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Form lvls

Go to hollow bastian before fighting seporath

Added 29 Sep 2006, ID #23616, by elfenvampire and get

Easy to get to Zemnas with Riku

All you have to do is keep doing the dark fire thing and hold down the up button at the same time you should be shortly after.

PS: when you destroy the clone of Zemnas he'll make another.

Added 3 Sep 2006, ID #23146, by sasuke123

Level up master form

The master form is leveled up by collecting drive orbs so for an easy way to level it up is to go to the mulan level (I have no clue what it's called) and go to the ridge section and thats north from the burned down camp...
I think it's the ridge..
Well anyways clear the area of heartless and nobody's and go south to the camp and go back to the ridge with no enimies there
Now just go to the master form and destroy and collect the drive orbs from wagons, dragon fireworks, and some other stuff you light on fire to get orbs

Hope I helped! Just do this over and over until you reach the maximum level

Added 20 Aug 2006, ID #22867, by losr101

Fully heal your self

When you change into a drive mode, you fully heal your hp.

Hope I helped..

Added 24 Jul 2006, ID #22335, by finalfantasyxxii

Max Drive Guage

Ok, Get 3 drive bars and turn into Valor or Wisdom form. Then go straight to a save point that lets you go to the world map before your drive runs out. Once your at the save point go to world map and the got back or to another world. Once your there, look at your drive guage. It's full HURRAY

Added 20 Jul 2006, ID #22248, by Roxora

Infinite heartless

Go to the peak area of pride rock kill all of the heartless on the peak leave to the kings den and then return and the heartless all reappear

Added 20 Jul 2006, ID #22247, by lothar

Flying Sora

Ok first you need to have final form
Then you need to level it up to level 3
Just go to Twilight Town,the tower, go outside, turn into final form and just fight all the nobodies and defeat them before the Drive Gauge runs out. After your done fighting them, go back into the tower
Go to the save point and select world map
Then just go to the tower again
Your drive gauge will be filled again,
Just turn into final form and fight the nobodies again and repeat this process untill you get Final Form to level 3
Then just equip Glide level 1 to SORA
Now you just have to jump and hold SQUARE and you will be flying
If you get the high jump from VALOR form, it will help with your flying
You can gliding level 2 by just leveling up your Final Form to level 5

Hope this helps

- vinxag

Added 15 Jul 2006, ID #22142, by vinxag

Gliding Sora

Ok, to make sora be able to glide this is what you have to do:
First: Make sure you have Final Form, if you don't have get it!!!
Second:Go to Twilight Town, at the tower, enter the tower, then go up the stairs into that little portal.
Third: Change into Final Form and defeat the nobodies, you have to do this quick or the Drive Gauge will run out!!!
Fourth: When you deafet the Nobodies on the First Set of Stairs, DO NOT go into the next room, go back down the stairs to the save point at the bottom of the tower.
Fifth: Make sure you're still in Final Form, go to the save point and do World Map,
Sixth: Go right back to the tower from the world map, ( your Drive Gauge will be full again!!!)
Seventh: Keep doing that untill you get your Final Form to Level 3.
Then when it's at Level 3, go to abilities for SORA and just equip it!!!

Then when you jump and hold SQUARE, you will be flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOPE I HELPED, it's just a little fun thing, but it also helps to get items, and when you're fighting enemies!!!.


Added 15 Jul 2006, ID #22140, by vinxag


If you are in a Drive Form and you want to replenish your drive, go to a Talking Pit. Its a place where you can talk to the people in your party without them following you around. In The World That Never Was, there is one right before you walk into the door of light. Go into a drive form, then walk in there. It will be full, and you wont be in your drive anymore. If there isnt a Talking Pit around, you can just go to the Gummi Ship menu (the screen where you pick which world you want to go to) while your in a Drive Form.
Hope that helped!

Added 9 Jul 2006, ID #22042, by graphicdisigner

Moogle Level-Ups

Lv1---Decipher Recipes
Lv2---Use Brightness and Energy Materials
Lv3---Use Serenity Materials
Lv4---Use up to two extra materials
Lv5---Rank C recipe materials cut in half
Lv6---Rank B recipe materials cut in half
Lv7---Rank A recipe materials cut in half
Lv8---Make new items in free developments
Lv9--- Rank S recipe materials cut in half

Added 26 Jun 2006, ID #21786, by kameron_hayden

Always get Max Drive after any Form Transformation and Easy Form

First (if you don't know how to level up a certain form), go to the main menu and then status then go to the form you want to level up.

Second, pick a good place that's good for leveling up that form (I can't help you decide and make sure it's near a save point).

Third, go to that place you picked and transform into that form you want to level up and fight the enemies.

