Ten Useful MineCraft Beginner Tricks

Craft a Bed

10. On your third day, you should be self-sufficient for the most part, so you should now be able to explore and discover your world. If you find iron, you will need a stone or better pickaxe to mine it. Once you have gathered enough iron, and usually coal is found in proximity too, so eyes open. Place the iron in the heat to have ingots of iron, and if there exists a sheep around, make a shearing tool. This tool of shearing can let you gather wool from sheep so you can create a bed. This bed will allow you to sleep at night and set a spawn point, in case you get killed out there.

The video tutorial below shows you how to craft your own bed in Minecraft

So there you have it - ten really useful beginnger tips which everyone starting in MineCraft needs to know - good luck and happy crafting.