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Under Map on Cliffside and Castle, other Glitches, and Tips cheat for Call of Duty: World at War


Under Map on Cliffside and Castle, other Glitches, and Tips

Cliffside- On the Marine Raiders starting place, go to the big rock and jump right on the line. There is two lines similar to this. The line in the middle is the one your looking for. You should be under the map.

Castle- Go under the bridge and jump in the sharpest corner. You should be under the map.

Other Glitches
Levitation Glitches (Bring a weapon with a bipod)

Dome- On the Wehrmacht starting place, there should be a statue that you can get in and walk around. Mount your weapon in the right corner, then release it, you should start to float. Jump and hopefully you should land at the top.

Upheaval- On the building with the orange roof, you should see a bookcase. Jump on the box behind the bookcase and mount your weapon, release it, you should start to float. You can run and jump on the building next to you, the one with the hole in the roof.

Courtyard- On Marine Raiders start, go to the darkened area and jump on the sandbags, mount your weapon, and you will float. This is a good sniping spot if you have the perk "Overkill."

Window Glitches

Cliffside- On the Imperial Army starting place, look behind you, you should see a bunker. If you run and jump into the right window (It doesn't work with the left) and crouch, you should be behind the bunker. You can see under the map, but you can't shoot anyone. You can shoot through the windows though.

Upheaval- If you enter the burning building, as soon as you get up the stairs, look to the right, and you will see a window. You can jump in it and hide on the ledge. There's another window glitch here. If you look out the window in the house next to the burning building, you will see a window and the frame of a bed. Use the frame as a ramp and you will go through the window. You can shoot people who go up the stairs of the burning building. Be careful, you can get shot easily.


-If you get in water, dogs can't get you.

-Run around like crazy to confuse the enemies with the Recon plane.
-Hide were you will usually from the enemy's bullets to avoid enemy artillery (Friendly artillery if on Hardcore TDM)

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