Most Anticipated Games of 2016

5. Firewatch

Not all the time does shooting people and running away from bad guys sound fancy. A little adventure can change a lot and at least offer a different gaming setting. Firewatch is the game that will usher you into adventure mixed with thrill.

Here, you play as Henry, a disgruntled man who opts to settle as a fire look-out in Wyoming wilderness after a messy life. However, trouble comes knocking at his door when two women suddenly disappear in the wilderness and Henry is tasked with finding them as well as keeping the wilderness safe (the actual job he is paid to do). Set in 1989, this game will keep you glued with the great adventure and without a gun (only a walkie talkie to survive with), going through different challenges will both be interesting and in real sense challenging.

The walkie talkie actually keeps you in touch with a woman named Delilah. The game is all about exploring and largely decision making. The decisions that you make not only affect your fate, it also contributes to your environment as it will react differently depending on the choices you make.

What makes Firewatch really tick, apart from the definitely intriguing gameplay, is the great in-game conversation. It is natural and in no way does it sound forced. The action is not too much, not too little, just the perfect degree for an adventure game.

Slated for release on 9th February 2016 (as a matter of fact it is already out), Firewatch is the gaming fire you should watch out for this year all ye adventure game lovers. It is available on Linux, PS4, MAC and PC platforms.

4. Hitman

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Agent 47 is back and this time, his bullet is only remorseful to himself. Enjoying one of the most successful runs in gaming history, Hitman is a game that has stuck to its long known tradition of assassinations. This time round, its developers are not stepping out of the killing circle. A new version of the Franchise is coming out soon in 2016 (soon being March 11th 2016) and excitement is everywhere, especially amongst Hitman diehards. The big announcement was made during E3 in 2015 and since then expectations have been high with several speculations going round concerning the improvements that have been made on the game and the gameplay. Away with the speculations now, here are the facts.

Developed by IO interactive and published by Square Enix, (the ones responsible for Dues Ex: Mankind Divided) Hitman will still be based on assassinations and the infamous Agent 47 whose bullet has never gone astray (at least none I know of).

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Realism in this game is top notch. By literally listening to the news reports, you can get a clue on where a high value target is. How you approach an assassination is entirely dependent on you. You can make a long range sniper shot or get close and make a closer attack (say a knife attack). All this is dependent on how you want to execute the assassination. If you can remember how hard it was to save game in Hitman Absolution (due to the overwhelmingly disadvantageous checkpoint system), well the 6th version comes with some reprieve. You can save game anytime during gameplay, thus you have little headache when you get ambushed and you find yourself at the brink of death.

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This release will be the sixth edition of the game and going by the trailer, things will be getting really bloody once you get your hands on this game upon its release. The game will be available in PC, PS4 and Xbox one.

3. Street fighter V

This game has been running for almost three decades thus it is a favorite for those who love kicking butt. Street Fighter V will be coming out almost 8 years after street fighter IV was officially released and with such a huge margin in between the releases, major improvements are expected.

Just like its predecessors, Street Fighter V will majorly involve duels where you get to fight with an enemy at a specified location; the best fighter and the last one standing emerging victorious. However, the cinematic story mode has given Street fighter V an edge over Street Fighter IV and III. Furthermore, there are four new characters who have been introduced into the game, with some such as Laura Matsuda having a link to some characters in Street Fight IV.

The developers will base this game on Unreal Engine 4, for Microsoft Windows and PS4. The extreme action in Street fighter V is something a fighting game enthusiast would not want to miss; going by the fact that a street fighting game is judged by the quality and energy of the fights. Apart from throwing blows and kicks, each character has some special powers; like electricity bolts that he or he can attack with, making the game more interesting. The in-game conflicts between characters spices up the gameplay thus letting go of the pad once you start fighting is less guaranteed. This game is due on February 16th 2016, but if you can't wait for that long, a pre-order is very much welcome by the company.

Posted: 16th Feb 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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