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Best class for Search & Destroy & if pro said, GET & USE PRO

Primary: MP5K Akimbo & Silencer
Secondary: M9 FMJ & Silencer
Perk 1: Bling Pro
Perk 2: Stopping power
Perk 3: Steady aim
Death streak: Final stand
Equipment: Claymore
Special grenade: Stun grenade

Primary: ACR Silencer & FMJ
Secondary: SPAS-12 FMJ & Grip
Perk 1: BLing pro
Perk 2: Stopping power
Perk 3: Ninja pro
Death streak: Final stand
Equipment: Frag
Special grenade: Stun grenade

Primary:Intervention FMJ
Secondary: SPAS-12 FMJ
Perk 1: Sleight of hand* (Pro)
Perk 2: Stopping power
Perk 3: Steady aim (Pro)*
Death streak: Final stand
Equipment: Claymore
Special grenade: Stun grenade
*In case if you are a camp sniper

Primary: UMP45 Silenced & Holographic/Red dot
Secondary: M9 Tactical knife & FMJ
Perk 1: Marathon
Perk 2: Lightweight
Perk 3: Commando
Death streak: Final Stand
Equipment: Semtex
Special grenade: Stun grenade

This is all I got right now!

Added 10 Jan 2011, ID #3470, by yo mastas destini and get

Multiplayer Weapons and Equipment

Multiplayer Weapons and Equipment
Reach the indicated level in Multiplayer mode to unlock the following:


Unlock USP .45 - Handguns Level 1

Unlock .44 Magnum (Colt Anaconda) - Level 26

Unlock M9 - Level 46

Unlock Desert Eagle - Level 62

Sniper Rifles

Unlock CheyTac Intervention - Level 1

Unlock Barrett .50 Caliber (M107) - Level 4

Unlock WA2000 - Level 36

Unlock M21 EBR - Level 56

Assault Rifles

Unlock FAMAS - Level 1

Unlock M4A1 Carbine - Level 4

Unlock SCAR-H - Level 8

Unlock TAR-21 - Level 20

Unlock FAL - Level 28

Unlock M16A4 - Level 40

Unlock ACR - Level 48

Unlock F2000 - Level 60

Unlock AK-47 - Level 70

Submachine Guns

Unlock UMP .45 - Level 1

Unlock MP5k - Level 4

Unlock Vector - Level 12

Unlock P90 - Level 24

Unlock Mini Uzi - Level 44

Light Machine Guns

Unlock L86 LSW - Level 1

Unlock RPD - Level 4

Unlock MG4 - Level 16

Unlock AUG HBAR - Level 32

Unlock M240 - Level 52


Unlock SPAS-12 - Level 1

Unlock AA-12 - Level 12

Unlock Striker - Level 34

Unlock Ranger - Level 42

Unlock M1014 - Level 54

Unlock Winchester 1887 - Level 67


Unlock AT4-HS: Level 1

Unlock Thumper x2 (M79 Grenade Launcher) - Level 14

Unlock Stinger - Level 30

Unlock Javelin - Level 50

Unlock RPG-7 x2 - Level 65

Secondary Weapons

Unlock PP-2000 Machine Pistols - Level 1

Unlock Glock 18 - Level 22

Unlock M93 Raffica: Level 38

Unlock TMP: Level 58


Unlock Frag Grenade - Level 1

Unlock Semtex - Level 1

Unlock Throwing Knife - Level 7

Unlock Tactical Insertion - Level 11

Unlock Blast Shield - Level 19

Unlock Claymores - Level 31

Unlock C4 - Level 43

Added 27 Nov 2010, ID #3342, by hohiboo

Kill streak rewards

Unlock AC130 Gunship (be the gunner of the AC130):
11 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Attack Helicopter:
7 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Care Package (Drops Ammo/Killstreaks):
4 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Chopper Gunner (be the Gunner of the Helicopter):
11 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Counter UAV (Jams Enemy Radar's):
4 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Emergency Airdrop (4 Ammo/Killstreak Drops):
8 Consecutive Kills

Unlock EMP (Disables Electronics):
15 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Harrier Strike (Choose Bomb location and defending Harrier):
7 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Nuclear Strike (Kills everyone on Map):
25 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Pave Low (Armored Helicopter):
9 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Precision Airstrike (Drop Airstrike):
6 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Predator (Guided Missles):
5 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Sentry Gun (Deployable Gun):
5 Consecutive Kills

Unlock UAV (Shows Enemy Location):
3 Consecutive Kills

Added 27 Nov 2010, ID #3341, by hohiboo

Camp in a rock in fuel

In fuel there is a rock standing up next to a ruck laying down to the right of all of the giant fuel tanks and behind the big garage/building and next to a big pile of rocks that are giant, but you probably know what I mean, because you have probably been killed by someone in there before... well, anyway, in the standing up rock, there is a crease and you face in sprint in it strafe to the left BBBAAARRREEELLLYYY(BARELY) and your guy should run up the rock partially, then fall over and over, then you get in the rock... DARK!

Added 28 Oct 2010, ID #3228, by yo mastas destini

double your ammo

press the following buttons at the beginning of the round after it counts down from 10 seconds:

x x r1 square x x

Added 13 Aug 2010, ID #2990, by superstephen1996

Best Online Class!!

Primary Weapon:RPD Grip
Secondary Weapon:M93 Reflica FMJ
slight of hand pro
sitrep or ninja

P.S: my PSN is awesome-man671

Added 9 Jul 2010, ID #2895, by Guest

rank up

rank up to 70 prestige 10 by deleeting your profile and uploading it on to a memory card then make a new profile and load the memory back in to the new profile

ID #2816, by Guest

Best Online Class

K Get These

Primary:AugHbar ACOG
Secondary:One-Man Army

Perks:Cold-Blooded Pro,Ninja Pro,Obviously One Man Army (pro or not),Last Stand (Pro or not),Hardline Pro.

