Assassin's Creed: Revelations Easter Egg Hunt

-- Hunter S. Thompson --
When you run and climb from street level around a crowd you can overhear a rare audio clip of a male citizen saying "I wonder what he has been smoking" in the same tone and delivery of the character Raoul Duke as portrayed by Johnny Depp in the film adaptation of the book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream. The phrase, voiced as an observation, was something of a catchphrase for Thompson, whose appetite for and ability to ingest drugs of various types and quantities is legendary.

The autobiographical book is a roman à clef firmly rooted in the now infamous incidents that ocurred during the author's two trips to Las Vegas, Nevada, which Thompson made in the company of his companion and attorney, Oscar Zeta Acosta, in March and April 1971. The first trip was for research for an expose published in Rolling Stone magazine relating the events that lead to the death of Mexican-American television journalist Rubén Salazar, and the second trip was on assignment to cover the annual Mint 400 desert race for Sports Illustrated magazine.

The Mint 400, held in Las Vegas from March 21st through the 23rd of 1971, was a famous motorcycle race sponsored by Howard Hughes (Hughes owned the Mint Hotel from which the race derives its name) that featured its high-visibility starting line on Fremont Street on the Las Vegas strip, before heading out into the desert, which is where the bulk of the race took place.

The Mint 400 is famous for, among other things, its contingent of attractive and barely-clothed very young women who officiated over the various race events and activities, and served as the hosts for the massive racetrack Bar-B-Q that traditionally launched the week-long celebration. Being chosen as a "Mint Girl" functioned as a fast-track to fame for a number of women, including Lynda Carter (TV's Wonder Woman), Vanna White (TV's Wheel of Fortune Girl), and Playboy Magazine Playmates Dona Speir, Tracy Vaccaro, and Vickie Reigle, as well as launching the TV and modeling careers of Angela Aames, Anita Merritt, Lisa Hunter, Lisa Soulé, and Suzanne Regard.

The 1971 Mint 400 was won by racers Fritz Kroyer and Bill Harkey, with a final time of 13:30:42.

[center][color=red][size=14][/center]-- Monty Python -- [/size] [/color]

During the mission The Brawler, in which Ezio must defeat a boasting warrior in unarmed hand-to-hand combat, after defeating the man three times in a row while the ring of civilians that surround the fighting round cheer them on, at the end one of the civilians is heard to observe: "Ah... we will call it a draw, alright?"

This phrase is a reference to the infamous fight scene in the movie Monty Python And The Holy Grail in which The Black Knight King Arthur challenges The Black Knight to a battle royal after The Blakc Knight refuses to respond to Arthur's invitation to join the Knights of the Round Table. The Black Knight blocks the path forcing Arthur -- who just witnessed a horrific battle in which The Black Knight was victorious -- and is forced to dismember the man one limb at a time, to which The Black Knight still refuses to yield.

After both of his arms are cut off, The Black Knight still refuses to yield, kicking Arthur and claiming that the severed arms are "Just a flesh wound" -- maintaining that The Black Knight is invincible and always wins his battles. Clearly it is a matter of honor with the Knight, and Arthur is thus forced to continue the battle, which culminates in his severing both of the Knight's legs, leaving him flopping on the ground.

Arthur takes a long look at the situation and then says to the Knight: "Alright. We'll call it a draw."

-- Muhammad Ali --
At various times during your street battles with Templar and City Guards you can sometimes hear male civilian citizens yell out "Floats like a butterfly, stings like a scorpion!" This actually happens more frequently immediately following your defeat of the 4th Guard in a patrol than at any other time, so if you are actually wanting to see the Easter Egg for yourself, that is your best bet.

Muhammad Ali (whose real name was Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr) is an African American boxer and media personality who is considered to be a cultural icon. In 1964 after joining the radical protest organization Nation of Islam Clay changed his name legally to Muhammad Ali, and was held in wide esteem and respect following his successful victory as World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, but his reputation was sullied and he was publicly vilified after refusing to be accept his draft notice and enter into his compulsory military service during the Vietnam War.

Ali claimed that because of his religious beliefs and his personal and moral opposition to the Vietnam War he could not submit to being drafted -- and was widely quoted in the press as saying "I ain't got no quarrel with them Viet Cong. . ." Arrested, tried, and found guilty of draft evasion charges, Ali was then stripped of his boxing titles, and had his boxing license revoked as the result, and while he was not sent to prison as a result of his conviction, he was barred from fighting professionally for nearly four years while his appeal worked its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where he was able to get his boxing license -- and titles -- restored eventually.

Ali was well known for his unorthodox fighting style, which he himself described as the ability to "float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee" as he employed a confusing technique called the "Ali Shuffle" as well as a defensive move called the "rope-a-dope" in which the boxed places his back against the ropes and uses his hands to defend vital areas, allowing his opponent to tire themselves out in ineffective attacks until, nearly exhausted, Ali could then knock them out with several well-placed blows.

-- Spider-Man --
Spider Man is a comic book character who was made famous in the 1960's -- he consists of a young student named Peter Parker who is bitten by a radioactive spider thus supernaturally inheriting the abilities if the spider, like being able to climb walls and hang from ceilings, as well as superhuman strength and something called "Spider Senses" that allow him to predict danger.

ACR includes an Achievement / Trophy entitled "Spider Assassin" in which the player is rewarded with Gamer Score for rapidly climbing to the top of the landmark building Hagia Sofia in under 25 seconds, using moves that are reminiscent of the character. These moves include climbing, scaling, and crawling up the walls.

-- Superman --
In the multiplayer mode of ACR as gamers raise in levels for their character they unlock access to different elements of customization, including Abilities Sets, different character skins, Templar Profile customizations (in multiplayer mode you play as a Templar in training and not as an Assassin), and access to new and expanded abilities and items through the Abstergo Store.

From the main menu in multiplayer mode, the gamer can select LB > Templar Profile > Edit Templar Profile to access a customization menu that includes the following selections:

-- Patron Picture
-- Edit Emblem
-- Edit Title

The first two selections consist of various custom items that must be unlocked by reaching various levels or accomplishments, and then can be purchased from the store for points earned in this mode, while the third option, Edit Title, consists of different Sections, including:

-- Progression (Level-based titles automatically unlocked when you reach the requires levels)
-- Prestige (Prestige-based titles automatically unlocked when you acquire prestige points)
-- Challenges (Titles automatically unlocked for completing the related Challenges)
-- Accolades (Titles automatically unlocked for completing MP Accolades)
-- Other (Titles automatically unlocked for completing story-based levels)

In the Prestige Section of the Title Selection Screens about mid-way down the list is the title "The Man of Steel" which is a direct reference to the cartoon character Superman, whose nickname is "The Man of Steel" due to the fact that bullets literally bounce off of his chest.

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