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Follow the dark path or use the light

Quest Guide

by sweet_peach

Kingdom Hearts II
Quest List Guide
By Viola Sim (healing[dot]firefly[at]gmail[dot]com)
Version 2.0
Table of Contents

-	Table of Contents
-	Introduction
-	Version History
-	Quest: Twilight Town
-	Quest: Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion
-	Quest: Olympus
-	Quest: Agrabah
-	Quest: 100 Acre Wood
-	Quest: Atlantica
-	Quest: Halloween Town
-	Quest: Port Royal
-	Quest: Space Paranoids
-	Legal Stuff
-	Contacts
-	Credits and Special Thanks


This guide is aimed for players who have completed most of the game (by
that I really mean locked all the world and is somewhere between the first
save point of The World That Never Was to the last save point of the game
:P) so SPOILERS are probably present, but because it's only a quest guide
I don't think they will be anything major. It's also for those people who
started their game in Standard Mode, realized that they have to complete
Jiminy's memo to get the secret ending, cursed themselves but can't be
bothered to start a new data in Proud Mode:P(I was one of them...)Because
this is a Quest list guide it will not include treasures, synthesis items,
heartlesses, Co-op moves and other features needed to complete Jiminy's
memo, it's just concentrated on quests. It also helps if you can read the
abilities. It's nowhere near complete and because this is my first guide I
ask you to have a lot of patience and tolerance and if you have a better
way of doing things or advices or noticed some typos/grammar mistakes
please contact me. It's based on the Jap version of KH2 and it's needed to
get the secret ending(good luck to everyone that's trying to get that in
Standard mode!!)Under some sections, there will be a 'courtesy of [name]'
or just [name-], it means that the strategy that comes in a section after
it is submitted by the person. I do not have time to check on every strategy
submitted,sorry. ^____^ Okay now that that's done...on with the game...

p.s: Since this is based on the japanese version, the jump and attack
buttons are reversed, strategies submitted by other people however, might
be based on the eng Version.

Version History

11/01/06 Version 0.65 - Completed Twilight town, 100 Acre wood, Port Royal
and Halloween Town. Agrabah,Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion and Atlantica
are completed as far as my knowledge goes, but needs some help for

12/01/06 Version 0.85 - Fixed a few grammatical errors, added a note
concerning Air Slide and fixed the error in Space Paranoids section. Added
onto Olympus section.

15/01/06 Version 1.0 - fixed the unstable elements in Agrabah and Radiant
Garden/Hollow Bastion. Got Kanji translation for Atlantica musical. Added
a strategy for Phil's training added credits, thanks for everyone who
contributed!! A HUGE hug for all of you!

7/08/06 Version 2.0 - Fixed some errors, added strategies submitted by
other people and credits. Sorry it took so long.
Quest: Twilight Town

Mail Delivery
How to activate - Approach the board with 'Help wanted' (marketplace) over
it to get access to the jobs list. It is the first choice on the list.

Condition 1: Clear minigame by delivering all five letters to the 3 people
and 2 birds in the area.
Condition 2: clear it below 14 seconds

Abilities needed: None

Strategy: When you start go straight down to the small kid and press
triangle as you pass him, around the corner there's a bird, you don't need
to jump, just press triangle as you pass it. There is another person, near
the edge you could grind on, again press triangle as you pass him and
press triangle immediately after you pass him to grind, don't press
anything and just let Sora reach the end, he'll jump automatically and
reach the high bird and press the triangle. After you deliver the fourth
one you should just head right and deliver the last letter to the woman.
It is quite straightforward, if you fail, a little practice will probably
allow you to get it.

Cargo Climb
How to activate - approach the board with 'Help Wanted' over it to get
access to the jobs list.(marketplace) It is the second choice on the list.

Condition 1: Clear it by moving the cart up the slope into the garage.
Condition 2: Complete it below 15 seconds.

Abilities needed: none and I mean it...if you have 'combo up', 'explosion'
and abilities like that equipped you DISEQUIP them. They don't help at all
and just waste time executing. So the easiest way is to just disequip
every ability you have, then you have less of a chance equipping something
you don't need.

Strategy: Just let Sora perform combos from behind the car to move it up,
after every other combo the cart will jump and look as if it will fall on
Sora, time your attacks right and Sora will hit it so that it goes quite a
way up the slope, continue and repeat. You should achieve it.

Courtesy Chris Irving
On your section for Twilight Town that talks about Cargo Climb you mention
that it would be a very good idea to Unequip all of your abilities. Great
tip, but one thing I found very useful was to equip "Slide Dash" and
"Negative Combo". Not only could I close in on the cart quickly and
effectively but it also allowed me to use the finishing move on the
cart quickly. This allowed me to complete this quest in about 11 seconds.

COurtesy Jazza
I found that i could not do it in under 15 seconds with your way and
i figured out with the same abilities (maby you need ferir) i could
do it faster if you jump and hit it  the first time i tried i got it
in 8"63 seconds

Courtesy L'il Draco
I found it easier to jump (with high jump level 2) on the cargo climb quest
and than hit it twice after four jumps n hits (8 hits) you will be able to
push it up another (4 hits) will push it in i got a great time of 00'10"55
am not sure if your level will count on hit power if it does than i got this
on level 45 (sword)

Justing Ong-
Justin Ong Regarding the minigame of Cargo Climb, I found out a much
easier way to complete the game within the time limit. All you need
to do is unequip all aerial combos. During the game itself, lock on
to the cargo, tap the jump button then mash attack button. The cargo
 will fly up fairly easier

How to activate - approach the board with 'Help Wanted' over it to get
access to the jobs list.(marketplace) It is the third choice on the list.

Condition 1: Clear it by keeping it airborne with more than 1 strike.
Condition 2: Clear it with 100 strikes.

Abilities needed: I'm not quite sure if you need all of these, but Air
combo plus, Air spiral, Aerial Sweep, Air Finish.

Strategy: Lock on to the ball and just mash the attack button until Sora
does the Air finish, then walk towards the ball while it is still airborne
and hit it when it is a bit over Sora's head. Just repeat until you get
100 strikes it's pretty straightforward and relatively simple.

