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Full Review for Pokemon Emerald by MasterMilotic

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My name is(name not included). I am the registered user MasterMilotic. Milotic is my favourite Pokemon and I myself have it in my Emerald version. I have been playing Pokemon since I was 7 years old and I am now twelve. I love Pokemon a lot. I My party in Emerald is this:Milotic level 54 metagross level50 Cradilylv50 Armaldo lv49 blazikenlv68 and rayquazalv84. I am in training at meteor falls and I can tell you,
It is a very good place to train. Anyway, I am going to review the newly released game, Pokemon Emerald.



The graphics were very good and pretty much better than Rudy and sapphire
By a teensie wwensie bit. The gyms were re-desighned, the Pokemon were
Made to move(that was a good part of the graphics, the Pokemon moved).
I loved Milotic's pose(awesome).



The sound was good and very satisfying. Almost everything was the same in sound exept some stuff in the battle Frontier.But it was very good and I loved it just as much as the rudy and sapphire sound affects. I gve this a 9 out of ten.
An okay mark don't you think?



The game play was terrific as can be. Very little of the story was exactl;y the same as the older games in hoenn and I loved it a lot. The national Dex, battle frontier, Elite four, eighth gym, gym rematches, more double battles, team magma and Aqua, Kyogre and Groudon, both fossils, different Pokemon in the gyms,
Tem magma hideout. The game was terrific in play.



The game lasts for a LOOONG time. I still have to: rematch all the gym leaders 4
Times,get 15 more symbols, complete the national and hoenn pokedex, and
Train my Pokemon to the extreme. Long game guys. The national dex and pokedex will be hard to complete as I don't have a partner to trade with.



The overall mark is very high and good. Emerald version has been amazing and a greatly improved Pokemon game ever since the release of Pokemon Red and blue.
If I must say so I, will be looking forward to pearl and diamond and Pokemon
XD(I think thats what it's called). If only I could get my hands on a nintendo DS......... Anyway, good luck Pokemon company! I hope you will scale even greater heights!
Report by: Master Milotic

Final Score: 96%

Review by: MasterMilotic

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