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Minikit Locations - Dead Man's Chest hint for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Minikit Locations - Dead Man's Chest

To find the the 10 minikits on the Dead Man's Chest installment of Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean follow the text and video instructions below.

Dead Man's Chest:


Minikit #1: On the right hand side near the start of the level, blow up the glass bricks and go into the hidden cave to find the first minikit at the bottom (video time: 0:00).

Minikit #2: Head to the left and blow up the glass bricks over the bridge. Go down the ramp and run in the hamster ball to get the ball out of the maze and get the next minikit (video time: 0:17).

Minikit #3: At the top of the mountain, use Blackbeard to break all of the statues and the one over the fire for the minikit (video time: 0:59).

Minikit #4: Use the compass to locate the telescope close to the camp of minikit 3. Look through the telescope to see the fourth minikit get dug up (video time: 2:01).

Minikit #5: On the way back down the mountain, keep an eye out for a red and black door, which you can use Blackbeard to open. Keep running through the cave and at the end is the minikit (video time: 02:37).

Minikit #6: In an alcove up the slope from the exit of the minikit 5 cave, use a strong character to pull the lever and create a bridge. Go past the spike pit and cross it - on the land on the other side, climb the palm tree for the minikit (video time: 02:53).

Minikit #7: Next to minikit 6, use the compass to find a telescope. Look through it and find the crab for minikit 7 (video time: 03:47).

Minikit #8: Get to another island using the zipline before using the canon emplacement to complete the minigame (video time: 04:14).

Minikit #9: Near to minikt 8, use the compass to find the next minikit - dig it up to add it to your collection (video time: 04:56).

Minikit #10: Select a character who can walk underwater, and go into the river. Find the crab in a cage and release it. Ride the crab to the minikit at the end of the river (video time: 05:16).

A Touch of Destiny:

Frog #1: At the start, cross the swamp to the right and hit the frog (video time: 0:00).

Minikit #1: Jump off the raft to the right onto the fishing platform, shoot the glass blocks and then use a female character to double jump up to the vine. Climb to the top for the minikit (video time: 0:07).

Minikit #2: Still on the raft, you will come underneath a vine. Climb it as before for the minikit (video time: 0:23).

Frog #2: To the left of the vine for minikit 2, get the second frog (video time: 0:29).

Frog #3: Beneath the bridge between two platforms (video time: 0:33).

Frog #4: On the wooden platform to the left, find the fourth frog (video time: 0:38).

Frog #5/Minikit #3: Use the zipline from position four to find the final frog and get the minikit (video time: 0:43).

Minikit #4: Push the crates off the edge of the platform where the fifth frog was. Then go underneath it and use the compass to locate a beach ball. Dig it up, then take it and cross the swamp to the man on the high platform who desires beach balls. Give it to him for the next minikit (video time: 00:56).

Minikit #5: Throw 3 pieces of food e.g. Drumsticks, apples etc. To the crocidile before taking it out (video time: 01:49).

Minikit #6: Use a female character on the jump platform at the back of the area where minikit 4 was located (video time: 02:29).

Minikit #7: Use Blackbeard across the water from minikit 5 to destroy the box and reassemble it (video time: 02:35).

Minikit #8: Use a strong character to pull the orange handle at the end of the pier section. Then, feed the fish to the piranha and use a character who can walk underwater to follow it and get the minikit it spits out (video time: 02:58).

Minikit #9: Blow open the gate in Tim Dalma's house with explosives and go down the tunnel to get it (video time: 03:46).

Minikit #10: Go up the stairs in Tim Dalma's shack and use Blackbeard to open a door in the wall of the room (video time: 03:54).

The Dutchman's Secret:

Minikit #1: Jump off the side of the ship to the left into the fishing net to get the minikit (video time: 00:00).

Minikit #2: Use Blackbeard on the wheel at the head of the ship (video time: 00:07).

Minikit #3: Get to the top of the mast and use a singing character to shatter the glass. Climb even higher using the new rope, before sliding down to the crow's nest for the minikit (video time: 00:19).

Minikit #4: Use a strong character on the lever on the prison deck to open up the deck below. Use Blackbeard on the skull on the left wall to get the minikit (video time: 01:00).

Minikit #5: On the deck below the prison deck, where minikit 4 was located, use a character that can teleport through the coral on the front wall. Once through, use a sword in the lever inside, and use one in the lever in the main room. You can then build a snail which will slink around and give you the minikit (video time: 01:20).

