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Gym Leader Castle - Cinnabar Island Gym - Round 1 | Pokemon Stadium Wiki

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Gym Leader Castle - Cinnabar Island Gym - Round 1

Latest update by Warrior13 on Feb 24th 2014
After you defeat the Saffron City Gym, you gain access to the Cinnabar Island Gym. The trainers in this Gym use all different types of Pokemon. Like every other Gym, you must defeat three trainers before you can challenge the Gym Leader.

Trainers and All Possible Pokemon:

Judoboy - Level 50 Nidoking, Level 50 Primeape, Level 50 Raticate, Level 50 Machoke, Level 50 Machamp, Level 50 Hitmonlee

Psychic - Level 50 Hypno, Level 50 Alakazam, Level 50 Slowbro, Level 50 Starmie, Level 50 Jynx, Level 50 Poliwrath

Nerd - Level 50 Snorlax, Level 50 Electrode, Level 50 Muk, Level 50 Cloyster, Level 50 Golem, Level 50 Exeggutor

Gym Leader Blaine - Level 50 Arcanine, Level 50 Rapidash, Level 50 Magmar, Level 50 Charizard, Level 50 Clefable, Level 50 Kangaskhan

After you defeat Blaine, you'll gain access to the Viridian City Gym.
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