Tuan Do:
A better way to do performer/grand stander is to just equip berserk
charge and before you hit the ball use cure on yourself and use
up all the MP that way you never finish your air combo and
will continue to hit the ball never letting it fall down I got
about 150 just by waiting for my MP to

Jennifer 'Spider' Loveday-

Something I discovered on the performance quest in Twilight Town... If you
equip Berserk, and at the beginning cast Cura on yourself (to drain all your
MP), it's only a matter of locking on to the ball and hitting x repeatedly.
No chasing the ball, no nothing, because you don't do a finishing move. I
got 149 hits easy until my MP recharged and the ball went flying. *grin*
can't cast Cura quickly enough before the ball hits the ground, so if you
get your MP back before you finish, you'd have to go chasing after the ball


Performer quests (Grandstander for English ver)
I only equipped Aerial Sweep abilities. First, hit the ball, and it flies,
 hit again from land so that you can do aerial sweep, the ball will fly for
 some heights. Wait until Sora's feet touch the ground, and hit again with
 aerial sweep. With this tactics you don't need to move and get some score
 by just pressing attack button on the ground. The key is performing aerial
 sweep. This tactic could take some time, but it easy to use and doesn't
need abilities other than aerial sweep.


The method is this: Equip only 'areal sweep.'  When you hit the ball up,
 run under it and hit X.  You will spin up and knock the ball almost
straight into the air.  (Only hit X once).  Delay until Sora is on the
ground and the ball is falling, then hit X again.  Repeat any number of
times.  It is very easy because Sora almost doesn't move.  Over time
though, he will creep forward.  My method is to try to steer him into
the corner formed by the building and the slope.  After he is against
the wall, he will stop creeping and you only have to worry about X.

Poster Duty
How to activate - approach the board with 'Help Wanted' over it to get
access to the jobs list.(Tram Common) It is the first choice on the list.

Condition 1: Clear it by pasting 20 posters altogether.
Condition 2: Clear it under 30 seconds.

Abilities needed: High Jump Lv3, Air Slide Lv3, Air Dash Lv3 and Glide get all these abilities by levelling up all your forms.
Information on how to level up forms can be found in other guides.

Strategy: Okay...when you first attempt it without the abilities above you's impossible to do it in 30 seconds, then when you acquire them
you's gonna be so easy...but you're still need to
have quick reflexes. Okay first of all you need to get used to pressing X
twice to perform Air Dash and continuing it straight away with glide
(square). The aim here is to Let Sora touch the ground as little as
possible. When you start you press X twice and glide to the right to the
poster on top of the green roof and press triangle to post that poster,
press X immediately (don't touch the ground!) and glide onto the next roof
on the right to post the next one, continue gliding to the blue roof to
post your third one and glide to the next roof to the right to post 3.
(You should have 6 in total now)Press X and Glide directly opposite it to
a building with green walls and post the three posters there, then tap X
BUT DON'T GLIDE to post one poster on the wall of the same building that
is facing the market area. Glide to the area where you started to post one
there and glide over in the direction towards the door that leads to the
sandlot to post one on the wall, glide left to post another one above the
blue/yellow striped roof and glide right to post two more opposite each
other,(posting the one next to the previous one first before advancing to
the one further) then LET SORA LAND and tap triangle to let him post one
going down the stairs and press square to the direction you are going
(down the stairs) and tap triangle again to post another, then Air Slide
(square) down to the area where there are three poster spaces and post the
last three posters. There might be another path you could take...I'm not
sure, if you have any infos e-mail me. The one above is proven to work
though and can be achieved by practice. Remember, floating on air is

Myth Myth sent me this tip (quoted from his e-mail...) Thanks!:

Poster Duty:

My route is somewhat like this:

- From starting position, glide towards the lower right corner of the
screen. (Poster 1)
- Poster above a canopy opposite the first one. (P2)
- From P2, face right 45 degrees, P3 is on a wall, you need to be able to
fly there.
- From P3, hug the wall leftwards to hit P4.
- From P4, hug the wall leftwards to hit P5, P6, P7.
- From P7, directly opposite above a green roof, you can see two posters.
Fly to the one nearer to the poster above the blue roof. This is P8.
- The poster above the blue roof is P9.
- Near P9 is a set of three posters. P10, P11, P12.

I took about 14-15 seconds here.

From P12, look left 45 degrees and note a poster at a high position,
slightly higher than where P2 was. You must fly towards there. This is

- Hug the wall leftwards, P14
- Opposite P14 and to the right a bit, is P15.
- Directly P14 on a lower ledge is P16.
- Down from P16, P17.
- Opposite P17, there is a set of 3 posters. Done.

Tip: For every interval, try to steer towards the next location where
possible using the Spin Jump. My time was about 27 secs.

Thanks Myth myth!
How to activate - approach the board with 'Help Wanted' over it to get
access to the jobs list.(Tram Common) It is the second choice on the list.

Condition 1: Clear it by getting rid of all the bees.
Condition 2: Clear it under 10 seconds.

Abilities needed: none but make sure you have the magic 'Magnega' on

Strategy: When it first starts lock on to one of the bee swarms
immediately and cast Magnega to collect them together. Then just attack
with Sora. If you are strong enough Magnega might just kill them all
instantly, but four more swarms will come out. If your first Magnega
doesn't kill them straight away just attack. If it does, use Magnega to
get rid of the second bunch. Pretty straightforward.

A lot of people e-mailed me about this: (credits under credits section)

Equip Magic lock ability and spam your thunder magic ^__^

How to activate - approach the board with 'Help Wanted' over it to get
access to the jobs list.(Tram Common) It is the third choice on the list.

Condition 1: Clear it by getting rid of all 9 junks.
Condition 2: Clear it with 5 strikes or less.

Abilities needed: Combo Minus, equip Fenrir (Keyblade acquired after
defeating Sephiroth and talking to Cloud and returning to Sephiroth to
watch Showdown of Fate) Disequip all combo plusses and abilities that add
to a combo.

Strategy: With Combo Minus equipped and another combo minus from Fenrir,
you combo should only consist of 1 strike. Just clear the junks with that
because they get destroyed after every combo so 1 strike should get rid of
one (or more) and make sure you aim some junks towards the others so you
get more destroyed.

Jessica W.-
found a very effective way to complete the minigame in Twilight Town where
you are asked to "clean up" all of the junk within under six hits/strikes
(based on the English edition).

TIP: Magic is the key here. Make sure you have your magic -maxed- out
(mainly Blizzard and Thunder for it has a much better standpoint compared to
the other spells). Stand in a viewpoint where you can see all of the
littered junk (I stood nearby the exit of the area and rotated the camera so
I can see all of the junk).

