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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Pack Shot

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

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Codes cheat for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories



Never Wanted:
L1, L1, Triangle, R1, R1, X, Square, Circle

Money Cheat - $250,000:
L1, R1, Triangle, L1, R1, Circle, L1, R1

Spawn Trashmaster:
Triangle, Circle, Down, Triangle, Circle, Up, L1, L1

Random Ped Outfit:
L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, Sqaure, Triangle

Spawn Rhino:
L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, Triangle, Circle

Faster Clock:
L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, Circle, X

Destroy All Cars:
L1, L1, Left, L1, L1, Right, X, Square

Peds Riot:
L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, Left, Square

Peds Attack You:
L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, UP, Triangle

Peds Have Weapons:
R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, Right, Circle

Faster Gameplay:
R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, Down, X

Slower Gameplay:
R1, Triangle, X, R1, Square, Circle, Left, Right

Perfect Traction:
L1, UP, LEFT, R1, Triangle, Circle, Down, X

Commit Suicide:
L1, Down, Left, R1, X, Circle, Up, Triangle

All Green Lights:
Triangle, Triangle, R1, Square, Square, L1, X, X

Aggressive Drivers:
Square, Square, R1, X, X, L1, Circle, Circle

Have Girls Follow You:
Down, Down, Down, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, L1, R1

Bobble Head World:
Down, Down, Down, Circle, Circle, X, L1, R1

Display Game Credits:
L1, R1, L1, R1, UP, Down, L1, R1

Upside Down Gameplay:
Down, Down, Down, X, X, Square, R1, L1

Upside Up Gameplay:
X, X, X, Down, Down, Right, L1, R1

Change Bike Tire Size:
Circle, Right, X, Up, Right, X, L1, Square

All Vehicles Chrome Plated:
Triangle, R1, L1, DOWN, DOWN, R1, R1, Triangle

Sunny Weather:
L1, L1, Circle, R1, R1, Square, Triangle, X

Clear Weather:
Up, Down, Circle, Up, Down, Square, L1, R1

Overcast Weather:

Rainy Weather
Up, Down, Square, Up, Down, Circle, L1, R1

Foggy Weather:
Up, Down, Triangle, Up, Down, X, L1, R1

Weapon set 1:
Up, Square, Square, Down, Left, Square, Square, Right

Weapon set 2:
Up, Circle, Circle, Down, Left, Circle, Circle, Right

Weapon set 3:
Up, X, X, Down, Left, X, X, Right

Cars Drive On Water
Circle, X, Down, Circle, X, Up, L1, L1

White Cars:
X, X, R1, Circle, Circle, L1, Triangle, Triangle

Black Cars:
Circle, Circle, R1, Triangle, Triangle, L1, Square, Square

Added by: Sanzano Nov 2nd 2005, ID#188



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Jun 18th 2015 Guest
How to full the armor cheat on GTA liberty city
ID #571916
Jun 7th 2015 Guest
ID #566951
Apr 8th 2015 Guest
please give me a helicopter cheat code for gta lcs on psp
ID #539524
Mar 27th 2015 Guest
l like play station
ID #533588
Mar 4th 2015 Guest
I really like this game
ID #524220
Feb 20th 2015 Guest
l πŸ‘‡πŸ‘ˆ r x o πŸ‘† triangle fly away cheat
ID #518920
Feb 13th 2015 Guest
How do I undo cheats
ID #515549
Dec 1st 2014 Guest
need cheat for all missions complte😏
ID #479291
Nov 27th 2014 Guest
up l r down lr
ID #477074
Nov 27th 2014 Guest
what helikopter codes
ID #477073
Oct 26th 2014 kevinawesomesaiyan
the rhino is a tank you know its awesome when you have wanted levels when you ram the car it gonna be explode
ID #463278
Aug 31st 2014 Guest
I got 24 awesome cheats and I have found out some cheats just by pressing any buttons but could not remember them. Daryn Monteiro
ID #442877
Aug 30th 2014 Guest
add more
ID #442334
Aug 24th 2014 Guest
All right
ID #440277
Jul 11th 2014 Guest
what is cheat for helicopter
ID #416390
Jul 5th 2014 Guest
what is the cheat to get a tank
ID #412453
Jun 21st 2014 Guest
Ther is no cheat for girls follow u its guys please tell me if u know the cheat for girls follw u
ID #403517
Apr 9th 2014 Guest
the cheats are so great
ID #373214
Jan 26th 2014 Guest
ID #348265
Jan 17th 2014 Guest
psp has gon flat
ID #344653
Jan 4th 2014 Guest
This on e is the helicopter one the real one!!
L1, down, left, R1, X, O, Up, Triangle!!c:
ID #338973
Nov 13th 2013 Guest
can u make new chats?\
ID #319331
Jan 11th 2013 Guest
cant out in the codes
ID #241561
Oct 27th 2012 Guest
[color=red][/color] ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ID #201651
Oct 26th 2012 Guest
lie lie lie do a lie again and again O.K.
ID #201174
Oct 15th 2012 Guest
ID #196614
Aug 18th 2012 Guest
How do i disable the cheats is it repeat the cheats again
ID #177311
Aug 6th 2012 Guest
i have a new ceat L1 R2 O L1 R2 X L1 R2
ID #172757
Jun 17th 2012 Guest
these people are some story tellers
ID #153741
May 27th 2012 Guest
ID #145913
Apr 11th 2012 kevin9946
sanzano u rock
thanx for help
ID #132131
Apr 10th 2012 Guest
go to the commentt at the top and tune r and ther will be !!s
ID #132043
Mar 9th 2012 Guest
hey you men
ID #121659
Feb 17th 2012 Guest
ID #115667
Jan 28th 2012 Guest
what does center center mean oh none of your other cheats work idiot

ID #110130
Jan 22nd 2012 Guest
hi people
ID #108302
Jan 17th 2012 Guest
So cool iv compledet it
ID #106755
Jan 8th 2012 Guest
ID #103942
Dec 4th 2011 Guest
have girls follow you-down,down,down,tringle,tringle,circle,L1,R1
ID #92699
Dec 3rd 2011 Guest
how to make any ppl your driver
ID #92169
Nov 26th 2011 Guest
these cheats are awesome :p
ID #90462
Nov 10th 2011 Guest
i heard theres a cheat for game completion does any one know it? if so can you tell me please?
ID #86429
Aug 19th 2011 Guest
whats center center
ID #68424
Jul 28th 2011 Guest
how do i disable all cheats
ID #61896
Jul 12th 2011 Guest
are there sertain places where hlecoptors are ?????
ID #57243
Jul 11th 2011 Guest
is there a car cheat or what[quote][strike][/strike] [/quote]
ID #56859
Jul 7th 2011 Guest
y u liar
ID #55691
Jun 13th 2011 Guest
monter tarack
ID #49086
Jun 10th 2011 Guest
the cheat is not working by the my name is cam
ID #48295
May 29th 2011 thug money
that cheat says girls follow u no its not its guys dee ta dee does any body no the cheat for girls follow u
ID #45701
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