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Pokemon Y Action Replay Codes cheat for Pokemon Y

Pokemon Y Action Replay Codes

At the time of writing the 3DS is not hackable so there are currently no Action Replay Codes for Pokemon Y - Or any other 3DS game at the moment.

We know this is not a cheat, but we wanted to post this to clarify the situation as people have been asking for Pokemon Y Action Replay Codes.

If the situation changes, we'll update this post and post the AR codes that we know.

Happy gaming and enjoy this game without cheating!

Added by: Team SuperCheats
Oct 16th 2013, ID#835


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50 comments, latest first.
Aug 16th 2015 Guest
It is now
ID #598677
Jul 9th 2015 Guest
No one can do codes with out the game code!
ID #582280
May 13th 2015 Guest
I need a cheat for a Charizard for the Y game
ID #555876
Jan 4th 2015 Guest
all of you are so greedy because all you want are rare Pokemon and you leave the smart people (such as my self) to do all of the work for you so why don't you just do it your by your self and suck it up if you spend 20 dollars or not >:[
ID #495986
Jul 9th 2014 Guest
You know there are codrs now for the 3ds actions replay just go to
ID #415203
Jun 21st 2014 silverbluegreen
action replay came out for a 3ds only version, i got it today
ID #403931
Jun 19th 2014 Guest
Apparentlly you CAN get the action replay for the 3ds, but it doesn't work on 3ds games? What are thease people thinking XD. The whole reason for making the 3dss action replay is to be able to hack 3ds games! I wonder if they'll improve it...
ID #402800
Jun 7th 2014 Guest
You con get mew and black kerrem just by gettong pokemon black white or black white 2
Then you just simply download a pikemn creater cheat on you phone tables kindel I pod
I pad ipad air and next book_
ID #395678
May 31st 2014 Guest
hoopla the new legend is there a 3ds powersaves cheat code for him
ID #391755
May 30th 2014 Guest
how do i get shiny legendaries
ID #391371
May 22nd 2014 Guest
No fair
ID #386821
May 20th 2014 Taiyo55rage
This will really work on pokemon x/y before I waste $20?
ID #385996
Apr 17th 2014 Guest
So, what i'm hearing is that in order to get the Pokemon I want with a cheat I need the Powersaves, not the action replay that says its "3DS compatible".
ID #376006
Apr 12th 2014 Guest
this has nothing to do with this but if you like competitive battling get pokemon y because mega charizard y is better at competitive battling than mega charizard x
ID #373909
Mar 14th 2014 Guest

This is where i got the action replay Powersaves for my X and Y cartridges. I was able to get the torchic event with Blazikenite. I also got max money and battle points as well as items. The codes haven't come out for shines or individual Pokemon yet. Its all about the wait.
ID #364006
Mar 13th 2014 Guest
I have hacked pokemon y but only event pokemon. I'll try to post everything as I can for everyone out there. Once I've hacked everything else.
ID #363904
Mar 13th 2014 Guest
How come it always says please make sure your GAME CARTRIDGE is inserted in to your action replay before continuing. I have a 2rd that can play 3rd games but it just won't work I keep trying to use my action replay but it won't work please help???
ID #363668
Mar 9th 2014 Guest
It almost seems like microsoft is trying to lose customers. They might not get that probobly a good chunk . Of people that buy their stuff try to cheat and pokemon x and y are complete bombs because there is NOTHING to do when u beet it. Just get ur legendary bird pokemon really. For those who dont know how to catch it once u see it 11times go to azure bay and go in the cave he will fall on you and the battle begins (move around a bit first. Think you go in the middle of the cave).
ID #362599
Feb 22nd 2014 Guest
I just wanna missingno in pokemon Y
ID #357889
Feb 9th 2014 Guest
Obviously you guys are lazy,you need action replay powersave,look it up half the work I done for you.
ID #353445
Feb 4th 2014 Guest
god why put up this web page if they dont have a actoin Replay its just pointless
ID #351810
Feb 3rd 2014 Guest
I just bought an Action Replay that can fit and work a 3DS cartridge, I got it 4 24.99 at target. But there are no codes for it an I beat and restarted the game and beat it again at least 8 times
ID #351449
Jan 26th 2014 Guest
I think that that game freak could add better graphic when you battle in pokemon y like pokemon revolution.