Fourth, After you defeted all the enemies, go directly to the save point (make sure you're still in that form) and go to the world map.

Fifth, go back to that same place you were just in and look at you're drive gauge (it's full!), continue these steps for as much as you want for any of the forms to train them.

Added 25 Jun 2006, ID #21755, by cheatfreak58

Bumble-Buster Job

When you are doing the Bumble-Buster job in Twilight Town's tram common, a quick way to complete it is to use the spell Magnega. It gathers all the bees together and kills them all at once.

Added 21 Jun 2006, ID #21700, by loserr x kids

Name change and the secert of NOBODIES

Some names in the game have been changed.
Its not called goddess of fate. It's called Goddess of DESTINY. Thats all I have
Sora X Ansem X Ale X (?)
Roxas Xemnas Axel Put the letters together

Added 24 May 2006, ID #21331, by Silver Dragoon

The King

You can fight as the king in the second level of beast's castale. When fighting Xaldan when you die as sora it says I will never give up then you get to fight as the King

Added 19 May 2006, ID #21299, by elfenvampire


You can fight seifer after sturgle tornement

Added 6 May 2006, ID #21150, by elfenvampire


Enter the sandlot after the sturrgle tornement then if the former champ is there go up to seifer and he says something like I prefier sreet battles and then you can fight. you have to renter the sandlot over and over agian

Added 6 May 2006, ID #21149, by elfenvampire

Best way to gain final form levels

Go to the world that never was and to the altar of naught
Go down the stairs, when the nobodies appear transform,
Kill them all, go back up the stairs and your drive gauge
Should be full again, then keep repeating until you get to
Level 7

Added 6 May 2006, ID #21144, by the divine dragoon

Drive Up!!! Final form, e-z aquiring

Final form

Step 1. Go to coliseum.
Step 2. Enter any tournament except pain and panic.
Step 3. Leave battle immediately.
Step 4. Go to "the world that never was" ****** ***** **** *** ** *
****** must have finished "memory skyscraper" event
***** must be before defeating Xemnas (very first time)
**** must have defeated Luxord
*** must have defeated Saix
** must have defeated Xigbar
* go to the Proof of existence room
Step 5 (donald, goofy, king, kairi and riku should be walking around the room. Enter where you fought Luxord or Saix. Transform into any drive. If you don't get final form, leave the area. You will reappear at the proof of existence room with your driv gauge still at max. Redo step 5 until you get final form.

Drive gauge exp up!

Repeat step 1
Step 2 go to the world that never was (anywhere except proof of existence.)** *
** must have finished off Xigbar
*must have final form or master,valor and wisdom form cannot exceed lvl 5
Step 3 look for monsters and fight. Best fight monsters easy to kill, around the skyscraper with shadows and n. Shadows
Step 4 leave world with save point before gauge runs out.
Step 3 repeat valor step 3
Step 4 repeat valor step 4
Master* ** *** ****
* best go to Timeless river
** equip jackpot
*** equip draw
**** use a strong keyblade, possibly oblivion and oathkeeper
Step 3 fight fat body and hot rod in the 3 rooms except mickeys house. Use magnege if the hot rods become an annoyance.
Step 4 pick up the drive orbs dropped.
Step 5 Repeat wisdom/valor step 4 (except you have to leave through the door)

Added 19 Apr 2006, ID #20852, by Harvest King

Train Master Form high

If you want your Master Form up to lv 7, then read on. First go to the Crystal Fissure in Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion, you had to beat Demyx there for the second time to get to the Crystal Fissure). Anyways, go out to the Ravine Trail and put on Master Form. Kill the Morning Stars (the giant green spikey dudes) and they drop giant drive balls which give you 3 experience for Master Form every time you pick one of them up. Then keep going until you get to the end of the trail. If you had enough drive bar, run back to the Crystal Fissure, and go to the world map if your still in Master Form. This will put your drive gauge up to max and you can keep doing that. If you didnt make it in time, then go to Olympus Colloseum and enter one of the tournaments, then immedeatly quit and you will have full drive, then go back to the Crystal Fissure and keep doing that. Well happy Master training! Hope I helped!

KH Masta

Added 17 Apr 2006, ID #20804, by KH Masta

Master Form Level Up Fast

If you want to get your "Master Form" up really fast then all you have to do is go to the Land of Dragons world after you lock it two times or one (it doesn't matter) and go up to the "Ridge". There you should see some wagons...go into "Master Form" and blow them up by attacking them they should drop 10-33 drive balls. Go to the next area and then straight back while still in "Master Form", the wagons will be back. Rinse and repeat until "Master Form" is a high level.

Added 16 Apr 2006, ID #20773, by dwr009
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