Top 15 Toughest Pokemon Battles of All-Time

Everyone has one or two of them, that battle in a Pokemon Game that just drives you insane because how good the opposing character is. Sometimes its the leader of the antagonist organization you are trying to stop, sometimes its the Champion of a region, sometimes its your rival, sometimes its even a special character in the game, and even other times it just a single Pokemon. Whatever the case is for you specifically, we've all been there. And here are the Top 15 Pokemon Battles we think are the toughest of all-time (through the Sixth Generation).

Now we think we picked the best of the bunch, have all of the greatest battles out there. But if you think we missed one, or if you think things should be ranked a little differently, tell us about it! You can comment at any time in the comment section below each and every page.

Usually, we like to sit back before we begin and take a look at the selections that just missed the cut. Unfortunately, however, we can think of any other battle outside of the fifteen we have chosen that even should be mentioned. We think we have ALL of them covered, but if we don't, like we said, just send us comment.

Since there is nothing left to do now, we might as well dive right on in and get to the good stuff! Here are the Top 15 Toughest Pokemon Battles in the history of the franchise!

#15 - Team Galactic Leader Cyrus (Pokemon Diamond / Pearl)

We start our countdown with none other than the big man running Team Galactic apart of the Sinnoh Region Games: Cyrus. Now unlike many of the battles that will be listed soon, Cyrus didn't really have the highest-leveled Pokemon ever. Oh no, not by a long shot.

However, one of his Pokemon in particular really messed with a number of Pokemon Fans. And that Pokemon was none other his Crobat. Now honestly, how many of you kept having your Pokemon flinch over and over as his Crobat continued to use Bite or Air Slash? Trust us, you're not alone. One of the people on our team of writers even remembers facing this nightmarish Crobat, barely escaping Cyrus with just one of his Pokemon and forced to use his Master Ball on Dialga.

The rest of his Pokemon weren't anything compared to his Crobat, and just this one Pokemon was enough for Cyrus to just sneak into our rankings.

#14 - Gym Leader Blue Rematch (HeartGold / SoulSilver)

Ever since Blue was given the character he was back in Pokemon Red and Blue, he's always been a tough trainer to defeat. Like most other champions, he had a mix of various Pokemon on his Team, usually the best of the region, and each were at some of the highest levels. And his Rematch Team in the Second Generation Remakes - known as HeartGold and SoulSilver - didn't disappoint.

Most of the Gym Leaders in these games had rematch teams that had escalated levels between 50-60; however, ALL of Blue's Team topped almost Level 70. Throw in a few tanks like Rhyperior and Tyranitar to his offensive team of Pidgeot, Exeggutor, Machamp, and Arcanine, and you have one tough defeat.
Posted: 2nd May 2016 by Warrior13