The Top 10 Video Game Intros

No matter how good -- or bad -- a game is, your first impression is always going to be formed by its Intro CS (CS's in some cases), and while the greatness or lameness of the Intro is really no sure measure of how well you will like the game, 90% of the time when the Intro is great, so is the game.

Determining the Top 10 Video Game Intros was not an easy task -- hour after hour was spent watching and, in many cases re-watching the Intros -- games were eliminated based upon the strengths of the competition and in many cases, the deciding factor came down to how an Intro made you feel as a gamer more than what it said.

A case in point - none of the Pokemon game Intros made the list even though they made you feel good; made you anxious to start the game. So why didn't they make the cut? Because making you feel good is not enough, and cutting together an interesting story is not enough.

A good Intro for a game can be entertaining, but a great Intro will make you want to play that game after you watch it -- even if you have played and beaten it before.

Determining this list was not a question of simply picking from favorite games. That said, we invite you to comment and contribute your own list of the Top Ten Game Intros after you read ours - but before you do that, you should watch those Intros again either by loading up the game or finding the Intro on YouTube first. After all, the Intro may not be as great as you remember...

10. DC Universe Online (2011 Sony)

The Intro for this -- the only MMO style game to make the list -- is practically a movie in its own right, but what makes it stand out is how it completely violates the spirit and the very essence of who and what those characters are, and by doing so communicates so much more than it could have done if there has been a voice-over trying to explain just how bad things have become in the world.

You don't have to be a fan of the comic book characters to find yourself wanting to play the game after watching the Intro, you just have to possess a pulse!

09. Command & Conquer: Red Alert (1996 Westwood)
How can a video game Intro that has an antagonist traveling back in time to kill Hitler NOT make the list? Answer: Impossible! And here it is.

For what it was the Intro set the stage for the player to apply their imagination to the game play, which was classic C&C through-and-through.

Posted: 12th Nov 2013 by CMBF
The Top 10 Video Game Intros