Using Thundaga (if used correctly), it should hit most of the junk leaving
at least one. Using Blizzaga, it can finish it off and landed me with five
points. This method is not too hard to use compared to setting up in a
fashion where you have to get all of the junk in a certain spot and
unequipping all of the combo up/plus.

It might take a few tries, but it has worked effectively for me after many
experimentations of doing it via keyblade and magic. Depending on the
practices of this (unless you get it the first time), you should be able to
find a very easy way to do it upon your preferences.

And Julio Montes also submitted extra Strategy:
Julio Montes Hey, I have a tip that makes getting 6 points or less easier
than having to get Fenrir for the Junk Sweep Quest.  First make sure unequip
all abilities (to be safe) and equip Negative Combo. If you're patient enough,
the junk piles are moveable.  You just have to push them (just make sure that
you don't hit them while pushing).  Using Figure 1, make one group of piles
by pushing 1 and 2 towards 3 and 4 to make the piles end up like Figure 2.
Then aim box 6 towards the group and hit (should take two or three hits
depending on if you hit a pile in the group while hitting pile 6).

Figure 1
  /     5    9 |
 / 3 4         |
|     2      8 |
|  1   6    7 |
|      ---------
|      |

Figure 2
  /     5    9 |
 / 3 4         |
|  1 2      8 |
|       6    7 |
|      ---------
|      |

Then push pile 7 towards 8 so it looks like Figure 3.

Figure 3.
  /           9 |
 /               |
|           78 |
|                |
|      ---------
|      |

Aim pile 9 towards 7 and 8 and you're done with a total of 5 swings

There are a lot of emails about other strategies...which sums up to
(I'm sorry I can't include all the would take too much
space, so I've summarised them, and credits will be given in the
credits section ^_^

If you move Sora towards the junks, you will find that they move slowly
to the direction in which Sora is pushing them. You can round up all
except for one junk in a corner, yes this is VERY time-consuming but
if you haven't beaten Sephiroth, this is one way to get it done.
Disequip all boosts so you end up with the starting combo (5 hits)
or equip one negative combo if you have it. Aim the last junk towards
the centre of all the others and it should destroy all nine.

Struggle: Hayner
How to activate - Enter the Sandlot and go near the whiteboard, next to it
is a post you can press triangle on. (It is in between the man and the
gate leading to Tram common) If you talk to it there will be two choices
the first one is to stop and the second one is VS Hayner. Choose that.

Condition 1: Clear it by defeating Hayner by having more spheres than him
when the time ends or by collecting all 200 spheres.
Condition 2: Clear it while having 100 or more spheres.

Abilities needed: Equip all the combo up/plus and enhancements you have to
make it a quick kill.

Strategy: Hayner is very easy. If you are a high level and equipping all
combo up etc. You would probably only need 1 complete combo to drain him
of all his spheres. Just collect them and dodge his attacks.

Struggle: Setzer
How to activate - Enter the Sandlot and go near the whiteboard, next to it
is a post you can press triangle on. (It is in between the man and the
gate leading to Tram common) If you talk to it there will be two choices
the first one is to stop and the second one is VS Hayner. Fight Hayner 10
times and another choice will appear that says 'VS Setzer', choose that.

Condition 1: Clear it by defeating Setzer by having more spheres than him
when the time ends or by collecting all 200 spheres.
Condition 2: Clear it while having 150 or more spheres.

Abilities needed: Equip all the combo up/plus and enhancements you have to
make it a quick kill.

Strategy: Setzer is even easier than Hayner. His Hp is very low and if you
are strong one combo (or two) should take out all of it. While he's
helpless just run around and collect all the spheres. Easy.

Struggle: Seifer
How to activate - Enter the Sandlot and go near the whiteboard, next to it
is a post you can press triangle on. (It is in between the man and the
gate leading to Tram common) If you talk to it there will be two choices
the first one is to stop and the second one is VS Hayner. Fight Hayner 10
times and another choice will appear that says 'VS Setzer' fight Setzer 10
times and the last choice will appear. Choose VS Seifer.

Condition 1: Clear it by defeating Setzer by having more spheres than him
when the time ends or by collecting all 200 spheres.
Condition 2: Clear it by collecting all 200 spheres.

Abilities needed: Equip all the combo up/plus and enhancements you have to
make it a quick kill.

Strategy: Seifer is the easiest of them all. He has the least Hp. One
combo should take him out. (more specifically one 'air finish' itself will
take him out completely if you are lv 99.)Just collect all the spheres
while he is unconscious.

general tip: Courtesy of Nick James
Just use Sora's Trinity Limit. Whenever you do a new Struggle match, your
 MP gauge is completely filled. One Trinity limit for Sora is pretty
much enough to make them drop all the orbs.

Struggle in General

Thomas Nytwynd-

I have found that equipping Combo minus, slide dash and Explosion
is fatal there.   The slide dash knocks them off balance and
immediatly following with explosion eliminate almost all of their
 orbs in a single blow.    If you have draw, Follow the Wind, or
 the draw ring equipped then you grab alot of the orbs as your
knocking them free.   I average about 10 or 15 second struggles
 doing this

SB Street Rave
How to activate - go to the marketplace and talk to the lady at the bottom
area with the yellow skirt, pick the second choice.

Condition 1: Clear it by doing stunts etc.
Condition 2: Clear it with 1000 points.

Abilities needed: none

Strategy: Since you are allowed to have 5 rests make use of them all. If
you could do it normally that's good, but if you are stuck, this is a
cheap way. Press triangle on the stairs to grind and while grinding press
square to do a trick, let Sora travel around the 2nd corner and just before
you reach the third corner press x to jump towards the shops area and
while in the air mash the o button, Sora should keep on turning, adding
points, until he reaches the ground. (make sure while doing this that Sora
does NOT touch the ground and that you don't press triangle uses
up the rests and after he does touch the ground make sure you don't do
Kick Flip (O button) cause've got uses up a rest.) It should
be worth about 600 points( I think). Just repeat the trick for the other
rests to reach 1000+.

Stefanus Christofan-
This game definitely is NOT Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games. Cause, after you
jump out of the rail or ledge, you'll lose your tries.
Right in front of your starting point there're some set of ladder that
going up and turn right, and if you follow the ledge, you'll found a bridge
on your right hand side. If you press triangle button on grindable part of
the first stairset, you'll grind some set of ledge and the rail you grinded
will end on that bridge.Try to grind that ledge set from that bridge,
and while you grind, hold square button for Handstand trick, this will
give you extra points. At the end of ledge (the first stairset) do a pop-jump
, and in the air hold square button again to do Method grab trick until
you land. That tricks set will give you 200++ points. Do that 5 times in a
 row without failing. So you'll get clean 1000++ points.

