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Nazi zombies Nacht Der Untoten Hint hint for Call of Duty: World at War


Nazi zombies Nacht Der Untoten Hint

To get to a very high lvl, is very simple. Only open the hell door for the first 8 or 9 rounds. And for the frst couple rounds, only use your pistol, grenades and knife. At round 8 or 9 open the stairs from the hell door. You can easily get to lvl 15 solo.

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Lol to the guy who said to go buy die rise... Check your games before you go talking mate... Nacht Der Untöten is the very first map for the zombies game mode of the very popular, very good Call of Duty World at War (5th Call of Duty game) which was the birth of zombies and was amazing, that is until all these futuristic themed call of duties came out and ruined what made both zombies and call of duty in general so good, now call of duty or zombies are usually bought and played by "squeakers" or underage children who have parents that give them material items to be good or quiet... They ruin the games environments and communities and by giving bogus suggestions to the companies are ruining the game series... That also goes out to the "hard lad hackers" who have nothing better to do with their lives than to torment others, being truthfully honest I prefer battlefield games they're much better but CoD 5 is perhaps the best CoD game there ever was...

Added 28th Dec 2014, ID #491676

Please help me. I want to get out of Nacht der Untoten and move to the next level but I can't get out of the map and I play Solo only so please help. PLEASE!

Added 19th Aug 2014, ID #438337

How the hell do you get out of level one to the next stage? I am stuck and can not seem to advance to the next stage and can't find a walk through to help me get past the stage.

Added 29th Jul 2014, ID #427072

its the "help" door not the "hell" door

Added 28th Jul 2014, ID #426759

that kid that said how do you get outside the map... You can,t but the only way is try and get other maps like die rise its cool.

Added 10th Feb 2014, ID #353785

dude I have a hint its kinda like a glitch but when u go to da help room youll see a set of boxes or crates let one person go towards it then let the other jump on him then prone on the crates this is technically proven by jojo

Added 17th Sep 2013, ID #310006

ok to get a ray gun u must open the help door go to the mystery box and wait till the question marks turn gold and then press x and u will recieve a ray gun

Added 5th Jul 2013, ID #295156

first kill all the zombies till round 5 then have a lot of points open the stairs in the first room camp at the end of boxroom

Added 6th Jun 2013, ID #288152

Just use the unlimited ammo cheat and buy the dubble barrel shot gun , best gun ever with unlimited ammo

Added 26th May 2013, ID #285429

I use the colt till I run out of ammo and then I knife and then I get the kar98 and I get to pretty high levels. BTW Im a girl but I share the playstation with my bros

Added 13th Apr 2013, ID #273376

Its easyest way is by doing co op 2 player and going up person by the window and the oth by the oposte door

Added 28th Dec 2012, ID #230151

It is not called the hell door it is obvous what happened the people that were trapped in there were writing help on the door when the zombies got them and they couldn't finish the p

Added 21st Dec 2012, ID #225944

What I do is one rounds 1-5 let them in the windows and don't block them up. Then just run around stabbing the zombies.
On round 6 open the help door and go box until you have a ray gun and a MG
Then go up the stairs in the help room and camp by the grenades.
I made it to round 46 by doing that

Added 14th Nov 2012, ID #208524

Awe gents offline I've smashed lvl 20 in co op,my mate and I used rayguns and Brownings,open the help door and get the box,when you get to around lvl 8 open the stairs in the help room and then stay by the granades with the player watching the window using the browning and the player watching the hallway using the raygun altinating guns when you need to reload and don't have the time,also alternate possitions depending on the gun you are using.throw granades into the first room from your possotion by the granads this will make crawlers which gives you time to block windows and get guns if needed.
Happy hunting
Mr Awesome

Added 6th Sep 2012, ID #183757

keep on knifeing till round 5 then open the help door get a gun you like to use and make your other gun a light mashingun then go back into the first room and go up them stars go back to were the gun cabnit is and use you light mashingun for shooting the zombies down the hall and other gun for the window right beside you good luck and hope you know what i mant about light mashingun cant spell good ;)

Added 30th Jun 2012, ID #158816

I would wait until I get 2000 points in solo so then I can buy the he'll door and the mystery box then get to round 8 wen they start really running becuz they jog at round 6/7 n then from the he'll door buy up stairs and camp buy the wall on the left of the stairs going from the room u start in by the wall ware u can see them running into the room u started in and u can easily get up to round 12 and over round 12

Hope I helped good luck homies

Added 21st Jun 2012, ID #155144

Play solo and for round one just knife all of the zombies and for round 2 knife all zombies then on round 3 just keep shooting zombies and on round 4 by then you should have at least 2000 to 3000 points then open the door that says help on it open the mystery box crouch to on your stomach and knife helmet 2 times you should get a good gun if not try again. On my first try a got a ray gun then i got a browning. Hope this helps =)

Added 21st Jun 2012, ID #155012

first you need to kill all zombies in round 1 then buy a KAR98K then once youhave 3000 points open the HELP room buy a weopon from the MYSTERY BOX then go up the stairs in the Help room and camp in the corner by the steps going down stairs to buy a weopon between rounds

Added 5th May 2012, ID #139705

How do i get new maps

Added 22nd Apr 2012, ID #135907

The best strategy is use the knife don't shoot zombies with pistol when you have 1070points just from knifing open help door after keep knifing and get 950 points or more at the same time lv 2 is about to go into lv3 open mystery box there is a 50% chance u get a ray gun or browning or the second best gun. Then good luck on surviving the rest.

