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Guide Online unofficial guide to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is now online here.

The locations of all 45 Enemy Intels are detailed with text and individual videos. There is also a complete walkthrough of the main game.

Click here to go to our Modern Warfare 2 Guide.

Added 9 Nov 2009, ID #2148, by Team SuperCheats and get

Unlock Multiplayer Prestige Medals

When you reach the indicated level you will earn the corresponding Prestige medal.

Level 1:
Gold shield with silver eagle.

Level 2:
Blue titanic diamond with star spikes.

Level 3:
Emerald in the middle with four lines with circles on the ends.

Level 4:
Black circle in the middle with white, gold, maroon, and tan edges.

Level 5:
Gold badge with one eye in the middle.

Level 6:
Gold eagle in the middle with six lines.

Level 7:
Thin cross with wings on the outside and a square gold lined sheet in the middle.

Level 8:
Red diamond in middle with a triangle shield on the outside with gold and white trim.

Level 9:
Maroon and black Star Of David.

Level 10:
Gold iron cross.

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Added 14 Jan 2011, ID #3497, by Sanzano

Hidden Challenges

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding challenge. These challenges will not show in the barracks.

Get knifed by an enemy wearing this title. 1,000 Experience points.

Living Dead:
Survive in Final Stand long enough to get back up. 1,000 Experience points.

Click, Click, Boom:
Kill an enemy with C4 while you are in Last Stand (not Final Stand). 5,000 Experience points.

Defuse a bomb right after it is planted while the planter is still alive. 2,000 Experience points.

The Numb:
Take enough damage that would normally kill you with Painkill active. 0 Experience points.

Transmission Complete (Knife an enemy wearing this title). 5,000 Experience points.

Get three kills with your secondary weapon in one life. 1,000 Experience points.

Renaissance Man:
Get three kills with three different weapons in one life. 1,000 Experience points.

Hard to Kill:
Get 2 kills while in Last Stand or Final Stand. 500 Experience points.

The Avenger:
Avenge the death of 3 teammates in one life. Unknown Experience points.

Never Forget:
Get hurt by an enemy, survive and backstab the same enemy. 3,500 Experience points.

The Loner:
Get a 10 killst
reak with no killstreak rewards selected. 2,500 Experience points.

The Edge I, II, III:
Get the Game-Winning Killcam 5, 10, and 20 times. 1,000 Experience points, 5,000 Experience points, 10,000 Experience points.

Hijacker I, II, III:
Steal 10, 50, and 200, enemy crates. 1,000 Experience points, 3,000 Experience points, 5,000 Experience points.

Select killstreak rewards requiring 7, 8, and 9 kills and earn them ALL. Unknown Experience points.

Kill an enemy who is priming a grenade. 0 Experience points.

Get a kill with Martyrdom grenade. 1,000 Experience points.

Radiation Sickness:
Get nuked by the enemy. 1,000 Experience points.

...With A Vengeance:
Avenge a fallen teammate. 0 Experience points.

Point Guard:
Most assists in a game. Unknown Experience points.

All Rounder:
Complete ALL other challenges. Unknown experience points.

Added 12 Jan 2011, ID #3493, by Sanzano

Multiplayer Perks

The following Multiplayer Perks have the indicated effect.

Move quicker.

Increased melee distance.

Unlimited sprint.

Sleight of Hand:
Faster reloads.

Resupply from dead enemies.

Killstreaks require one less kill.

Stopping Power:
Increase bullet damage against enemy players.

One Man Army:
Change classes at anytime at the loss of a secondary weapon.

Cold Blooded:
Undetectable by UAVs, air support, sentry guns and thermal vision.

Last Stand:
Fall to the ground and use your secondary weapon until you bleed out.

Detect enemy explosives and tactical insertions.

Danger Close:
Increased explosive weapon damage.

Steady Aim:
Increased hip-fire accuracy.

Jams enemy radar near you.

Invisible to heartbeat sensors.

Two primary weapon attachments.

Added 12 Jan 2011, ID #3492, by Sanzano

Awesome Knife Kill

Check out this unbelievable knife kill. Rumour has it Chuck Norris was playing the game.

Click here to view the video

Added 6 Oct 2010, ID #3147, by Sanzano

Dying Bonuses

The following bonuses become available when you die the indicated number of times in a row without a kill in Multiplayer mode.

Painkiller (health boost when you spawn):
Die 3 times in a row.

Martydom (drop a live grenade just after dying):
Die 4 times in a row.

Copycat (steal your killer's class in killcam):
Die 4 times in a row.

Final Stand (get back up after being wounded):
Die 4 times in a row.

Added 3 Mar 2010, ID #2486, by Sanzano

Easy 'No Russian' Mssion on Veteran Mode

Beat the 'No Russian' mission on any difficulty setting and then select it again from the 'Mission menu' choosing the Veteran difficulty. If you now pause the game when the mission begins you will be given the option to skip the level (due to content). Doing so will skip the level but will still credit you the completion on Veteran difficulty as if you had played it through to the end.