Quest: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden

Event Quests
There are two Event Quests, the event is cleared when you talk to YuRiPa
at the Postern to receive the Gullwing Keyblade. This is now confirmed
(Thanks to my mum who...paid for half of my ps2 and read the kanjis)

The second event quest is to defeat the ultimate (and extremely cute!)
Sephiroth. Sephiroth is at the Dark Depths. The easiest way to get there
is to warp to the Crystal Fissure, run past The Great Maw and into the
Dark Depths, talk to him for a scene, then the battle will start. I am not
quite sure about the names of his moves, but as soon as the battle start,
press triangle to react to his attacks. He does have a lot of reaction
commands so be prepared. He can disappear and reappear again while doing
his combo, revenge slash is a very useful ability to use here. (Note: I
beat him before I got Air Slide, but it might be a useful ability to use
to dodge his attacks!) He can also create dark spheres that can attack
you. He still has that move from Kindom Hearts where he creates pillars of
flame around him, when he does that, run towards the screen because there
will be a 'magnetic force' that pulls you in. Whenever you can react,
react because then he'll be open and you can perform your combo. When he
jumps up and starts glowing purple, it's sin harvest. If you remember it
from its prequel, it still does the same, it takes out you Hp to 1 and
wipes out your Mp. Elixirs will be useful here, but High potions will also
do if you don't have any. (You can synth Elixirs)After he does that there
will be a reaction command, if you miss it and you haven't healed after
Sin Harvest...well...better luck next time. You can use an Item immediately
after Sin Harvest and still react to him. That works best. He can also use
his meteor move. When that happens, just run/jump/glide in one direction
(left or right) until you can't, then change direction. You might get hurt
but it's less than just staying still. After a while you should defeat him
(note that you have to land a full combo on him to wipe out the last bit
of his health...magic also works if you can land one on him), then he tells
you to go get Cloud, warp to Hollow Bastion Marketplace and talk to cloud,
choose the second option and return to the Dark Depths. Talk to Sephiroth
and watch the Showdown of Fate 2. Tifa will give you Fenrir after this.

Jonathan Rivera:
1. When he sucks you in and summons flames from the ground
2. Use it at a right timing when he turns purple
Note: keep tapping Reflega when he sucks you in to the flames and customize it
to use it easily

Brian E.
Note that when I confronted Sephiroth, I was lvl 77 with Ultima Weapon,
which I strongly attribute to being a huge help in this fight both for
its strong attack power but also its effect: MP Hastega. If you don't have
Ultima, Decisive Pumpkin (Combo Boost) or Oblivion (Drive Boost, useless but
has high atk power) will work as well. Elixirs or MegaElixirs will prove very
useful as well for the strategy. In terms of Abilities, the key ones you want
are Trinity Limit, Counterguard, Counterattack, Explosion, and any Combo Boosts
you have. If you have Glide from the Final Form, go for it. I only had it at lvl 1,
 and while it helped it didn't make a huge difference. Be sure to equip as many
Elixirs/Megas as you have and hot key the items for easy use. This strategy was
done with all 3 mentioned Keyblades and worked, Pumpkin and Oblivion taking equal
time (about 7-8 minutes) and Ultima taking much shorter (roughly 3 min). As soon
as it shows Sora facing off with Sephiroth, mash Triangle to avoid a devastating
6 hit combo that'll whittle away your health. Once he's behind you, start a combo
while swapping the menu command to Trinity Limit. Unleash the Trinity on him and
finish that with another combo. This should easily deplete 2 1/2 of his 15
lifebars.Try and keep him targetted at all times. When he rushes in to swipe at
you, either time Counterguard to knock him out of it or use Glide to evade him.
Counter can be tricky, and needs to land on the first hit to work. If he nails
you, quickly use an Elixir and rush at him with another Combo/Trinity/Combo setup.
Repeat this until he uses the towers of flames, which you can run away from
effectively. Watch for the arena to darken, to which he's about to unleash his
combo he opened the match with. If you see this, get Triangle ready to "Block".
Effective blocking leaves him open for a good combo, or if you have it set a
Trinity. When he summons several dark orbs, use Guard or simply leap away from
them. If you repeat these, you should have him down to roughly 3-4 lifebars.
This is when Sin Summoning comes in, where you have two options. If you have
enough Elixirs, you could use another Trinity Limit to attack Sephiroth while
he is summoning. While this wont hurt him, you can't be harmed during Trinity
and if timed just right you'll land the reaction portion of the Limit right as
he finishes with Summoning to deal necessary damage to him. Be warned that when
he's in the final lifebar and near death, Sephiroth will hover over the arena
and cast Meteor. This can be outrun for the majority, but the arc will eventually
 cover the arena. Try and move as much as possible (lvl 3 Glide can completely
outrun it) to avoid as little death as possible. Once Meteor is finished, throw
 one more Trinity at him and he should be done for.

There are also a e-mails about how to cancel sin Harvest:
Sean lehoullier-
I just had a piece of advice for battling Sephiroth.
Your guide only recommends taking the hit from the sin
harvest and healing.  After I maxed out the master form,
I was able to stop the sin harvest by targeting Sephiroth,
jumping, aerial dodging, and then attacking.  This was fast
enough to reach him from across the arena and stop him from
doing sin harvest.  It also allowed me to get in a good aerial
combo.  I managed to beat Sephiroth without getting hit by sin

Matt Nguyen-
to prevent sephiroth from using sin harvest-
when he rises into the air to use it, jump and use aerial dodge,
 you will be right next to him, so you can attack him and stop the move

ability requirements are high jump lvl 2 and aerial dodge lvl 2

Meow-(I took the liberty to edit some of the abbreviations)
Berserk Charge is pretty useless since quite
often in the middle of your combo he can just teleport out n whack u from behind.
It is also reccomended not to equip too many combo boost and air combo boost
as sometimes before you can finish your combo he would teleport 2 d ground n whack
you when you land n it is quite hard 2 avoid it since you cant aerial dodge out
of the way n his reach is long enough to hit you even when you are gliding.It is
also better not to jump too much as u cant use the reaction comand i the air
that goes for gliding as well glide away from him when he is doing his
slashing combo. You can evade some of his attacks with the quick run. Lastly i am
not too sure how often this happens but whenever you are far away from him
and if you cast magic he has a higher tendency to do the reaction attack rather
then teleport towards you.

