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Well, this is my very first review, for any game here on Supercheats. (Thunderous applause in background.) NFS Most Wanted. The game before Carbon. Fast. Crazy. Hard sometimes. But still fun. No matter how many times you think you've gotten over the game, it creeps back into you, like poison. I still have fun wrecking the level 5 Corvettes, even if I've killed thousands of them before.



Very nice. Lots of detail on the damage system on the Police cars. Like for the SUV's and level 1 Crown VIc's, their bull bars get bent up. Smoke billows and billows out the engines of wrecked police vehicles, glass shatters, trunks and doors fly off! Corvette cop cars go flying when you hit the back ends. Level 4-5 Heavy SUV's ram things with deadly force, sometimes sending cars to their graves, with surprising realisticness. I mean, do you really think a 2006 Corvette could survive a 160 mph+ hit from an Acura MDX?!



Great! From all the RPD Police Radio chatter, to roar of my GTO, it's awesome. Someyimes it can get crazy, sirens blaring, V8's and V10's roaring. Tires screaming, cars crashing! Civilain cars beeping at blasting at you as the mob of RPD cars follows. Helicopter rotors buzzing overhead. Like HP2, just 5 time better.



The blacklist, a cool idea. You must wreck RPD cop cars to progress higher on "The Blacklist." If you like to destroy cars, this is something you will like. Sometimes you have to evade a pursuit really fast, which is really easy on heat level 1. Other times you have keep the RPD on you for as long as 1/2 and hour! There is also a "Challenge Series." This starts off boring, but when you get to the event with the Dumptruck or cement mixer, it's a blast you've never had before!



Man, I could keep trying to set un-breakable pursuit records ALL day. I have been 100% done with the game for several months, but I still have a lot of fun, wrecking RPD's cars. Sure, I get tired of hearing the same radio things said over and over, but the actual destruction, and high speed keep me liking this game.



This game is like GTA SA. It will last you for AGES. You can amaze your freinds by doing all sorts of risky and just insane tactics to beating the system. It's almost a perfect game. My only complaint is that sometimes, not all the time, you go off a jump, or flip your car, and land on a police car. Police car busts you. Very annoying, but doesn't happen all too often. I give it an A+. Go EA games!

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