Added 27 Jan 2010, ID #2378, by Sanzano

'Cooking' Grenades

The following technique which is known as 'cooking' prevents enemies from having enough time to throw your grenades back at you. To do it hold your grenades for two seconds before throwing them.

Added 23 Dec 2009, ID #2273, by Sanzano

Unlock Trailers

If you allow the game to idle at the 'Main' menu for a few minutes Trailers for the game leading up to it's release will start to play.

Added 23 Dec 2009, ID #2272, by Sanzano

Unlock Sniper Camouflage

Complete the 'Ghillie In The Mist' challenge reaching the indicated one-shot kills using sniper rifles to unlock the corresponding Ghillie camouflage suits for Sniper classes.

Unlock Arctic Camouflage:
50 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.

Unlock Urban Camouflage:
100 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.

Unlock Desert Camouflage:
200 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.

Added 23 Dec 2009, ID #2271, by Sanzano

Unlock Museum Bonus Level

This bonus feature which is entitled 'An Evening with Infinity Ward' is a level which becomes unlocked when you complete Campaign mode. This level contains ALL the weapons and vehicles featured in the game, the vehicles though are not to scale and cannot be driven.

Added 23 Dec 2009, ID #2270, by Sanzano

Enemy Intel 6

Possibly Enemy Intel 6 is the hardest piece of one to find in the entire game.

It does not help the situation that you have to drive over it during the snowmobile chase part of the level either.

To give you an indication where this tricky-to-spot Intel is located, it's about 1800 meters away from your goal, so it's relatively early during the course.

To stand the best chance of getting the intel, slow down a lot when you are about 1900 meters away from the final destination and you'll soom arrive at a small fence placed horizontally, there is also a hut on the hill to the right.

Pass the fence and just barely to the left side, this intel is lying a few meters across if you just go straight ahead.

The video below should help to illustrate the above text.

All 45 Enemy Intels are covered with both text description and video in our Call of Duty: Modern Wafare 2 Guide which is here:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Guide
Enemy Intel Location Guide

Added 25 Nov 2009, ID #2190, by Team SuperCheats

Unlock Extra Custom Class Slots

Reach the indicated Prestige level to unlock the corresponding Custom class slot.

Unlock 6th Custom Class Slot:
Reach 1st Prestige.

Unlock 7th Custom Class Slot:
Reach 2nd Prestige.

Unlock 8th Custom Class Slot:
Reach 4th Prestige.

Unlock 9th Custom Class Slot:
Reach 7th Prestige.

Unlock 10th Custom Class Slot:
Reach 10th Prestige.

Added 24 Nov 2009, ID #2183, by Sanzano

Sixth Custom Class Slot

A sixth custom class slot becomes available when you reach level 70 in Multiplayer mode and then enter Prestige mode.

Added 18 Nov 2009, ID #2172, by Sanzano

Professional Perks

Complete the following tasks to recieve the corresponding perk.

Danger Close Pro:
Get 100 kills with explosives while using Danger Close perk. Its effect is increased explosive weapon damage and extra air support damage.

Hardline Pro:
Get 40 Killstreaks with the Hardline perk. Its effect is that Killstreak rewards require one less kill and Deathstreak rewards require one less death.

Sitrep Pro:
Destroy 120 detected explosives or tactical insertions with the Sitrep perk. Its effect is detect enemy explosives and tactical insertions and louder enemy footsteps.

Cold-Blooded Pro:
Destroy 40 enemy Killstreak rewards with the Cold-Blooded perk. Its effect is is undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries, and thermal imaging; and no red crosshair or name when you are targeted.

Bling Pro:
Get 200 kills with a weapon with two attachments. Its effect is two primary weapon attachments and two secondary weapon attachments.

Commando Pro:
Using the Commando Perk get 20 melee kills. Its effect is increased melee distance and no falling damage.

Ninja Pro:
Using the Ninja Perk get 50 close range kills. Its effect is invisible to heartbeat sensors and silent footsteps.

Scavenger Pro:
Resupply 100 times with the Scavenger perk. Its effect is resupply from dead enemies and extra magazines.

Scrambler Pro:
Using the Scrambler perk get 50 close range kills. Its effect is jam enemy radar near you and delay enemy claymore explosions.

Steady Aim Pro:
Using the Steady Aim perk get 80 hip fire kills. Its effect is increased hip fire accuracy and longer hold breath duration.

Stopping Power Pro:
Get 300 Kills with the Stopping Power perk. Its effect is extra bullet damage and extra damage to enemy vehicles.

Lightweight Pro:
Run 30 Miles with the Lightweight perk. Its effect is move faster and quick aim after sprinting.

Marathon Pro:
Run 26 Miles with the Marathon perk. Its effect is unlimited sprint and climb obstacles faster.

Sleight of Hand Pro:
Get 120 kills with the Sleight Of Hand perk. Its effect is faster reloading and aiming.

