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Infinite Money cheat for Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga


Infinite Money

On episode one chapter 2 (Discovery on Kamino) once the game starts keep following the guy after you fix the light until you meet Jango, follow Jango until he runs outside and starts to set bombs on the ground. Then fly across with r2 and open the door. He then will start a machine which makes robots appear that shoot lasers at you. To make this work correctly you will need perfect deflect bolts red brick (episode 2 chapter 4: this is located under the metal thing that has to be destroyed with a thermal detonator, once destroyed a built-it will appear. Build the thing and the block will appear, this is easiest done before you rescue Padme in free play because you do not have to worry about many enemies. This is where you find perfect deflect.) And you will also need stud magnet (episode 2 chapter 1: when you leave the first area that you are trapped behind force fields, turn to your right. Along the side of a building there will be antenna's that have red on the top of them. Shoot at them until they turn green. Once they turn green a red balloon will appear from below you, shoot it with a torpedo/bomb and you will get the brick stud magnet.) Okay (after you have stud magnet and perfect deflect) the robots that come out of the ceiling will keep coming after you until you close the door with r2 (don't close it.) Then just leave the room and the robots will shoot at you but it will deflect back, then kill them and they will drop studs, then your stud magnet will attract them to you =). Then just leave the room until you think you have enough. PS: This works better if you have score x2, x4, x6, x8, and x10. Hope this infinite money cheat helped. =)

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There is a code for force garrple leap. which is CLZ783

Added 1st Apr 2012, ID #128287

it dosen`t work

Added 11th Jan 2012, ID #104964

this doesn't work

Added 20th Sep 2011, ID #75629

Your the rude one making that comment.

Added 28th Dec 2010, ID #22841

hey starhalfback17 i cant find the stud magnet cube.
i think you confused on episodes or chater.

Added 24th Jul 2010, ID #5923

There is another way!Go to Episode 4 Chapter 3, you need the following red bricks stud magnet, super slap and character studs. When you get to the second area(where you build the AT-ST)there is a door that Jawas will spawn from, you need to kill the current Jawa in the area first, then go to the Jawa Door(sister's idea to call it) and keep hitting the spawning Jawas until you get to the amount you prefer!

Added 13th Jun 2010, ID #469


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