Five Reasons Why the PlayStation 4 is the Top Selling Next Gen Console

In the recent past, the sales of PlayStation 4 have been noted to be considerably higher than those of other game consoles. Has this been because of the brilliance and appealing nature of the PS4 console? Are there any other factors that can be attributed to this trend? According to official sales figures, the console is the best selling game console in history with over 250,000 PS4s sold at the launch after its introduction into the gaming console market. In comparison to other game consoles such as the Xbox One console that sold 150,000 at its launch after introduction into the market, PS4 has outdone all the other consoles by far regarding sales. Some of the reasons that account for this trend and eventuality include:

The growing need for better and higher-resolutions

PS4 is uniquely designed and developed such that it comes with cutting-edge and superior qualities in comparison to other consoles. After a detailed and heavy scrutiny by gaming experts, PlayStation 4 was noted to have high-end features that dwarfed most of the common features seen in other consoles. Particularly, the resolutions in PS4 are better and finer than those of Xbox One-its closest rival. Better resolutions translate to better graphical quality, frame rates, and screen resolution. These factors enhance a thrilling gaming experience thereby making it enjoyable to play video games on PlayStation 4. The best thing about this console is that it does not scale down the quality of video games. As such, gamers play their favorite games in the clearest and best quality possible. Even though average gamers can rarely notice the difference in resolution between different consoles, pro-gamers will point out the differences right away.

PS4 is comparatively cheaper than Xbox One

The main reason PlayStation sold more units than Xbox One after it was launched is because PS4 is $100 cheaper than Xbox One. For most gamers and gaming enthusiasts, PS4 was introduced at a logically affordable and worthy price especially considering its wide range of excellent features. On the other hand, gamers across the globe were of the idea that Xbox One was not worth its introductory price of $499 as most of its features were not as classic and unique as those of PS4. Despite both consoles now retailing at $349, PS4 still sells more units than Xbox One. What is more amazing is that even with the Nintendo console costing $299, it still sells lesser units than PlayStation4.

PlayStation 4 has a unique design

The compact design of the PlayStation 4 also has been a key selling factor of the game console. On the other hand, Xbox One and Wii U consoles have rigid designs that are either too big or too small in comparison to that of the PS4. For instance, Wii U has a fairly smaller design that makes it clumsy to play games that do not require touch-screen navigation. Gamers like playing their games on consoles with compact and flexible designs that can comfortably accommodate different types of games regardless of the features of the game. Another key aspect of PS4 is that the console can stand vertically or horizontally thereby providing gamers with a preference on how they would like to handle the consoles while playing. The slanted and slimmer design of the PS4 that runs down from the center makes the console a modest looking gaming gadget.

Highly functional and easy to operate

One of the most incredible aspects about the PlayStation 4 console is that it is a highly functional gadget and is easy to operate. Unlike Xbox and Wii U consoles that were noted to be highly defective (at 53% for Xbox consoles), PS4s are rarely defective and are thus very reliable gaming gadgets. Remarkably, it is worth noting that the susceptibility of Xbox and Wii U consoles to be defective makes them prone to abuse by gamers who want to hack games. The PS4 is a very efficient and well-performing console if used appropriately and per the provisions of the manufacturer. The effectiveness and suitability of PS4s in playing video games greatly influences the decisions of most buyers.

Good advertising and pre-sale marketing

The genius brains behind the design and development of PlayStation 4 at Sony did a good pre-sale marketing job by highlighting how the console would fill in the void in the gaming industry. Particularly, the console integrates several gaming aspects to produce the best and most versatile console in the market. This helped create a good image and reputation of the console even before it was released into the market. Upon its launch, gamers were eager to test the new features in the console thereby giving a great boost to its sales. Microsoft tried using the same marketing approach with Xbox One, but the console did not meet the expectations and anticipations of gamers. This created a bad image about the console thereby making it less popular.

PlayStation 4 offers a wide range of exclusive and user-engaging games as compared to the games in Wii U and Xbox One. This makes the PS4 a favorite gaming console among gamers especially pro-gamers who like playing engaging and challenging games. The games in PS4 have typically taken the gaming industry to a completely new level with their excellent development and unique game play. PS4 represents the right blend of convenience and game selection that most gamers are always looking for.

Even though hardware-wise there are barely any noticeable differences between these game consoles, most game developers are of the idea that their games look better on PS4 than they do in Xbox One and Wii U. This is specifically because of the high-resolution feature in PlayStation 4 that makes games appear to be clearer and of better quality than in other consoles.

PS4 prides itself in having futuristic features that are enhanced by modern technology to give rise to an ambitious game playing experience. PlayStation4 features an interactive user-interface that makes the console quite attractive to both old and new gamers. Additionally, the console has better connectivity options that even allow gamers to connect to PlayStation TV among other options.

Yes, this article is intended to provoke some controversy and maybe poke a few Xbox fans to give their opinion on why their console is the greatest! Let us know...

Posted: 24th Feb 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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