[email protected]
I just wanted to point out that there is a really really easy way to beat
Sephiroth.  All you have to do is equip Trinity Limit and as many elixers
as you can carry, nothing else matters.  When you start the fight tap triangle
 and block his hits and then immediately do trinity limit.  As soon as your
gauge runs use an elixer and do it again.  you should be able to kill him in
three or four limits and he wont be able to do Sin Harvest because you get to
him too quickly with the limit.  This is the absolute easiest way to beat him.
The fight will be over in no more then 5 minutes if your on a low level.

SB Freestyle

How to activate: Go to Radiant Garden marketplace and talk to Scrooge,
choose the second option.

Condition 1: Since it's just a practice run, there's nothing to clear, but
just perform tricks, press start and pick the bottom option to quit.
Condition 2: Have 200 or more on your score record

Abilities needed: none

Strategy: Nothing really, it's very simple, just like all other SB score-
racking quests. Grind and press square then just jump in the air and do

----Quest: Olympus

Phil's Training
How to activate - Enter the Coliseum and talk to Phil, the first option is
training and the second one is Maniac mode.

Condition 1: Try out Phil's training, it goes on forever, just enter and
quit by pressing start and picking the bottom option.
Condition 2: Clear the Maniac mode by getting as many points as you can
within the time limit.
Condition 3: Clear maniac mode with a score of 1000 or more.

Abilities needed: Equip Fenrir, disequip all you combo enhancements (combo
plus etc.) and putting on combo minus will help.

Strategy: When you start just destroy them with your one hit combos, after
a while a cluster will appear along with a big one somewhere else...the
trick is AIM the large one at the small clusters. When it flies away, you
destroy the small ones in it's way, so it saves time even if you have to
change camera angles a bit to aim.

(Lol when I opened when I was going to update this guide I checked my mail
and I found lots of tips about this one! Lol...thanks for your contribution
everyone...there's lots of people so the list will be down on the credits

Just an addition: The small tops give 3 points each, when you destroy them
via the large one, they all change to large pts. (10?) Thanks to Nicholas
Yong, Charles, Cheli for this info! This is an extract from Teguh's e-mail
which should help I think...Thanks!

'So, I don't know if you already got any confirmation to get 1000 points
Phil's Training...
the quest is quite easy, although somehow depends on your luck too...
* this is an example on how it works....(I don't know how they actually
give, as this is just an example)
I think there're 3 types of target here :
small one : 1 points coin
medium one :  5 points coin
big gold : 10 points coin  <<  this is the key to 1000+ points'

Courtesy to Kevin valade:
i found that using fenrir, negetive combo and explosion ability for phil
cup maniac 1000 points quest works well. I ran up to the tihings and
explosion to get ride of them fast and use the fat ones to get more points.

Nivakis -
However, after some research I saw that the big pot will NOT appear if
there are many small ones in the ring at the time of the next respawn.
So what you must do is hit the big one at an angle where it will fall
on the group of small ones on it's way out and immediately clear the
ring of the rest that survived, so that a big pot will appear again at
 the next respawn.

How to activate - Enter the Entrance of the Underworld and talk to Panic.
A list should appear.

Strategy: All the first conditions are just to clear them under special
circumstances (some) but I only have one advice...summon! In Titan Cup every
round your drive gauge maxes up! Take advantage of that!!! If you are
fighting seriously underlevel enemies summon a weak one like stitch and
press square (ukulele) until his limit ends, it racks up points like crazy
and hardly does any damage to the enemies, so you can kill them for extra
pts after Stitch is gone! If they're on par with you, summon something
stronger like genie or Peter Pan. It helps if your summon level is 7 and
after each limit gauge ends, keep doing their special until they are
called away!!! (In Stitch's case it's 'Ohana')So yes, summon like crazy!
:P In Goddess of Fate and Hades Cup the drive gauge does not recover every
battle, just fill them up while battling and in Pain and Panic Cup you
can't summon. Lol...good luck!

courtesy of's how to unlock them

Underdrome Arena Cups
Pain and Panic Cup (Level 20)
Condition for unlocking:  Clear Disney Castle episode 1

Cerberus Cup (Level 28)
Condition for unlocking:  Clear all first episodes for Agrabah, Halloween
Town, Pride Land

Titan Cup (Level 41)
Condition for unlocking:  Clear Olympus Coliseum episode 2

Goddess of Fate Cup (Level 53)
Condition for unlocking:  Clear all previous Cups and complete the duel with
Xemnas in The World that Never Was.

Underdrome Extreme Games

Pain & Panic (Level 60)
Condition for unlocking:  Clear all Underworld Arena Cups

Cerberus Cup (Level 70)
Condition for unlocking:  With the exception of Final Form, Form levels
should be at level 5 or higher.  Also, Concealed Pain & Panic must be
unlocked. :P

Titan Cup (Level 80)
Condition for unlocking:  Summon level  should be 5 or higher.  Concealed
Pain & Panic must be unlocked.

Hades Cup (Level 99)
Condition for unlocking:    Clear all previous Cups in this Concealed set,
clear Space Paranoids episode 2, have max Form Levels, and Summon level
should be at level 7.

Pain and Panic Cup
Score needed: 2000

Keroberos (Cerberus) Cup (Timed Cup)
Score needed: 1000

Titan Cup (Limited amounts if hit you receive)
Score needed: 5000

Goddess of Fate Cup (a mix of all the above)
Score needed: 3000

You can also unlock other cups after your Forms level up, go talk to Hades
to enter. I am not completely 100% sure of the differences but I think the
heartlesses are the same, it's just they have more Hp. Same conditions

Pain and Panic
Score needed: 2500

Keroberos (Cerberus)
Score needed: 1300

Score needed: 10000

Hades Cup
Score needed: 15000
(It's 50 rounds...)

Libek (thanks a lot!!! ^^):[Titan]
don't know if this will be useful to anyone else, but I was really
struggling to get the required 1300 points -- the highest I'd managed
was close, but...the points just didn't seem to be there, and no
Summons, so your great Stitch trick wasn't available. :(

I had the Magnega spell and Final Form at level 6, but I don't know if
the latter is necessary...

What I noticed was this: using Magnega (repeatedly) to kill the
Heartless contenders earned me far more points than killing them
individually in any way. (I had Combo Plus removed, and Negative Combo
added, but not the Fenrir Keyblade.) I think it's some kind of
cummulative effect -- the more you kill at once... Also, you should
definitely equip the Rumbling Rose Keyblade (you get it on the second
pass of the Beast's Castle), since its Finishing Plus really seemed to
help a lot.