THX By lightninpowers22 and capp'n winky face ;)

P.S my online name is ASweetComero79 I am only a N00B cuz I restarted.


Fast Coldbloded pro perk

Start the match with a launcher and an LMG make sure you set your perk coldclooded. When an enenmy calls any attack hellicopter blow it up with the launcher and as it is falling shoot it with your LMG and every bullet that hits the helicopter while falling counts as a clodblooded kill!

Added 4 May 2010, ID #2669, by rockstar123

Exploding weapons won't kill the other person

First go offline. Then get the other person on a deathstreak that is high. Then make that deathstreaked person stay still when they spawn. Finally, blow up the exlose and if it is a frag or semtex DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT hit the person with it. That will mess it up. But, grenade launchers? Go right ahead! Just make it explode. If you don't, it will, yet again, mess-it-up. Then there you go! It works! If it doesn't, the deathstreak wasn't high enough.

*Chopper Gunners and AC-130s don't work!!!*

Added 1 Apr 2010, ID #2589, by yo mastas destini

See through smoke without thermal

If there is any glass, look through it into smoke. If it doesn't work then break the glass. And, Bon Appetit! You look through the smoke.

Added 1 Apr 2010, ID #2588, by yo mastas destini

intervention helper

If you use the intervention it's hard to keep going up and ack down.
So the trick is to is to shoot then stop aiming down sight
Remember shoot and then stop aiming down sight

Added 21 Mar 2010, ID #2552, by fighterd

Last Stand

This is only effective in Team Deathmatch. When you are on Last Stand and about to die, use a semtex [flash bangs are also exceptional] near you which will kill you even though you will die anyways but instead of giving the 100 points to the other team, you save your team from one kill and trust me, every kill counts.

Added 10 Mar 2010, ID #2518, by .Vain

get cold blooded pro quik and easy

Ok this is my first post, plz rate, ok an easy way to get cold blooded pro is out n a strong lmg with the AT4 as you're secondary and go to cage match wit a friend and get them to use pavelow, wen they call in the pavelow shoot it ONCE wit the AT4 and then shoot it with you're lmg wen it blows up it will spin outta control and while it's spinnin out of bounds shoot it with cold blooded on and evry time you hit it ull get a killstreak destroyd for cold blooded enjoy the cheat

Added 9 Mar 2010, ID #2510, by iceman3577

Unlimited care packages!!!!!!(Maybe even sentries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, get a care package. Then, go to an area that you can climb over and climb over it with the care package/sentry and immediately, only so you can barely see the gun you switch to and then throw it on the ground and the care package/sentry symbol flashes and that's how you know it worked.

P.S: It takes a lot of practice.

P.S.S: Sentries May not work.

P.S.S.S: If there's ammo, kill yourself if you can't get another care package unless if you are trying to get no deaths or don't want anymore and to get other killstreaks.

Added 30 Jan 2010, ID #2383, by yo mastas destini


Do you hate it when your file gets prevent this (note this is only on the PS3)do not turn the on/off force (that thing that goes click in the back of the PS3)off.dont cheat meaning don't cheat to get to a higher level I always do that.but I don't do it anymore because I was on level 30 and BAM my file got corrupted.Thats all I know for now so be careful.

Added 19 Jan 2010, ID #2367, by Spike112

On building you start inside and are able to come back in at Hig

(Marathon recommended) You can go onto the very top of the building you start inside and are able to come back in at Highrise, by 1st finding the thing that people stand on to wash windows and stuff, and it's hanging by one cable and almost sideways, 2nd, going on the higher block thing that outlines the edge, 3rd, dashing across it and jumping at the thing hanging sideways, 4th, as you make contact, stop completly, and 5th, climb up and you will stand on top, 6th, walk across the thing that sticks out of the building and you'll see another of those things that was hanging sideways but crooked this time, 7th, climb over the railing onto and across it, 8th, climb over onto the building ledge and walk over to the wider area and you see...- Teddy bears??? Ha! Perfect sniping spot! (P.S: It works only on one building)

Added 17 Jan 2010, ID #2348, by yo mastas destini

Highrise Sniping Advantages (online)

First sniping advantage- Go to the crane near the building with two elevators and go to the very left when you get on then you see two crane parts that take you higher you can then snipe there until someone kills you. Second sniping advantage- if you respawn near where the building that's where the fence with green on it then go to the right when you break the window to get out and try to jump and you will latch on the hanging platform like if it was a ladder climb and carefully follow the building edge and go on top of the other platform and carefully cross the other building edge and there you go sniping advantage. I reccommend the marathon perk for the second sniping advantage because you might fall a lot

Added 15 Jan 2010, ID #2341, by MrShinydeoxys

Go on the crane!

In the [online] level where you are up high from the ground on a building where there's a higher helicopter on a helipad higher up on the building that most people use, theres a builing that a rope is holding wood up that you can jump onto thats above the ground not the building, and the building's also on the side where the crane is. Anyways, jump onto the wood and head to the crane. It wont say press X to jump over but press X anyways. Now, you're on the crane!

Added 3 Jan 2010, ID #2292, by yo mastas destini

Get Goodbye!

When playing Rust, jump off the top/ When playing Quarry, Go to the ledge around the watch tower and right next to the stairs that lead up into a building and where a panel connects to the watch tower and jump of near the stairs but don't land on the stairs.

Added 3 Jan 2010, ID #2291, by yo mastas destini
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