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After you beat the rathalos in thr urgent mission talk to the elder in the village he will say something about you have earned the right as a hunter after that go behind your house and pull the sword out it is ok but after you upgrade it it is awsome!!!!!!!

Hope this will help

Added 31 Aug 2006, ID #751, by dark kakashi_699 and get

Garuga Armor/Weapons

Alright I didn't know if this was a cheat or a hint, anyway I heard this from my friend tried it and it worked and this is a easy way to get garugar armor (defence 26) i'd recommened having a G-Sword with 600 or more attack and have armor with at least 12 (just incase)

I think you have to do the quest Rage Of The Yian Garuga

First time you do the quest grab the paintballs and flashbombs and if you don't know where number 7 is by heart grab a map, then head to number 7 and jus sit there and wait 20 minutes, (20 minutes later) You Won The Battle! The reward you get? Garuga shells and scales!!!

Now the 2nd time you do this quest... If you want to buy/make antidotes this time your going to kill him (when you did this the first time a glitch activates), take whatever you need rations, map, whatever, if your fast enough head to #10 thats where it always flys down in there for me so it should for you, daze it with your flash bomb and attack it's head, and head only, if you hit the wing or something o well, aim for it's head while it's dazed, thats where it's weak point is, if he gets undazed use another flash bomb, once you hit him like 7-10 and maybe 15 times he'll die and carve off your three things and claim your reward, keep checking the armory and weaponary for armor and weapons from garuga (should be towards the end)

3rd time you do the quest repeat the first time you did the quest

4th time you did the quest repeat the second time you did the quest

And so on and so on

This is a cool and easy way to get good armor the recommended things at the top I don't know really because I found out and did it when I had Diablo helm (18 defence) and the rest of the body armor was rathalos (17 each)

If this glitch doesn't work for you i'm sorry it worked my friend, my brother, and i
And the reason you wanna reapeat number 1 like on doing the quest 3, 5, and 7, is cause if you try to kill it again it will be a normal garuga (impossible)

Added 16 Aug 2006, ID #722, by mega-hunter

How To Catch Monster Easily!!!

Ok, so you want to catch a monster? Well all you have to do is weaken the monster( try to kill it), and when it is weak, set a pitfalltrap, with something to make it go to sleep( I think it is tainted meat, but I'm not sure) or use a gun and shoot it when it's in the trap.

Added 16 Aug 2006, ID #721, by revan59

Can someone tell me how to catch monsters EASILY plz

Added 14 Aug 2006, ID #718, by monstergamer014

Yian Garuga Cheat!!!

Here is a cheat to sort of beat a Yian Garuga. Go into the mission and don't take anything with you. Go to the item box and take everything (except supley items). Go into area 1, then go into area 8, and then into seven. Go behind the tree and search until it say "there is nothing else here." crouch down and wait. After 20 minutes. "You have won the battle" should show up. And technically you beat the mission.

Added 7 Aug 2006, ID #683, by MH Master

Yian garuga cheat

Alright guys I'm just going to tell you all that this is th ebest thing ever!i now have one of the strongest weapons in the game,full yian garuga armor and over 300k cash thanks to this glitch.ok so all you have to do is stay in area 7 the entire time the 1st time you fight the garuga and he will aoutamatically be beaten then in the next match he will be almost dead and you will be able to kil him in 10 hits(max).afterwards just stay in the area again,fight him the next mission,stay in area seven again,...etc.

Added 5 Aug 2006, ID #669, by ErectedPieman

Want a pet it's pretty cool.

In the beginning of the game you will see a villager with a pig following him rub the pig by prees the X button, you will hear music when the mucis stop you will see a symbol on top of it's head prees X fast. If you do it corrertly there will be a heart over the pigs head and he will follow you, but if you do it incorretly the pig will run away but don't worry later on in the game you will see the pig following the villager and you can try it again until the pig is yours.Good luck!

Added 5 Jun 2006, ID #544, by lil chaddie
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