Added 22nd Oct 2011, ID #82127

I say use your pistol till u run out then try knife them until it takes more than 3 hits to kill them with a knife (Try save up to 1950 money so when u open the help door u can buy a gun)If u dont get 1950 in this time just buy the kar98 cause its cheaper and u get headshots (Which give u more points)Open the help door at level 4-5 then get either Thompson, Browning, ray gun, Trenchgun or deployable MP42. Stay in that room for a bit then when its level 8-9 or 10 go upstairs and camp where the granades are. (When your camping and your online or on private match make sure the person with the weakest weapon holds the window while the ppl with the stong weopans shoot and when there only one zombie left, at the window, all of u get guns and there)

Added 24th Sep 2011, ID #76275


Added 25th Aug 2011, ID #69928

I don't have WaW but try looping around in the help room? I heard it works if you can manipulate the zoombies and know how to move around them. Goodluck.

Added 22nd Aug 2011, ID #69305

How do u get out of the map

Added 19th Aug 2011, ID #68468

well none of ur guys's advise help me, i need to know how to permenently close of windows or reclose the hell( help ) door, i also need to know how to get to Verruckt, shi no numa, or der reise can someone help me out

Added 13th Jul 2011, ID #57432

Here is a good strategy I use to get higher levels:Do not buy the Kar98k I Repeat DO NOT BUY THE KAR98K. Then When you have around 600 buy the M1A1 Carbine. At around round 3-4 If you have enough go to the help room(For the retards It's Help) then get a random weapon(Ray gun Browning Etc.)Then At round 8-9 (If you have a good Weapon) clear the debris in The HELP ROOM then Camp out near the Stealthhandgrenades and Camp their until you die. Have Fun 8)

Added 19th Jun 2011, ID #50395

is there any way to get out of nacht der untoten on xbox 360 even if patched tell me cause i know how to clear system memory and play offline without patches if you dont go to youtube and see but if you know any way out tell me please ive been trying forever and wanna get out without hacking which ive done with one of my friends on xbox live my g-tag is monkey nade there is a space between monkey and nade please help me on my quest on how to get out of nacht der untoten without hacking please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 16th Jun 2011, ID #49605


All of these last hints dont really help by the way it is the help door the zombies attacked the guy when he was trying to write HELP

SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 6th Jun 2011, ID #47470

how do i pass nacht der untoten?

Added 31st May 2011, ID #46112

Can you gett out of the building or are you stuck in there the whole time??

Added 29th Jan 2011, ID #27240

try this if you like camping
1.for the first few rounds let them in and shoot them 6 times(round one)for round two eight shots

2.once its round four go in the help room and keep on trying the mystery box till you get a ray gun and a BIG machine gun then at round six go upstairs and camp where the trench gun is
3. enjoy

Added 7th Jan 2011, ID #24382

Is there any way out of Nacht Der Untoten cause iv bn trying to for ages and can't!! Iv checked on youtube but there all half out of the map!!! If you have Xbox live add me DrawnAverage!!1 Thanx (iv only got 1 space left though :D

Added 18th Dec 2010, ID #21402

hay dude firts camp in the room at the star for 4 round shoot the zombie 5 time then stab and u will get 180 point and when you are up to a high level up grade your gun and run laps and turn trap on i get up to level 32

Added 18th Dec 2010, ID #21400

no wut u need to do is... when u get 1000 open the first set of stairs then the next leave to help door closed that way u can stay with ur bk against the door.... get in the fun ox then go up stairs an get in a glitch....easy

Added 13th Dec 2010, ID #21025

Guide to survive Nacht der Untoten.
At the first round get Kar 98k. Make sure when you are proctecting a window always look back evry 3 seconds or else a zombie might pop up out of nowwhere. Then wait till round 4 or 5 to open the help door. Open the mystery box 2 times. Make sure you go back to the main room,then spend about 1 minute in each room to clear th next room. After round 8 I reccomend to open the stairs in the help room. After that go buy a Trench gun for the weakest weapon you have. after that turnaround and go to the room on your left camp there as long as you want Tip: Every 3 or 5 rounds make sure you have a single zombie so that you can get another gun from the mystery box. Good luck 8)

Added 13th Nov 2010, ID #18047

yes :0 ***

Added 12th Nov 2010, ID #18007

wow are you master chief from arby n the cheif.

Added 12th Nov 2010, ID #18006

Well actually open the help door first (its not hell door) because that way there wont be many windows to shut and you can use the stairs ror emergecys ( TOO much zombies)

Added 12th Nov 2010, ID #18004

it is not a simple way to get to a higher level

Added 25th Aug 2010, ID #10273


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