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Follow the dark path or use the light

Game Reviews for Kingdom Hearts II


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kindomhrts_boi7th Jul 2005, ID #106
Ok, just so everyone knows, Kingdom Hearts 2 will be coming out December 2 2005!!!!! Just in time for christmas right? Wrong. You have to go out and buy this game as soon as possible!!! If you don't..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review
cheferic22nd Apr 2006, ID #307
I have waited for this sequel since finishing the first game. With all this excitment was somewhat wasted. Even I enjoyed the game there was room for much improvement and personally it seemed to hav..

Rating: 82%Read Full Review
kameron_hayden26th Jul 2006, ID #378
Comes in with cool things and shows sora fighting and roxas being born or made or even created.

Rating: 100%Read Full Review
kairilover10th Dec 2006, ID #473
This is an extraordinary game. It has awesome graphics, sound and gameplay. The sequel to the best-selling Kingdom Hearts does not let down. I play this at least once month (I've beat it already) an..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review
dark_dragon_storm22nd Dec 2006, ID #481
Kingdom Hearts II is the sequel to a very succesful first game Kingdom Hearts - produced by Square Enix and Disney. Hopefully this review will tell you reading it just how good this game actually is..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review
MiniGauntlet10th Mar 2007, ID #561
Usually, when you have to wait four years for a sequel to ANYTHING, it is garunteed something really really good or something really really bad. Kingdom Hearts II was not a dissapointment to this fo..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review
ltlbuda25th May 2007, ID #621
Why do I totally love Kingdom Hearts Two?Well, I haven't played the other games(KH: Chain of Memories don't count) but I know the storyline of the others. Several different systems are introduced li..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review
gcobb12314th Jun 2007, ID #638
Kingdom hearts 2 was better than the first game and much easier. I beat the game in a week so that inly tells you that it's too easy. The keyblades were weaker and the black Sora and all of the ..

Rating: 80%Read Full Review
guy in oakland14th Dec 2007, ID #752
Kingdom hearts II is the continuation of KH1(obviously),and also after the events that took place in castle oblivion.You begin the story with a large cut-scene showing you the past journey you had,t..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review
Bl00d_Fangz6th Jan 2009, ID #1030
Finally, after what seemed like forever for fans of the first game, Kingdom hearts 2 has arrived.Does it leave up to the hyper. Kingdom Hearts II is another well-done game like the first one Kingdom..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review
riprino14th Nov 2009, ID #1188
This game was very fun keeps attention for a very long time and is fun to max out lvl. I also loved the way that you can pick the members on your team ex:instead of donald I could have riku. Kinda d..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review
kimmy45630th Jan 2011, ID #1311
The second installment next to the first Kingdom Hearts, always looking for someone new and interesting to play when I first started to play the game I automatically thought it was what I was lookin..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review
MasterofPokemon5th Aug 2011, ID #1364
Kingdom Hearts II is the sequel to the smash-hit video game from Disney and Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts II had a lot to live up to, so did it measure up to Kingdom Hearts, did it fal..

Rating: 80%Read Full Review

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Kingdom Hearts II Added 30 Aug 2007, ID #27654
Sora Donald and Goofy are on another journy.At the start you play as Roxas, a nobody.yes their is a new race of darkness lead by the Organization XIII(13).

As the keyblade master you'll have to find Riku and The King. Better the Action, More fun,Really good and i mean GOOD Gameplays, great laughs and more.The KeyBlade master is back into bussness.More Worlds and More Fun

One more time.

