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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
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How to get a Rhino (Tank) without using cheat codes

In the mission "Shogun Showdown" get the tank and fit it with a bomb then park it in your Staunton Island safe house's garage and get out of there then detonate it and when you open the garage you will have a new fixed Rhino!

Added 9 Jul 2008, ID #2270, by Codezilla and get

blowing up tanks

To blow up a tank simply use your flamethrower on it

Added 1 Jun 2008, ID #2161, by guy in oakland

Easy way to complete misson: a walk in the park:on stauton islan

1st spawn a rhino (L1,L1,left,L1,L1,right,triangle,circle) then drive into the park chase and flatten the major then jump out take the cell phone and then drive out of the park and take the phone to sal.

By jimjam639

Added 11 May 2008, ID #2122, by jimjam639

Chainsaw massacre

I found this mission fairly hard until I used this tip:
First as you enter the ship go straight and instead of turning left turn roght and pickup the desert eagle.(one shot kills)
Then when you go down the first stairs turn left to collect body armor now continue into the room.
What id did first was start running around so that all of the men or behind me then I sprinted until I coudn't see any and turned around and shot with the desert eagle. This'll kill one man. Then they'll start to catch up so just run round and then sprint again and repeat eventually you will kill all of them.
If they are really close then use the obsticales they came in handy.

Added 27 Jan 2008, ID #1931, by dyno340

How to get weapons and armour without cheating (first island onl

1: get the Ak47, go to joeys and go up the stairs all the way to the east side and jump down onto a concrete roof now to your right is a bluey grey roof with a satilite on it jump onto the roof and go underneath the satilite.

2: get the chainsaw, go to the bus place and go to where the ramp is go into other building area and go forward next to a truck trailer there is a chainsaw

3: get the uzi, go to the car crusher and go up a dirt ramp onto the concrete floor by the water go left and there are some caravans/imported stuff holders inbetween one of them is a uzi

4: get somthing like the uzi, go to salvatores front of drive way go right until you see an alley way go all the way down and in the last little 'room' and the bottom side is a uzi like thing

5: wire on hand go to striking people and go towards the big town side until you reach the grass further on there is a path a bit back go along it and in the middle is the wire

6: get the axe, go behind fire station on the sea facing side

7: armour 1, go to doughnut store and a bit back (wrong way on road) go through the hole in the rock and go on the dock and go down the stairs and it's there.

8: armour 2: go to docks and where that boat is that you can get on by the tanks is armour.

Added 8 Jan 2008, ID #1882, by Power Lich


You can disable certain cheats the the unwanted and jumping cars cheat,all you have to do is type in the cheat again

Added 5 Jan 2008, ID #1872, by guy in oakland


You can aviodthecops with one star,but once you get to your second they will look for you no matter what.Unless you do the unwanted cheat or find a unwanted star

Added 1 Jan 2008, ID #1853, by guy in oakland

slow motion pill

I'm sure you gamers have come across this before. but for those who havent its a slow motion pill. you can find one on the train track in saint marks. (were the sanchez bike is for those who dont know)there are other places but I havent got to far on the game so I dont know. When you walk into it it will send you in slow motion its kind of funny try it for those who are bored.(try hitting someone its funny they fly up into the air and die with one smack. happy gaming.

Added 4 Jun 2007, ID #1414, by dylan villian


On the first island go to the brige that is not fixed and jump on the top bar and then you can shoot ther heads off

I hope this works it did for me

Added 13 Apr 2007, ID #1330, by NATHAND

Chainsaw Massacre Mission Hint

Make sure you have a fast gun. All you have to do is run around the ship for a while until you can't see the chainsawers on your screen. Then target one of them and shoot. Repeat this and you should be able to beat the mission easily.

Added 3 Mar 2007, ID #1212, by oj2cool4u

Portland Chainsaw Massacre

When going to fight the chainsaw people the first hall way is a colt. It kills them in one shot. In the next hallway there it armour. When they start attacing you, aim and fire the colt. This should work if you do it correctly.Hope I helped

Added 20 Feb 2007, ID #1183, by XfreshX11


Hello ppl!
Just a fun something to do if you're bored:
Steal a car that someone will try to get back, (i got an idaho with an old man with brown clothes) and make him get in the passenger side but be driving when he gets in. He will move to you're side and "eat you up", you will be gone and the person in you're place. You wont be able to turn or brake or anything, just watch the world go by, lol.

Added 14 Feb 2007, ID #1165, by JamesClemensFan

Hidden Package

The real way to get the hidden package on the gas station is to first get an ambulance. Next, go to the gas station jack a trashmaster and ram it at you know the small walls around the gas station so that it gets half - way over the wall.
Then, junp of and get in you're ambulance, position it close to the trash master and hop ON the ambulace and do a running - junp on to the trashmaster then,from the trashmaster do a running - jump on the gas station and you've got the hidden package.


No thumbs

Added 5 Jan 2007, ID #1084, by shehryar12

Keep two vehicles in your garage

Normaly you can only keep one vehicle in your garage due to the fact that if one vehicle is being stored the door will not open for the one your in, so get out of your car (a bike works easier) and push it next to the garage doors, when you get close enough it will open and let you push your vehicle into the garage. This is very handy when you want both a car and a bike at your fingertips.

Added 27 Dec 2006, ID #1037, by Fading Evil

Infinite Time for Fires in Fire Truck Missions

Infinite Time for Fires in Fire Truck Missions
To exploit this glitch it's just a matter of putting the fire out as the clock is going to hit 0. If done correctly, the timer will disappear allowing infinite time to cruise to the next fire.


No thumbs

Added 27 Dec 2006, ID #1036, by Fading Evil

Funny Moon

When it's night-time, take out your Sniper Rifle and look for the Moon in the sky. Zoom in and shoot the Moon. The Moon will increase in size the more you shoot it and then go back to it's original small state when you shot it enough times.


No thumbs

Added 27 Dec 2006, ID #1035, by Fading Evil


Generate a armour at all safe houses 030 Packages
Generate a flamethrower at all safe houses 080 Packages
Generate a M4 at all safe houses 060 Packages
Generate a MP5 at all safe houses 040 Packages
Generate a python at all safe houses 050 Packages
Generate a rocketlauncher at all safe houses 090 Packages
Generate a shotgun at all safe houses 020 Packages
Generate a sniper rifle at all safe houses 070 Packages
Gives you $50,000 100 Packages
Pistol at Safehouse 010 Packages


No thumbs

Added 27 Dec 2006, ID #1034, by Fading Evil

Lower Your Energy Loss Rate

If you want to run for an improved time limit, instead of holding in X, tap it constantly and you won't lose energy as quick as usual.


No thumbs

Added 25 Dec 2006, ID #1029, by Graphix

Free Car Repairs

Instead of going to the Pay n Spray, go to your own garage and leave your car there. Now go back in after the door closes and your car should look brand new.


No thumbs

Added 24 Dec 2006, ID #1026, by Graphix

Police Maverick

First change to analog stick controls of you have not.
Then, do the better handling cheat in DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS and press L,R,square,L,R,triangle,L,R twice.
Get a fast car and go somewhere like the junkyard in portland island and when the Police Maverick comes jump on it and after a few failed atempts you should bring it to the ground.
Then, press L,L,triangle,R,R,x,square,circle.
Now save it in you're stuonton island garage.
PS: My friend told me this.
I got one sucsessfull helicopter but forgot to save.
Don't waste all you're time on this.

Added 2 Dec 2006, ID #972, by shehryar12
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