Added 18 Nov 2009, ID #2171, by Sanzano

Killstreak Rewards

Reach the indicated number of consecutive kills in Multiplayer mode to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Unlock AC130 Gunship (be the gunner of the AC130):
11 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Attack Helicopter:
7 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Care Package (Drops Ammo/Killstreaks):
4 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Chopper Gunner (be the Gunner of the Helicopter):
11 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Counter UAV (Jams Enemy Radar's):
4 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Emergency Airdrop (4 Ammo/Killstreak Drops):
8 Consecutive Kills

Unlock EMP (Disables Electronics):
15 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Harrier Strike (Choose Bomb location and defending Harrier):
7 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Nuclear Strike (Kills everyone on Map):
25 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Pave Low (Armored Helicopter):
9 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Precision Airstrike (Drop Airstrike):
6 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Predator (Guided Missles):
5 Consecutive Kills

Unlock Sentry Gun (Deployable Gun):
5 Consecutive Kills

Unlock UAV (Shows Enemy Location):
3 Consecutive Kills

Added 13 Nov 2009, ID #2161, by Sanzano

Multiplayer Weapons and Equipment

Reach the indicated level in Multiplayer mode to unlock the corresponding item.


Unlock USP .45 - Handguns Level 1

Unlock .44 Magnum (Colt Anaconda) - Level 26

Unlock M9 - Level 46

Unlock Desert Eagle - Level 62

Sniper Rifles

Unlock CheyTac Intervention - Level 1

Unlock Barrett .50 Caliber (M107) - Level 4

Unlock WA2000 - Level 36

Unlock M21 EBR - Level 56

Assault Rifles

Unlock FAMAS - Level 1

Unlock M4A1 Carbine - Level 4

Unlock SCAR-H - Level 8

Unlock TAR-21 - Level 20

Unlock FAL - Level 28

Unlock M16A4 - Level 40

Unlock ACR - Level 48

Unlock F2000 - Level 60

Unlock AK-47 - Level 70

Submachine Guns

Unlock UMP .45 - Level 1

Unlock MP5k - Level 4

Unlock Vector - Level 12

Unlock P90 - Level 24

Unlock Mini Uzi - Level 44

Light Machine Guns

Unlock L86 LSW - Level 1

Unlock RPD - Level 4

Unlock MG4 - Level 16

Unlock AUG HBAR - Level 32

Unlock M240 - Level 52


Unlock SPAS-12 - Level 1

Unlock AA-12 - Level 12

Unlock Striker - Level 34

Unlock Ranger - Level 42

Unlock M1014 - Level 54

Unlock Winchester 1887 - Level 67


Unlock AT4-HS: Level 1

Unlock Thumper x2 (M79 Grenade Launcher) - Level 14

Unlock Stinger - Level 30

Unlock Javelin - Level 50

Unlock RPG-7 x2 - Level 65

Secondary Weapons

Unlock PP-2000 Machine Pistols - Level 1

Unlock Glock 18 - Level 22

Unlock M93 Raffica: Level 38

Unlock TMP: Level 58


Unlock Frag Grenade - Level 1

Unlock Semtex - Level 1

Unlock Throwing Knife - Level 7

Unlock Tactical Insertion - Level 11

Unlock Blast Shield - Level 19

Unlock Claymores - Level 31

Unlock C4 - Level 43

Added 13 Nov 2009, ID #2160, by Sanzano

Riot Shield Defense

If you equip the riot shield to one of your classes you will have defense from behind when you are holding your secondary weapon. The riot shield enables you to switch the direction of your defense which is useful in narrow corridors and stairwells.

Added 13 Nov 2009, ID #2159, by Sanzano

How To Level Up Quickly (Offline)

Go to "Multi-player."

Go to Split Screen.

Sign in with 2 profiles. (You need 2 controllers and profiles).

Change the map to "Rust."

Go to Game Mode.

Put it on Headquarters

Go to Game Rules.

Put Number of Lives to 1 (This step is very important.)

Put Max Health to Miniscule.

Put Health Regeneration to None.

Start the match.

Use the main profile (the one you want to level up) to capture the headquarters... That gives you 2500 exp, then every 4-5 seconds after that you get 100 extra exp.

Let the game sit there move your person occasionally.

Added 3 Aug 2012, ID #4786, by jtp0900

Museum bonus level

To get this level you have to beat the game. In the museum is every gun and vehicle in the game. The vehicles can't be drove. Plus there is a gun from call of duty 4 in the room you spawn in go left to the last guy in the first exhibit knife him and he will drop the shotgun w1200. The only way to beat this level is if you press the red button in both rooms and kill everybody after you press the red button. If you try to kill anyone before you press the button the wave will not count. For people who have never played museum before the red button brings everyone from that room alive. Plus you can't change the difficulty it's either on hard or vetran.

Added 29 Mar 2011, ID #3779, by firekllr
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