WOW Added 1 Jun 2007, ID #26766
Kingdom Hearts was a great game but this beats it by far. I thought they could not make any improvements on Kingdome Hearts and then they did. I only got it the other day and i love it a great game for all people of all ages. New abilities new characters and of course bigger and better than ever before. Definately a must have and an instant classic. You will not regret picking this up trust me.
AWSOME!!! Added 13 Jan 2007, ID #25170
This game is just plain awsome. The grafics, the sound, all of my freinds either have this game, or love it. Everone I know at least likes this game, but this is , in my opinon, one of the best games there is. I have told most of the people I know about this game. As soon as I got this game, I went home... and I had to take it back cause it didnt work. I payed $60, so I expected it to work. I played the new one, and it worked. I was SO excited.
Wow Added 6 Jan 2007, ID #25106
This game is way better than the first kingdom hearts. The controlls are better to controll than the first one. The Graphics are better too. The story line is a little hard to understand because you needed to play chain of memories to understand Organization XIII. The music is great because its catchy and i think it is calming music. I really didn\'t like how you had to be Roxas instead of Sora. All in all i still play this game and i love it.
How Good Kingdom Hearts 2 is Added 20 Oct 2006, ID #23913
In the beginning you start off as Roxas, a boy who lives in Twlight Town, you must do many things you must do before you can play as Sora, but it is for people who have never before played Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts : Chain of Memories, the game is quite slow to start as the controls are explained and the plot revealed but from as soon as you reach Sora and exit Twlight Town the game becomes fast paced and extremely enjoyable. New fetures to Kingdom Hearts 2 are things such as: Drive Forms, Gummi Ship battles are enhanced, the worlds are much larger.

In the Gummi ships you have boss battles and missions such as get a medal level and kill enough enemies. Nearly every world has a character to join you, such as : Auron (From Final Fantasy X (Olimpus collisium)) Mulan (Land of the Dragons), Beast (Beasts Castle), Simba (Pride Lands). Ther are also many new worlds such as: Beast Castle, Disney Castle, The World That Never Was, Pride lands and Port Royal. In my personal opioin the graphcs for this game are very good. if i were to score them they would get a 8/10. i think that there is enough in this game for even a veteran Kingdom Hearts player to get a good play out of this. Overall i must give this longly antisipatied game (by me and many many thousands like me) a 9/10 (missed 10/10 because there is no such thing as the perfect game)
Added 8 Oct 2006, ID #23737
Brilliant game.

It took me a while but i really started to get into it well. at the start its a bit boring because your not acatualy with the disney characters.

But it really picks up. This game is a deffinate buy even if your not really into the characters apart from Disney it gets really good. Its really long as well so its definatly worth the money.

This game is absolutely brilliant and I give it 10 out of 10.
Added 5 Jun 2006, ID #21491
I love Kingdom hearts II! it is a fun game that has kept me occupied for months. The bosses sre fun to try and beat but aren\'t so hard that you get stuck on one boss for a long time. ( there are only 2 bosses like that). This game has a twist. Now there are things like heartless called nobodies. they are usually silver and are the empty shells of heartless. this game has heartless and nobodies and I think that it is more fun than the first Kingdom Hearts (even though the first one was fun too). This game was worth the money.
Overall Added 28 Apr 2006, ID #21002
Ok you KingdomHearts fanatics this is the second game in the series and it\'s better than ever. First off i will talk about the improved fighting system. The new fighting system is much more responsive and it is easier to pull off combos. Also the fighting is much more up beat and quick. Second the graphics are great. The cut scenes are longer but they are really very interesting andcan be skipped if need be. The sound in this game is about the same as always. The new camera is controlled with the right analog stick not the shoulder buttons. It\'s also more responsive but still not the greatest. The storyline is well thought out. Well this game defenatly gets a 10 out of 10 from me. So Get it ASAP.
The opening credits Added 30 Mar 2006, ID #20389
I have been waiting for this game ever since i beat the last kingdomhearts. Finally my wish has been fullfilled! The graphics are breathe taking! Simply put who need next generation consoles with graphics like this. They were so realisic i couldn\'t believe it. It seems from the little that i have played of this game that it is more free style fighting unlike before when it was turn style based fighting. Its is a little confusing at first but it follows in the footsteps of the first one. The story seems to slowly take form. One disappointment is the lack of voice acting. In the first one we heard a lot from the characters, but so far it seems to have been over looked or just not used due to the current( or beginning character) is really involved with the story to much. A more in depth review will be submitted after i play more of this title.
To all who believe Axel wields Keyblades Added 23 Nov 2005, ID #18210
You are very, very wrong. Axel is wielding a slightly modified version of a REAL weapon called the \"Wind and Fire Wheels.\" DO NOT INSULT THE KEYBLADE!!!!! (But really, get your facts straight before posting stuff like that. It confuses other people. I am just telling them the facts that you confused them about.)

