The Top 10 Most Challenging Achievements: Xbox One

It's hard to believe that it has been over a year since the launch of the Xbox One - and shocking to discover that in that brief period of time the newest generation of Microsoft's gaming console has received over 300 titles for its active library!

Of course the massive PR efforts that filled the months leading up to the One's launch made it sound like the world was lining up to both buy and support the next generation games console - but once you push past the curtain of PR it is pretty obvious from the existing game library that the wizards at the game development studios really were primed and ready to begin creating games for the new console!

The most recent count sets the number at322 games - of which 42 titles are exclusive to the Xbox One, with another 15 being Microsoft Exclusives.

Despite the relative paucity of titles to choose from compared to the previous console generation and its library of games, there are plenty to choose from and way more - way more - than we could have wished. After all, there can be only Ten!

The Top 10 Most Challenging Achievements for Xbox One

We started the process with a 'short list' of just 104 Achievements, our duty clear: take that list of 104 very good and worthy challenging and entertaining Achievements and whittle it down to the requisite 10.

Here are the results:

10. Sunset Overdrive: Bounce Kills (5G) Kill 100 enemies while bouncing or while in the air.

The video embedded below is basically the first preview trailer and game play demo we received at E3 outside of the actual demo, and does a pretty nice job of presenting the basic premise as well as the very well-developed tongue-in-cheek spirit found in Sunset Overdrive. So check that out before you continue on, right?

That video (the trailer plus the demo) are together often referred to as 'The Fourth Wall' video - which is a snarky reference to the fact that the protagonist is constantly breaking the fourth-wall as he directly addresses the viewer.

Hey it not only works but it helped to quickly dispel the idea that SO was yet another take on the zombie sub-genre in a world that, let's be realistic, already has plenty of those...

Not the premise you were anticipating? That's right this is NOT your grandpa's Zombie game!

With so much rich and entertaining game play you probably will not be shocked to learn that SO has a plethora of richly entertaining Achievements - and it does. A fact that made the process of picking the best of them for this list all the more difficult - but in the end when we asked ourselves which one delivered the most fun and entertainment? The answer was simple...

The Bounce Kills Achievement in Sunset Overdrive is perfect proof that the assigned Gamerscore alone is no guarantee of quality entertainment and challenge - or a lack thereof!

This Achievement has only 5 Gamerscore attached to it, and yet it neatly fits into our criteria as if the wizards who planned and implemented it knew we were coming...

Bearing in mind that t|here is no shortage of unique kill styles in SO - normal kills come in about as many variates as there are weapons in the game, while special kills come in special skill styles such as Grind Kills, Stylish Kills, and yes, Bounce Kills.

As is often the case with Achievements such as this one, it can be unlocked by grinding or by getting creative - the former not quite as entertaining or challenging as the latter - but then like most of the really good Achievements that is often the case!

Whether you opt to grind out the Bounce Kills or approach it from a more creative direction, you are going to want to work your character up to Style Level 3 - after which you have a few choices:

To grind out the kills you simply find a spot that is surrounded by mobs, and then using the Teddy-bear Rocket Launcher start collecting your kills!

Now the creative approach is where your options really open up - because while you can certainly use the Teddy-bear for this, you can also opt to use other special weapons such as the Flaming Compensator (as is represented in the video embedded above) or the weapon of your choice - bearing in mind that the tighter the hit box is for your chosen weapon the more challenging the Achievement will be.

Your weapon choice is going to have a major impact on how fun and ow easy this one is to unlock - to help illustrate that fact (and remind you of just how diverse your choices are in terms of death-dealing weaponry) please check out the video embedded below for a demonstration of all of the different weapons and their effects!

Posted: 21st Jan 2015 by CMBF
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