Five Best Ways You Can Make Money Playing Video Games

Many people believe that the art of having fun never goes hand in hand with that of making money but as we shall discover in this article, the contrary is quite the case. Since the advent of video games, many people have come to appreciate the ingenuity of the inventors to bring about such interesting technological pastimes. While many people play these games simply for fun, there is a more adventurous category of those who have discovered a unique way of making a killing from the games. In this article, I shall introduce you to the five best ways you can make a living playing video games.

5. Game testing

We are all familiar with wine testing where an individual moves around an array of wines and tastes them for flavor, right? Well, in video games, we also have a similar kind of testing referred to as game testing or play testing. Game testing refers to a situation where you are employed with large, established game companies in order to test the video games on their behalf. The goal of the test is to find out and report any glitches or problems that may be present in the game. As is the case with any job, you will expect to find challenges during your work as a game tester. One of these challenges is the inability to actually get to watch your favorite video game. Because one of the goals of video game testing is to enable you get the best of both worlds watching your favorite videos as well as earning from testing, most testers feel the exercise is more work-oriented than it is fun-oriented. All in all, it is a great way to make a living as once in a while you are likely to bump into one of your favorite video games.

4. Unofficial Guides

Unofficial guides are yet another way you can make a living playing video games. These guides, alternatively referred to as walkthroughs, basically involve training people on how to play the video games. They are referred to unofficial because you do not get any formal authorization from the game developers to work on their behalf. Instead, you use your experience in playing the games to educate the wannabe experts on the tips and tricks of getting good at a particular game. One of the most professional methods of doing unofficial guides is writing an eBook and then promoting it on some of the websites such as Killer Guides and Amazon. The good thing about this method of making a living playing video games is that it enables you to explore several games and the fact that you take a great deal of time trying to find out all the information on each game makes it possible for you to develop a passion for many video games.

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3. Gold and Item Farming

The Gold and Item farming enables you to make some cash while playing video games through the buying and selling of virtual commodities. This method of making of earning cash through video games is attributed to Diablo III’s, the action role playing game whereby characters were allowed to choose one of the five classes namely Witch Doctors, Wizard, Barbarian, Demon Hunter or Monk, and are then tasked with defending Diablo, the Lord of Terror. By operating a form of in-game auction, these video games offer the player a chance to trade virtual items into real cash. Before you dismiss this as a scam, you would be better off knowing that there are legitimate examples of those who made hundreds of thousands of dollars by playing the game only 30 minutes a day.

2. Organize game tournaments

Just like all the other games we are used to, video games too offer an opportunity to make a living while playing them through holding and participating in tournaments. In this regard, the video games are played at a highly professional level involving highly skilled players. Such video games are referred to as eSports. The participants either get paid directly from the amounts set as winner prizes, or may earn through placing bets on fellow players. The winning prize often ranges from hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars, which makes anyone want to consider venturing into eSports. Another way through which these gamers make money is by getting corporate sponsorships. There are notable companies that have sponsored many video games such as SteelSeries, Western Digital and Intel. Aside from the professional category, there could also be an amateur category where novice gamers are also trained on the tips of playing and winning the games so they too may earn some cash. The goal is not only to the mere fact of winning in the tournament but rather what victory comes with.

1. Become a YouTube Sensation

Last but not least, you can still make a living while playing your favorite video games by actually recording the videos of you playing the games. After recording these videos, you could post them in your website or any other high-traffic site and begin to market them in order to attract maximum number of viewers. One site where your videos stand the highest chance of viewing is YouTube. However, this method requires you to carefully acquaint yourself with the terms of use of the site you are posting the videos on as well as the game itself. A site like YouTube, for instance, only allows videos that are accompanied by a running commentary throughout the video as opposed to merely having snippets as you silently play the game.


As is evident, there is no limit to what one can make while playing video games. It appears this trendy hobby does not only guarantee fun for most people but is also a legitimate source of income for those who have been adventurous enough to explore it better. The only trick is acquainting yourself with the rules and regulations regarding the use and playing of such games, and you can be sure to be smiling all the way to the bank even as you have fun.