Anyway, the strategy is basically this: Buy a whole mess of Ethers (I
grabbed ten, just to be safe), and equip them to Sora's shortcut.
(Hi-Potions are nice, too, but I didn't personally find them necessary,
since every time you go to a Form, your health is filled completely.) At
the beginning of every match, use Magnera until all of the Heartless
enemies are dead. (Some of them, like the ghosts in the first round,
can't be sucked in, so you'll have to deal with them individually, but
it's VERY few Heartless that are really immune -- the Fat Bandit in the
Ninth Round is another example, I believe, but other than that, all of
them will get sucked in if they're close enough, even the
jack-in-the-box-like one.)

Now, change to Final Form when you have the chance, and keep changing
back to it whenever it runs out. (Obviously, for this reason, the higher
your Final Form is leveled, the better.)

By using Magnega repeatedly and quickly combo-ing all remaining foes out
of existence, I wound up at the Cerberus fight with more than five
minutes on the clock and 1444 points.

General Tips:
I would to submit you a little tip. Here you go: in underdome, when you
 talk to Panic and choose to enter Pain and Panic tournament you would
like to use Magnet (higher level of spell is better and even highest) a
LOT. it simply gathers all the enemies at one place where you can smash
them for a few seconds. in that practicular tournament there is task to
live up for about 90 seconds with lot of yellowish heartless around. SIMPLY
 use Magnega and watch those heartless die. by the end of tournament
you will have abou 5000 points but you only need 2000 (I think) to complete
 the quest. Also this technique can be applied to Phil training as well
in other matches (tournaments).

Kevin Vo also submitted an e-mail similar to the one above. ^_^

Tony angiono-

Just a tip for the Underdrome Arena.

Jackpot does help produce more coin. With "Wishing
Lamp" keyblade along with Jackpot, you will gain a lot
more coins for the same enemy (close to double). And
with Stitch's Ohana is used ^_^ it's YUM!! For Stitch
Ohana, if one has leveled up the summon gauge to 9
with the Summon Boost ability, it is more efficient to
Ohana - 3 square - 1 triangle
Ohana - 3 square - 1 triangle
Ohana - 2 square - 1 triangle (drive is close to 0 but
can still use one more Ohana)
Ohana - 3 square - 1 triangle
(run out of drive)

While playing, I got a crazy idea. I got the gumption to equip the
Jackpot ability on Sora. I also equipped a weapon on Sora weapon that
has that ability as well. (Received from Agrabah.) I barely tried and
busted every score necessary with little difficulty. I had gotten over
20K points in the Titan Cup doing this (in combination with using Peter
Pan), so it's very effective. Also, I got an extra 400 points on
Cerberus Cup. I would assume this trick helps in ALL arena battles
(Paradox or not). For many, this would make what appears to be a dismal
and difficult situation into a cakewalk.

People e-mailed me about how Peter Pan gave more Scores than Stitch, credits
down at the credits section.


There is an event quest in Agrabah, to do this, enter the cave of wonders
and reach the area with a warp point and staircases leading up. (You could
warp from the warping point next to the save point inside) and talk to the
stone tablet in the middle, choose the second option. You will go through
the same 'minigame' you did in the second visit to Agrabah, just complete
it. It should be easier because you are powered up

Magic Carpet Ride
How to activate - enter the Ruined tower (I think that's the name of the
place) and move up the stairs, press triangle at the cracked stone and
choose the second option.

Condition 1: Clear the game by proceeding through the end
Condition 2: Clear the game by killing 65 or more heartlesses.

Abilities needed: none but high power and a strong Keyblade will help. Get
rid of Combo plus.

Strategy: None really, it's pretty hard. The blue and yellow heartlesses
die in one strike, to save time hit the purple one with the third or
fourth strike of your combo. The Fortune Tellers will disappear after a
while if you haven't killed them...good luck...

Those purple guys are the pesky ones which are the ones that cause you to
fail. They can be killed only with the FINISHING hit. I repeat "FINISHING"
hit. This means you have to:

Equip Fenrir (if you defeated Sephiroth)

Equip Negative Combo

De-equip Combo Plus/es

You realise that if you have done all the above. You can obtain
finishing hit in just an X.

SB Sand Slider
How to activate - enter the Peddler's shop and talk to him. Choose the
second choice.

Condition 1: Clear the game by getting crystals within time limit.
Condition 2: Clear it with 10 or more crystals.

Abilities needed: none

Strategy: It's harder than the other SB quests but it's still
straightforward, you'll need to jump quite a lot and be prepared to grind
on the edges too. Practice will help ^^.

100 Acre Wood

A Blustery Rescue
How to activate - talk to Piglet at Piglet's Howse. Pick the second

Condition 1: Clear it by collecting as much 'hunny' points as you could.
Condition 2: Clear it with 18000 or more points.

Abilities needed: none

Strategy: When it starts just keep pressing the o button rapidly. Remember
that honey pots are worth more than the medium-sized nut-like objects.
When you can press triangle at a wind you should because it gains you more
points quickly. If you get hit by anything Pooh will fall off and you
can't gain any scores while he is off. Get near him and press triangle to
get him on your back again. So first start where you are, mash the o
button. When you see a small wind in the upper area, move Sora up (don't
stop pressing o rapidly!) and when you can tap triangle. The next wind in
near the bottom area so you might want to move Sora down a little. When
you get carried above the clouds keep tapping o but stay in the middle.
Tap triangle when you can to destroy them easily and be sure to get the
honey pot in between the two tree trunks. After a while you'll be carried
back down. Stay in the middle (pressing triangle when you can) until three
honey pots appear. After you destroy them move Sora down a little. 5 honey
pots should appear soon. Try not to miss any of them. After a while there
should be a phase where lots of the nut-like objects fly around, move you
Sora to the centre, upper area!!! There will be two honey pots and nut
like objects in a row, hit them if you can but don't leave the upper area,
w larger wind should come soon and be sure to press triangle for this
racks up the most points if done correctly!! Piglet should appear soon,
after he appears no more points could be gained so just get near him and
press triangle.

Hunny Slider
How to activate - enter Rabbit's house and talk to rabbit, pick the second

Condition 1: Clear it by gaining as many points as you can.
Condition 2: Clear it with 8000 or more points.

