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the Seeeeeecret arcade

To play in the secret arcade you have to go to the floor under the first floor, (it's kind of like a basement.) then go into the only building and flip, keep going down and the eventchuly you will find a pipe go down it then you will be in the arcade.

Added 8 May 2008, ID #1467, by brad0423 and get

Inifinite 3-D mode with Mario

Successfully complete the pit of 100 trials in flopside twice to get marios card. This card allows you to enable 3-D mode for an unlimited amount of time!
Enjoy ;)

Added 6 Feb 2008, ID #1117, by dialga24

lot o coins

Ok if you want a lot coins heres what to do. First go to flop side and get at least 3 catchcard sps. Then go to world the first 2 doors and then flip into 3D an use a catch card on the amizy dasiy and sell it for 300 coins the card shop in any town

Added 6 Jan 2008, ID #1005, by drawdraw

Squirps (AGAIN)

To see squirps again, go to chapter 4 part 1/chapter 4 part 2/chapter 4 part 3 it is cool (and WEIRD)

Added 24 Nov 2007, ID #873, by majorgamer

SWEET treasure

The way to get 48 pieces of treasure (including the count bleck card and both brobot cards and Mr.L card and super Dimentio) is to see Flamm in Flopside. Buy lots of maps and (i think ) every time you get the treasure from the maps you bought,Flamm will have more maps (up to 48) Hope this helps

Added 23 Nov 2007, ID #871, by majorgamer

Walk on Water

Not very useful, but I found it kind of cool. All you have to do, is use Dottie and then jump in the water, if you keep on walking/running (whatever they are doing when they move their feet) you'll never sink and you'll just keep walking on water! If you stand still, you will sink... And that's it!

Added 11 Jun 2007, ID #514, by cheatfreak58

No More Long Walking

Easy Pipe from Flipside (not sure what floor, the one with item shops) (can also be Flopside) to another pipe (forgot where) underground
Ok, to get this pipe, go down to the place where you find a save block and an impossible wall to flip or get into (that's for later if you don't have Luigi yet). Go to the left (or right, depending which town you are in), and flip. You'll find the meatball-like person named Welderberg. Pay him 100 coins for easy access from the floor where the item shops are to underground near the Pits of 100 Trials.

Easy Pipe from Flipside to Flopside Without Mirror Hall
To get this pipe, you need to pay for the ones above (I think you do, if not, whatever). If you want quick and easy access (but it'll cost you), about the above destinations, go to Flopside. Go all the way to the left and then flip with Mario. There should be a meatball-like person standing there. Talk to him and for 300 coins (told you), you can get an easy pipe from Flipside to Flopside. Time-saving

Added 8 Jun 2007, ID #508, by MarioHSF

Infinite Experience (better then the other trick)

You must have completed Chapter 8, and have Dashell.

This is, by far, the fastest way to level up.

This way doesn't get you very many coins. In fact, it gets you just
Enough coins to continue using it.

Go to the shop in Flipside and buy 10 Shock Shells. Now go to world 8-4. As soon as the stage starts, use a shock shell,
Then follow it (using Dashell) all the way down the hall. Once at the
End, use the return pipe and repeat. This gets you about 80,000 points per run through the hallway.

Added 25 Apr 2007, ID #390, by SPV999

Passcodes for chapter 2

For the door on the upper level it is 5963.
For the vault that has the 1,000,000 rubees the code is 41262816.

Added 12 Apr 2007, ID #360, by kannonrob
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