P.S. I found this out from Kingdom Hearts Ultimania ( Give credit where credit is due.
His name is Axel >:( Added 6 May 2005, ID #14881
Obviously, none of you have finished Kingdom hearts; Chain of Memories (on Gameboy Advanced).
The \'Unknowns\' Are called the organization, which is a secret group dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the heart.

The Red-haired Member of the Organization\'s name is Axel.

\"Jiminy Crickets log book entry- Axel
A Mysterious figure who stands in Sora\'s Path. Hard to read, half the time Axel seems just to be messing around... but for all we know, he\'s done more thinking than everyone else put together.\"
KH2 Short and Sweet (in a way) Added 15 Mar 2005, ID #13702
Hi everyone
I am 228th place on Kudos.

Anyhow I like Kingdom Hearts 2 as the first one was breathtaking to some people, I was one of them when some of my pals told me about 6 months ago (not really) I didn't know what Kingdom Hearts was!

Like until I got it and I couldn't get past the Big Shadow (Ansem) and now I have to play Kingdom Hearts all over again because I deleted the data which I defeated everyone (except Sephiroth D'OH).

Going back to Kingdom Hearts 2, I can say that there is an Organization and the leader to be known as Ansem is the Red Mummy (some people will be kicking themselves) Riku and King Mickey (?) joined the orginization aswell.

BHK is Sora's other half because Sora can only unlock one half and BHK unlocks the other.

BHK = Blond Haired Kid
also a scientific formula
KINGDOM HEARTS 2 GAME OF THE YEAR Added 22 Jan 2005, ID #12646
ALright all you supercheaters
You probably dont know me cause I am new to this place

As all of you have heard or realized on you own is that Kingdom Hearts 2 will be out this year 2005. I have found out some info from Square Enix that they will be done this year. They also said that the Version we in America will get will most likely come out in Winter 2005. They also said that if they finsihed on time they will come out with it at the end of summer. Brace yourselfs because there is quite some time b4 that time. I have to admit that everything Invisble and Karan have said is true except when Invisble said that the duel wielding charecter is not the other version of sora.
Well lets get to KH2 shall we. Sora gets new threads. He is older and stronger than before. When you start the game you start out with most of the Blades you have in KH1. Sora can fuse with his team members. IF you want to see one of the variations of sora go to GO to it to see b4 you read on ok. AS you notice the image sora has red clothes on instead of black. YOu can also notice that the only team mate there is Donald. Sora has "merged" with goofy to create one of his forms. He also is duel wielding the Kingdom Key and the oathKeeper. The meter thats keep track of that is called the Transformation Drive. The command menu changes to a replica of the world that you are in. I can answer a few questions now. The "red guy" as most of you refer to him is named Diz. When i beat chain of memories in riku mode close to the end Riku says he will take the MIddle road. Which refers to the three powers i read about. THe light the dark and the one in between which I have no idea what it is. Well to get back to DIz. King Mickey already knew Diz's name since when Riku sees him for the first time Mickey says Its Diz. King Mickey then acts like an idiot and says that he has no idea how he knew his name. I have a suspision that diz is the head of the ORganization. King Mickey and Riku are dressed into the outfits of the Organization. Mickey wields his Keyblade and you can have him on his team. I have to stop writing right. if u got questions post them on reviews. PEACE OUT.
Wow... Added 21 Aug 2004, ID #10526
Hey there, I'm Invisible! You might know me from the Kingdom Hearts page. This is about what I've pieced together from the 4 KH2 trailers.

There are a lot of mysteries left behind, so try to make sense of this. Here are abbreviations for each trailer.

(ASAS= Another Side, Another Story DD =Deep Dive TGS= Tokyo Game Show trailer E3= E3 trailer (Electronic Entertainment Expo BHK= Blonde Haired Kid Axel= Red Haired unknown seen fighting BHK )

1. What's so mysterious? Well, there is plenty of info in the trailers, but there are many questions. In ASAS, it shows Kairi on an orange electric sign, at approx. 31 secs.

