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Madden NFL Mobile Android Cheats and Tips

We have 17 cheats and tips on Android. If you have any cheats or tips for Madden NFL Mobile please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : iPhone/iPad

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Pre-Season Drills

After you have used up all your Stamina playing 'Head-to-Head' and 'Season' games you can always earn 100 XP by playing through the five Pre-Season drills which are stamina-free.

Call Your Own Plays

Don't just run plays the A.I. Suggests as it only uses a small percentage of the playbook, you will have more success if you mix it up and call your own plays.

Unwanted Players

Before you either 'Quick Sell' or 'Auction' unwanted players make sure you first check every 'Set' to see if there is a spot for him as completing 'Sets' can earn you some nice rewards.

Scout Teams

Make sure before you play a 'Head-to-Head' game you have spent some time looking through the teams and choosen one that has a defense weak enought that you can score against.

Live Event Challenges

You can earn XP from the 'First Time Win' bonus you recieve when you complete the 'Live Event Challenges'. Just makes sure when selecting one of these challenges you choose one you are good at so you can grind it out.


The most important attribute a player has when running, receiving or returning the ball is speed so when you use the 'Best Linup' button you may want to consider using faster players if the other attributes they have are releatively equal.

Upgrade Defense

It is important that you upgrade your defense whenever possible because when playing 'Head-to-Head' games it is esseential that you have good defensive awareness as you have no way of controlling what the defense is doing on the field besides the counter plays.

Live Auctions

When you have assessed your team's strengths and weaknesses you may want to consider going to the 'Live Auctions' in the Marketplace to browse through the players that are available there and imporove your team. Make sure you don't spend a lot of coins on upgrading players by only five or six points, it's not worth it.

Card Packs

The main way to build you team to begin with is by purchasing card packs and hoping you get good players. Once you have filled your positions with quality players you will find yourself spending less time buying card packs and more time searching through the auctions for players you really need.

Live Events

You only have a limited amount of Stamina so make 'Live Events' your priority when a good one is scheduled. You can always do Season games when nothing else is going on.

Fourth Down

Always play the game as if you have four downs, it is not worth going for a field goal unless you are really close to the goal line.

Defensive Strategy

Try not to be predictable when you are selecting plays you want to use on the 'Defensive Strategy' screen, you will have more success if you keep your opponent guessing by mixing up your plays.


The location of the buttons on-screen will depend on your situation, this can sometimes cause problems when you need to swipe if you are using a small screen. To get the most out of the experience use a device that has a larger screen if you have one available.


It is vital that when you see the swipe command in the middle of the screen you try and swipe at the correct time so your defender gets a pass bonus and the chance of getting an interception.

Rival Films

Study your opponents using the 'Film' feature of the 'My Rivals' screen to see if they have tendencies and plays that you will need to counter. Don't forget their two-point conversion plays as these can be the difference between winnng and losing a game.

Tutorial Coins

Make sure when you do the Tutorial you poke around the different parts of the app as doing so will reward you with coins.


Although it is tempting to spend coins on 'Pro Packs' to take a shot at getting an Elite player it may be more beneficial to save them for special offers in the 'Store' or use them in the 'Auction House' where you can purchase players or collectables you really need.

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