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Full Review for Need for Speed: Most Wanted by hatershateme

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This game is a really good racing game. The Introduction is very clear on what you are doing. This game combines racing with a very good story. That shows with the Introduction without getting much further in to the game. The beginning is where you meet your Rival, Razor. You work your way up to get your car back.



The Graphics. The graphics are really good for the Ps2. The Ps2 doesn't have good graphics, but it is still good. The only minor bad things about the graphics is the car doesn't get any damage, only visual damage. Which sucks. But for this game, the graphics don't mean anything.



The sound. The sound in this game is kinda accurate. The engine of the cars are real sounding, and the tires sliding across the road. The cop sirens are also real sounding, but when the cops try talking to you, it is the same voice. That doesn't matter. Just the sound is somewhat accurate.



The gameplay. The gameplay of this game is awesome. This game has a lot to do. Including the Free Roam and getting chased by the cops. To challenge a Blacklist member, you must do challenges. With those challenges, you get closer. The challenges help you get better at the game somewhat. The Free Roam and Cop chasing after you by doing something bad is the best part of this game.



The lastability. The Lastabililty of this game is very good. If you love running from cops, and exploring, this game will do that for you. With the challenges, it makes the game a little bit harder. You have to take your time on the challenges. If not, you cannot proceed through the game. Without challenges, this game would be boring.



The overall game is awesome to me. With so many important features, this game could be the top game of the Ps2. This game is maybe the best game in the Need For Speed series. Such an old game, but such a fun game as well. The Need For Speed series wouldn't be as famous without this game because of how great it is.

Final Score: 92%

Review by: hatershateme

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