ID #348627
Jan 25th 2014 Guest
ID #348146
Jan 23rd 2014 Guest
don't qweef in ma face guy.
ID #347153
Jan 18th 2014 Guest
It's so boring that I beat the game and there is nothin else to do
ID #345164
Jan 14th 2014 Guest
If u need cheats to beat elite four.. ur weak
ID #343992
Jan 14th 2014 leeliegone01
yet my fake mon sometimes say they are real mons at times which is weird... yet i think you could manipulate the action replay codes to make the mons seem real yet are not i think when i manipulated the wild encounter codes i did something to my mons giving them the expected realism of a real mon in pokemon black 2 but it may be an error when i go to battle people online with them (i do NOT have the battle online with fake, legendary, etc. codes!) if i find time i will come back to the site and post the codes i think might be responsible for this weird error... let alone people have to be doing something because how can you get a shiny legendary outside of game limits?
ID #343841
Jan 6th 2014 Guest
Wonder Trade with Japan (late at night) to get better Individual Values and egg traits. Some of them know how to breed well!
ID #340465
Jan 5th 2014 Guest
i bought the action replay cartridge just yesterday and its said it was compatible with 3DS so i thought i could do cheats for 3DS games but i later found out the next morning ( a few minutes before i wrote this comment ) that you can use it on the 3DS but it only works for DS games not 3DS games. and i was really disappointed and i just spent $34 on this at Walmart yesterday! what a waste of money if i cant use it right away!!!
ID #339694
Jan 2nd 2014 Guest
i bought this for 30 dollars and cant use on my 3ds games
ID #338275
Jan 1st 2014 Guest
hey mreprico what dou mean by fake pokemon???
ID #337628
Dec 31st 2013 Guest
i need a code
ID #337011
Dec 29th 2013 Guest
i bet it 200 times and keep trying.
ID #335871
Dec 26th 2013 Guest
ive bought a action replay for the 3ds. it said for 3ds but would also work with the old ones but 3ds is in its name
ID #334333
Dec 25th 2013 Guest
ID #334011
Dec 20th 2013 Guest
I Beat The Game, BUT Out Of Money......... :( Time To Find Another Way.. Oh Ya Finally Got My First Shiny And It Was On Y IT WAS EEVEE!!
ID #331722
Dec 16th 2013 Guest
you know pokemon X and Y is kind of really cool I have all the legendary's and I also have all my pokemon level 100.
ID #330189
Dec 9th 2013 Guest
I like chicken
ID #327366
Dec 6th 2013 Guest
i got an 3ds action replay
ID #325846
Dec 2nd 2013 Guest
Black kkyurem is impossible to get
ID #324629
Dec 2nd 2013 mreprico
I hate to tell u guys but there is an action replay that works for the 3DS look it up. Its not the 3DS thats unhackable its the pokemon game itself. Thats y the pokebank wont work for fake pokemon
ID #324578
Nov 29th 2013 Guest
i will kill for a cheat elite four extremely hard
ID #323322
Nov 26th 2013 Guest
Sadness... I want to stop loosing to my rival...
ID #322294
Nov 25th 2013 Guest
My favorite pokemon is going to have to be Kyogre.
ID #322071
Nov 7th 2013 Guest
I also check datils own website daily, they did not make a 3Ds version of the action replay, the last update i saw from their own blogs was about the update on the 3DS comp and the DSi being updated by Nintendo, having the device being unuseable. so Datil made a patch. that's about it for now.
ID #318290
Nov 5th 2013 Guest
the codes will come,the released codes for the new fire emblem game at the end of october,just give them time to figure out the codes,no game is unhackable trust me
ID #318110
Nov 1st 2013 Guest
It seems a bit unfair that Action Replay would release a 3DS compatible device when 3DS games are not hackable...
ID #317324
Oct 26th 2013 Guest
i want a mew so badly hes my favorite mainly because of the movie
ID #316446
Oct 18th 2013 Guest
I want black kyrem so badly
ID #315180
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