5 Tips to Reach 1,000 Trophies in a Week

Reaching 1000 trophies in a week may sound like a tough challenge but we believe that this really is doable. First of all though you are going to need a crash course in tactics..

Basically we are looking to:

1) Start first with a cheap card to force the opponent to throw bigger defense

2) Counter his first attack using our tower and our cards which hopefully won't die

3) Push forward with the surviving cards and a strong card in front of them like a knight or giant.

And keep going. Check the video below for an idea of what we are trying to achieve:

Clash Royale Guide Video

In the beginning, many times you'll get 3 star wins - I got pretty much 18/1 3 star wins initially with this strategy. You don't need towers, forget those, just choose cards which can attack. Here is a sample deck:

Fireball (or arrows)
Mini P.E.K.K.A.

All of these cards are easily available in the first arena, you might not have them all right away, so if you don't have any, just swap them out for ones that you do have that have similar attributes. For example, no archers? Use the Spear Goblins instead. No Mini P.E.K.K.A. Use a valkyre instead. You can drop the prince or the giant if you want and replace them with another cheaper card if you prefer.

Remember not to use your gems to open chests, instead use the gems to convert to coins which can be used to upgrade your cards.

Use the shop daily and buy a few of anything from the first two columns - Whatever it is.

Get to Arena 3 as quickly as you can so you can join a clan.

Find an active clan. Make sure you take a look at the clan members before you join any, make sure you see lots of donations from the members.

Once you have joined remember to donate yourself as well, this will help you level up your towers, but don't over donate initially, you really need to be saving the cards you are most interested in to try to get them to at least level 4 as quickly as possible.

As you get to about 700 trophies you'll start to encounter a few better players and you may need a couple of other strategies and deck ideas.

If you have the goblin barrel, try this deck.

Giant (or Prince)
Spear Goblins
Spear Goblin Hut
Goblin Barrel

Here is a Video of this deck (or similar) in action:

Clash Royale Guide Video

You can mix and match as you like according to what you have available but the essential cards are the Giant (or Prince) and the Goblin Barrel. Basically the idea is that once you have set your Giant off to attack a tower, just before it reaches the distance where it is shot at by the tower, you throw the goblin barrel to the back end of the same tower the giant is going to attack. In principal the Giant will absirb the hits from the tower and the tower will ignore the goblins until the giant is dead.

This tactic is easily countered by arrows or similar but at area 3 it is a useful techinique to know and you'll get away with it quite a lot. Check the video below to see this in action.

If you are having trouble reaching 1000 trophies, reach out to us with a comment below anbd some details of your deck and what you think is going wrong and we'll try to help you out with some suggestions. Remember however, join an active clan and make good use of the request card feature as often as you can. Also use the shop to buy multiple cards from the first two columns only (3 or 4 of them). Use your gems only to buy coins to upgrade your coins. With this in mind and some of the sample decks above you should be heading towards 1,000 trophies in no time at all!

Posted: 14th Jul 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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