Minikit #6: Find a lantern and bring it to the main prison deck (the one above where minikits 4 and 5 were found). Use the lantern to move the tentacles out of the way in the right hand corner, revealing the minikit (video time: 01:58).

Minikit #7: In Davy Jones' Chamber, move the wheel into position on the left. Starting with the left wheel, turn it once, then move to the right wheel and do the same. Repeat four times, moving between each turn. The minikit will then appear (video time: 02:12).

Minikit #8: In Davy Jones' Chamber, where minikit 7 was located, use explosives or shoot the hatch on the left hand side to reveal a secret room. Move the crate to the back wall, which will pull down a cage with the minikit in. Shoot or blow open the container to get the bottle (video time: 02:55).

Minikit #9: In the secret room of minikit 8, go out of the door at the back and climb up the decks using a female character to get the ninth minikit (video time: 03:22).

Minikit #10: In the secret room of minikits 8 and 9, use a singing character to break the fish tank glass in the far right hand corner of the room and retrieve the minikit inside (video time: 03:36).

Isla Cruces:

Minikit #1: Head straight to the left on the bottom corner of the beach at the start (by the rocks) using a character that can walk underwater to find the minikit (video time: 00:00).

Minikit #2: On the beach at the start, use the compass to locate a chest to the right by a small tree. You will need to dig it all up (video time: 00:12).

Minikit #3: At the shipwreck, use a strong character to pull the orange handle to reveal a minikit inside (video time: 00:37).

Minikit #4: Destroy the gate to the graveyard, dig up the bones inside and build a barrel out of them. Roll the barrel back into the main field and up onto the platform, opening a gate giving you access to the minikit (video time: 00:46).

Minikit #5: In the area with all the cogs, use the sword lever three times and a Blackbeard chest will appear. Use Blackbeard to open it for the minikit (video time: 01:38).

Minikit #6: Climb up the ruined tower and use Blackbeard on the skull at the top to produce a rope giving you access to the roof. From there, use the telescope to spot find Davy Jones who will give you the minikit (video time: 02:08).

Minikit #7: While riding on the waterwheel, keep an eye out for a minikit passing overhead - you need to jump up to get it (video time: 02:49).

Minikit #8: Teleport through the coral in the water next to the broken waterwheel. Once through, pick up the cog and go back through the coral. Head to the left on the beach and put the cog on the machine. Cross the bridge that has appeared for the minikit (video time: 02:55).

Minikit #9: Teleport through the coral by the waterwheel again. In the ruined ship, swith to a female character and jump up to get the minikit on the deck above (video time: 03:34).

Minikit #10: Cross the platforms raised getting minikit 8. Use the compass to locate some crab pieces. Build the crab, before using a female character to swing from the bars in the trees above. Swing from the last one to knock down more crab pieces. Build the next one, which will produce a giant crab and the final minikit (video time: 03:53).

The Kraken:

Minikit #1: Use Blackbeard to destroy an obstacle blocking steps on the left side going down to a secret area. Once there, knock the kegs one after the other from left to right to make the first minikit appear (video time: 00:00).

Minikit #2: Attack the two crates (one big and one small) to the left of the kegs. Pick up the small one and put it in the bigger one. Then attack the bigger one to get the next minikit (video time: 00:15).

Minikit #3: Head to the right and use a strong character to pull the orange handle on a gate. Inside is a minikit (video time: 00:35).

Minikit #4: Use a singing character on the glass wall to the left and on the upper deck. The minikit is beyond the glass wall (video time: 00:45).

Minikit #5: On the main deack of the ship, jump over the side of the boat using the bars to get a minikit(video time: 00:54).

Minikit #6: Use a strong character on the right hand side of the main deck to pull the two orange handles (video time: 1:02).

Minikit #7: Ride the hoist up from the centre of the boat's main deck up to the front mast. Walk out along the plank to the right to get the minikit (video time: 01:18).

Minikit #8: Get up to the front mast where we walked out for minikit 7, but this time, ride the zipline down to the mast on the left. Walk the plank out from here to get the next minikit (video time: 01:28).

Minikit #9: When fighting the Kraken, teleport through the coral to the left. Once rematerialised, use a torch to light the explosive cache. This will hurt the Kraken and give you a minikit (video time: 01:40).

Minikit #10: Shoot the crate just to the left of the Kraken while fighting it (video time: 02:06).

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Jul 9th 2011, ID#82

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