Abilities needed: none

Strategy: This one is relatively straightforward and easy. Just collect as
many hunny points as you could by keeping to the right/left/centre and if
you see Gopher on a red balloon tap triangle so when you crash you lose
him instead of Pooh. When getting chased by the boulder, just follow the
arrows and you should be fine.

How to activate - Enter Kanga's Howse and talk to Tigger, choose the
second option.

Condition 1: Clear it by gaining as many points as you can.
Condition 2: Clear it with 2000 or more points.

Abilities needed: none

Strategy: Press triangle to allow Sora to bounce. You can move him in the
direction you want to move in with the left analog stick, but sometimes
the screen takes you in a certain direction. The red balloons are worth
more than the blue ones. After you've jumped high enough you'll reach a
yellow/bright orange balloon, after you burst it, as long as Sora haven't
'rested' yet, the points gained for each balloon is now multiplied. So aim
to the top first then just burst lots of balloons on your way down. As
soon as Sora 'rests' the balloons convert back to their original values.

Myth Myth's strategy is: Just keep jumping on the balloons on the same
They'll keep spawning. I easily got 10,000+ points when I got bored of it.

lol thanks!

The Expotition
How to activate - enter The Spookey Cave and talk to Kanga, pick the
second option.

Condition 1: Clear it by leading Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger and Roo to Pooh.
Condition 2: Clear it within 90 seconds.

Abilities needed: none but keep all the combo enhancements equipped.

Strategy: When you start press triangle to make all your friends follow
you and proceed by reading the map, if there are rocks falling it might be
easier just to go past it without stopping and just pressing triangle near
the friend it fell on. But the first icicle you can dodge by just hugging
the right wall. After the first boulder and you reach an open area bees
should appear. Kill them quickly and lead your friends to another open
area. Side note: Don't walk too fast because you'll lose some of your
friends and you'll need to go back and find them. If the ice patches start
to shine, jump to avoid Sora falling. When you reach an area with lots of
branches more bees should appear. Exterminate them and lead your friends
down the second bottom branch. There should be another icicle and more
bees shortly, just get rid of them. If their brave gauge runs out, just
talk to one of them to restore it. Lead them south (map-wise) to Pooh and
press triangle near Pooh.

COurtesy of Charles Edwards
something to add to your guide about the second to last 100 acre wood.
 I found the cave mini-game is a lot easier if you blast the bees in it
 with blizzard/thunder. Obviously, have magic-lock equipped. It just saves
 seconds chasing those things around, plus, you can stay close to the
others in case they get scared. I was able to pull a time better than the
KH2 strategy guide people with this method.

The Hunny Pot
How to activate - enter Starry Hill and talk to Pooh, choose the second

Condition 1: Clear it by getting the pot off Pooh.
Condition 2: Clear it with 8000 or more yards.

Abilities needed: none

Strategy: Time your first triangle so that the power gauge (top right of
the screen) is full or near full, leave for a split second until there's a
triangle prompt (it's pretty quick) and press triangle. If done correctly
the pot will be thrown towards the moon and your score should be around
8000. Even if your power is full, if you throw the pot towards the tree
you'll get a score of around 1500, so the direction is just as important
as the power. If you don't know what the triangle prompt is that I'm
talking about just do a test run, press triangle once and let Sora swing
by not pressing the second triangle, just watch Sora swing and at certain
times there will be triangle prompts.


Approach the green sphere with the yellow question mark in it and a list
will appear, the conditions are just you have to do all of them at least
once (not part of the story) These are the songs as listed...They had lots
of scary kanjis so I couldn't read all of them but if you know the titles
please email me and I'll give you credit:

Musical wa tanoshii - involves only the o button

Part of Your World- involves the O button and Triangle button

Under the Sea- involves the O button, triangle button and square button,
if it's a picture of Sebastian with an arrow pointing down, you just leave
it and don't press anything, if it's Ariel with an up arrow, you press it.
Beware sometimes Sebastian changes into Ariel.(didn't that sound weird...)

Watashi wa fu(?) tteki- Involves the O button, Triangle and rapidly
tapping the O button.

Suteki na nakama-tachi- involves all of the Above ones.

Azul D.Zafiro sent me the English version titles of the songs

Musical wa tanoshii  ---  Swim This Way
Watashi wa fu(?) tteki  ---  Ursula's Revenge
Suteki na nakama-tachi  ---  A New Day Is Dawning


A lot of people sent me emails about this-

You don't need to actually clear the songs a second time, just pause and
Quest: Halloween Town

Gift Wrapping
How to activate - Go to Santa's house, enter the room where you fought
Oogie Boogie and go up, enter the room (where you previously fought Lock,
Shock and Barrel.) and talk to the elf.

Condition 1: Clear the game.
Condition 2: Clear it with 150 or more points.

Abilities needed: none

Strategy: The small red boxes are worth 1, the medium yellow is worth 5,
the large green is 10 and the occasional humongous yellow is 20 pts. You
have 30 ammos (teddies!!) and when it reaches 4 it will prompt you to
reload by pressing triangle. Lock, Shock and Barrel will hit boxes out of
the screen, so if you can, shoot them to make them temporarily
unconscious. It is pretty hard, try to get all the boxes you can but
obviously have priority. Don't waste ammos when you don't need to (but
mashing o also works if you're good lol) the red boxes only need 1 shot to
get rid of, so don't shoot multiple times at the same red box. The others
however need more than one shot. It might take you a while to get 150 pts.
Don't let the three annoying kids knock the big pointers out of the screen

Hey, I've got a small tip for the Halloween Town Gift Wrapping mission.
 For those people who have a turbo controller (or a really fast thumb),
 set Turbo on X button and then just hold the button down and shoot
across the screen, reload and shoot in the other direction. I got 200+
 with this

SB Workshop Rave
How to activate - go to Yuletide Hill and talk to Lock (small kid in red
with a devil's mask next to the moogle shop) and pick the second option.

Condition 1: Clear the mini game by getting as many points as you could
within the time limit.
Condition 2: Clear it with 1000 or more points.

Abilities needed: none

Strategy: This one is easy, just press triangle to grind where possible
and press square to do another trick while grinding, when you jump off
just do random tricks in the air to get points. Repeat.

Quest: Port Royal

SB Time Attack
How to activate - Just warp in and talk to Will near the bell. Choose the
second option.

Condition 1: Clear the game by collecting all the crystals.
Condition 2: Clear the game by finishing it within 40 seconds.

