The Top 10 Best Movie Depictions of Video Games

05. Cloak and Dagger

This flick was released in 1984 - so chances are unless you know, you happened to be alive in 1984 and of an age where you watched movies, you may not have seen it. Which really is too bad, because this movie and its plot are literally constructed around a video game - but not how you might be thinking.

The vehicle for the plot is neither superficial or obvious - in other words it is not a movie that was made based on a video game, but rather it is a movie that happens to base major elements of its plot from and around a video game.

The game - Cloak and Dagger - was an arcade title that was supposed to be released for the Atari 5200 (but due to the video game crash of the mid-80s never was). Despite that, the game as it is featured in the movie is portrayed as if it is being played on the 5200.

A fundamental element of the plot is how secret military spy information has been placed in the game cartridge for the Atari 5200 version of the game - a packet of spy stuff that inadvertently ends up in the hands of the tweener-protagonist Davey, who is assisted by his best pal (but not girlfriend though she happens to BE a girl).

The reason that the movie makes our list has more to do with the fact that it cleanly portrays the video game AS a video game rather than dressing it all up with unnecessary and over-the-top triteness. What it is - and why it makes the list - is that Cloak and Dagger is the best use of a video game as a plot.

Posted: 11th Nov 2014 by CMBF