantasy XV at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show. In that particular trailer, fans were provided with multiple Shivas. As of this moment, it remains unclear how this would affect the game or how summoning multiple Shivas can be achieved.


Developers first hinted about including Ifrit in the game during the reveal of a "Chapter 0" which showed Noctis and his friends in battle. In that preview, fans were provided an older Noctis with a rather gruff appearance. Later, viewers were also treated to watch a battle between Noctis’ party and a being sitting on a throne surrounded by flames. This horned being also shoots flames towards the group. Fans have speculated that this could be Ifrit, Chaos, or something else entirely. However that debate had been settled when Hajime Tabata himself stated that the being the group was fighting is actually Ifrit. In the game, Ifrit can change frequently. Sometimes Ifrit is a beast-like character or a humanoid. His horns are always present though. Ifrit's signature move is "Hellfire", which has had various ways for execution in every game.

Speculated Summons (Possible major spoilers ahead especially for Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive)

Cerberus - Cerberus may be in the game–as it was shown during a major battle at the beginning of the movie. It was seen attacking the main characters of the movie and Nyx had to rescue Libertus from the Cerberus. From this, it is certain that Cerberus exists in this game's universe. Despite that, it remains unclear if there is only one Cerberus or if Cerberus is indeed a powerful enemy. However, Cerberus is in this list since it was a summon in Final Fantasy VIII where it is known to cast the supportive spell "Double" and "Triple" at the party.

Knights of the Round - Last but certainly not the least, are the Knights of the Round. This is a special summon most notably known from the Final Fantasy VII game. Their signature attack is called "Ultimate End" where each of the knights attacks the enemy party with their own fighting style. They appear in some other Final Fantasy games as well. In Final Fantasy XV however, it looks like the Knights of the Round will play a very important role in the story as shown in the Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive movie. During a dire turn, the movie's hero, Nyx, wears the ring and is judged by these entities. As he is losing this judgment, a familiar voice chimes in. Nyx recognizes the voice and acknowledges the voice by responding with, "Your majesty". This means that the voice is of the fallen King Regis, Prince Noctis' father. This particular access to the summon, may enable Noctis to speak to his father again. With quite the heavy burden left on Noctis’ shoulders, a touching and timely reunion may be possible when Noctis eventually summons the Knights of the Round.

Based on the known information and what was actually shown in the battle, the region or area you are in can also determine the availability of summons. Meaning, Ramuh can only be summoned where the sky can be seen, while Titan will probably have the same “requirement”. This also means that Ramuh, Titan, and possibly other summons too, cannot be summoned inside a cave or a very tight space. Similarly, Leviathan needs to be near any body of water to perform its attack since it requires a lot of water. More information may be revealed the closer we get to the game's release. But with what we have now, Final Fantasy XV sure is a game that deserves all the hype.

Posted: 18th Nov 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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