Abilities needed: none

Strategy: again...none really...this is the easiest of all the SBs, you only
need to jump.

Quest: Space Paranoids

Light Cycle
How to activate - Enter Ansem's study and approach the computer, pick the
third option. You'll be warped in, go to the computer again and pick the
second option.

Condition 1: Clear it by proceeding to the end.
Condition 2: Clear it with 30 or more heartless kills

Abilities needed: none

Strategy: This one is pretty self-explanatory. In the beginning some
heartless should appear, just lean towards them and press O to attack
them. If they have a green shield around them don't attack because you'll
be reflected off. When you have to turn, you press R1 or L1, don't crash
because if you crash along with heartlesses, you lose the heartless you
had potential to kill. When given a choice of right or left, I find the
right path better for more kills because I think more appears, I'm not
sure though, the left path might have as much. When you approach the end
there will be four dangerous programs near the end, you CAN kill them, but
I can't kill more than one and just to kill one it takes a while.

Fallen Angel Of Repression-
In light cycle, I wanted to correct you on several things. Though I
also would prefer going right, both sides (as far as I counted) have
the same. And I am pretty sure, mostly because I replayed the darn
thing, changing the direction every time, fifty times in a row to get
30. Well, in both, you get the same amount of heartless. however, the
way the left one is set up, the heartless get smashed by the pillars
rising from the floor. Since they are hitting into a wall -TADA-
they're dead. That's why it seems tat there are a lot less. They all
die before you can get to them. Also, it is possible to defeat the
green guys. All they have on is a shield. Just the square button to
smash them. Actually, I highly recommend using the square button for
most of it, especially when facing a whole bunch of heartless clumped

Michael Hercenberg-
For the Light Cycle in Space Paranoids, I
simply used charge to kill the enemies so I didn't have to worry about
their shields. I was a relatively high level (75+), so I don't know if
it will kill them in 1-hit below that level. I easily killed all the
heartless and completed it with 33 points. And at the split, I also take
the right path, so I know there is enough heartless. Hope this is helpful.

Copyright Information

Copyright 2006 Viola Sim. This document cannot be reproduced in any way
except for private and personal uses. It cannot be altered in any way and
it can only be used as a public item (except at and ) if you have sent a written request to me in advance
and it had been granted permission and I am given the credit. If you see
it at any other sites please notify me, that's it for this :P
legal sites:


If you have any questions, feel that I have written something wrong or too
vague, know a better way of completing the quests or just have advices
please contact me ;)  You will be given full credits but please somewhere
in the title of the e-mail include Kingdom Hearts II, or KH2, or something
 along those lines just to tell me they aren't junk mails :p Please read
the guide first before submitting any strategies. If you do send any
strategies, please specify who you want to be credited as, or I will use
the name signed at the bottom of the mail, if no name is signed on, I will
use the name that comes with your e-mail. Please don't ask me to change
who you are credited as after I update. Sorry but I don't have a lot of
free time to play with. ^_^
- healing[dot]firefly[at]gmail[dot]com

Credits and Special Thanks

As i cannot include excerpts from everyone's emails, sometimes I pick one,
or I summarize the emails and give the credits for the other people who
emailed me here. This is getting to be the longest section. So please don't
sumbit anything that is already included in the guide. PLEASE read it first
as I will ignore other incoming mails if the strategy is already mentioned.

CJayC- GameFAQs is one of the most useful websites!!!

Square-Enix and Disney- For making Kingdom Hearts and it's fitting

Kouli- I referred to his guide once during the game and a few times after
I beat the helped me...
-	When I got stuck fighting the MCP, I didn't use Tron in my party and my
fingers were getting sore from mashing the triangle button, wondering
why I couldn't see the MCP's Hp and why he won't be deleted even though
I've pressed the triangle (delete) button hundreds of times... my brother
came to me and told me that the guide said to use Tron's Co-op...Felt so
-	How to get the Ultima Weapon
-	How forms/summons level up
-	It was through his guide that translated the 'Goddess of Fate Cup'
thanks! I hate my Kanji incapabilities...
-	And most importantly, how to get the secret ending Standard
mode...without his walkthrough this guide would've not been possible...I'll
probably be still sitting in front of the TV mashing triangle while
staring at the MCP's horrible HORRIBLE face :P

My mum- For reading all those Kanji...she's Chinese lol...(I knew I should've
taken Chinese up like she suggested...)but it's the same right? *grin* She
confirmed the Atlantica songs, the event quest for YuRiPa and Agrabah.

These are all the people who contributed to the Phil's training. I cleared
it over the weekend, added changes to my guide but couldn't update because
of the internet connection at home, and when I arrived at school I was
really surprised to see tons of e-mail about Phil's training. Thanks for
contributing all of you! Sorry for not being able to include all of your
e-mails in this lol...
Leo Chan
Myth Myth ( he also gave strategies on Phil (sorry I can't include it) and
Teguh Limantoro
Nicholas Yeong
Hai Kieu
Julian Genoud

And these ppl also confirmed the events in agrabah
Julian Genoud (lol also confirmed the 1st musical in Atlantica thx!)
Hai Kieu

Kouryuu for how to unlock the Olympus games!
Azul D.Zafiro for English version titles on Atlantica

Kevin Valade
Chris Irving
Jonathan Rivera
Nick James

Jason Hong
Kevin Vo
Tony angiono
Chris Wood

These people contributed on the Sephiroth strategies:
Brian. E
Sean lehoullier
matt nguyen
[email protected]

Charles Edwards helped on 'The Expotition'

People who helped with the Twillight town Quests:

Andrew Owen
JD McKeel
Dave Lawrence
Last Strider (for the Diagram)
Jeff Schoening
Jessica W
Julius Montes
Richard Hall
Justin Ong
David See (plus correction on the time limit of
bumble buster)
Jennifer 'Spider' Loveday
Stefanus Christofan
KillerShadow (plus Agrabah Magic Carpet)
Jeff Schoening
Thomas Nytwynd

Minnah Seoh
Jeff Taylor

adam mlodozeniec
Sora 448
Michael Venesky
CJ Heintz

Light Cycle:
Michael Hercenberg
fallen angel of repression

Halloween Town:

Thanks to everyone who're all very VERY sweet!!!

And Special thanks to my brother...the data I used was a shared one (until
we beat the game and split it) but he still helped, and we figured out the
strategies to the quests together.

If you feel that you've helped and I forgot to include you, my sincerest
apologies first and foremost, and just drop me a note. Thanks for reading.