Five Controllers to Improve Your Mobile Gaming

With the Holidays fast approaching many people are looking for that one-of-a-kind gift to get the gamer in their life. For the gaming fanatic that has it all, a mobile gaming controller may be something they haven't checked off their list.

Nearly everyone has played a mobile game; from Angry Birds to Grand Theft Auto there's something for everyone on mobile devices. Often touch screens can be a hassle taking enjoyment away from an entertaining game. Cramps and pains are common from holding a small device or excessively swiping a screen, making mobile gaming uncomfortable. With a controller these irritations can be alleviated and a whole new world of gaming will open its doors.

Recently the business of mobile gaming has become more competitive and with it, more companies claiming to have the best mobile gaming controllers around. Here are five controllers to improve your mobile gaming and keep you playing longer than ever.

1. SteelSeries Free

SteelSeries claims that their mobile gaming controller is the world's lightest wireless gaming controller; weighing less than two ounces it's made to fit in your pocket. True or not, this controller has so many features weight won't even be a deciding factor in purchasing the accessory.

Designed for games that require the precision and control that a touch screen can't offer, SteelSeries Free connects via Bluetooth technology with ease and simplicity. The controller has a classic feel with the layout consisting of a Dpad, two joysticks, two trigger buttons, four action buttons and select/start buttons. Provided with the controller is access to the SteelSeries Engine software, allowing for a complete remapping of the buttons to your liking. Working with Android/iOS devices and PC/Mac, SteelSeries Free works up to 20 feet away from your device or computer and has a battery life of ten hours.

The SteelSeries Free mobile controller is available in two colors (black and white) and is available for a hefty $59.99. With the controller's many features interested buyers should not be discouraged by the price. The SteelSeries Free mobile controller is available now online.

Posted: 4th Dec 2013 by Megan B
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