The dual wielding unknown gives Riku (or IS it Riku?) the Oblivion keyblade and then summons Mikey's keyblade out of thin air!

Then, it shows Mikey with Sora's keyblade. These assumptions are made by the color guessed by the shading. This keyblade mix-up is really, really strange.

The BHK is probably the same person as the Dual Wielding Unknown, by the obvious fact that they both wield the Oblivion and Oathkeeper Keyblades.

2. What's the deal with the BHK? Hmmm... that's a difficult one. Well, we won't really know until the game comes out.This is what I think. He's trying to protect Sora ( TGS trailer, after Sora, Donald, and Goofy charge that unknown.

BHK: "I can't let you see Sora." AXEL: "Are you insane!?"). After all, Sora wouldn't give the Oathkeeper to anyone and everyone. Only to someone he really, REALLY trusts... similar to the trust Sora and Kairi share. I don't believe that the BHK is Sora's light side, like Karan(?) said.

3. What exactly are the unknowns? Those cloaked figures are called unknowns by many people. They probably revolve around one guy... that red guy only briefly glimpsed in the company of one unknown. Unless I'm very mistaken, that's Ansem, posessing the body of Gogo (Final Fantasies 3 and 5)!!!

I mean, come on, the unknown even says, "We cannot let them know of our plans, Ansem." I assume that the "them" is Sora, Donald and Goofy. Not all of the unknowns are evil, though.

4.Okay, who's evil and who's not? Well, uh... let's start with the evil ones. Hades, Axel, Ansem, maybe Auron...

5. Hold it. Auron? From Final Fantasy 10? No way... there's no way he's gonna be evil. Sadly, he might be. In the E3 trailer, it shows him conversing with Hades in the underworld (HADES: "Surely he's to blame... shall we discuss the contract?").

Then he says something back, then gets into an attack position. He's either going to attack Sora or Hades. It seems like Hades is trying to get Auron on his side, similar to Cloud's involvement with Hades. It also seems thhat Auron died, but did not lose his heart...

6. Ok, I get the good and evil part of this game. What worlds will be in this game? Well, the following worlds are confirmed: Dive to the Heart, Hollow bastion, Twilight Town, Ancient Greece (it's not just the Coliseum anymore!), and that place where the Beauty and the Beast movie takes place. The following movie worlds are rumored: Mulan, Atlantis, and Snow White. I'm sure that there will be other worlds, don't worry...

7. You get to see Belle and the Beast? Yes, along with all the enchanted people in the castle (you know, the clock, candle,...). The Beast is seen conversing with an unknown (the unknown is probably turning the Beast against Sora), though I don't know which one.

8. Is Sora still the main character? Yes, that I know for a fact, but that doesn't mean that there aren't other playable parts in this game...

9. You mean the BHK? Obviously.

10. Wow. This game sure sounds like fun.

It is. I gotta go now. Bye!
Four Worlds Added 23 Jun 2004, ID #9356
Hey it's me Karan again! I guess you have read my review and I hope it has helped a lot!

I just wanted to add that the four worlds I mentioned are The Present World, The In-Between World, The World Of Dark and The World Of Light.

The other disney worlds exist too. And in the 1st paragraph, I meant "This happens in the Present World".

Thanking for posting this correction! Supercheats is one of the best websites and it rocks!!!
Final analysis Added 22 Jun 2004, ID #9322
Hi! It's me Karan again! Boy, I guess I've written a lot already, but I guess that was pretty much a summary of the trailers.

Now regarding the info about the whole game. Now Dave the Barabarian has great information about KH2 and I would personally like to thank him first for clearing up the gaps of KH2.

Yes, nearly all the theories are correct. There are four worlds. And the pure part of Sora is in the in-between world. So, the rooftop blindfolded one is Riku's reflection. The one with two keyblades which are the Oblivion and Oathkeeper, which you can see more clearly in a website(about which i'll give you later). It's in the third trailer you can see a lot. But in the Another SIde, Another Story trailer(ASAS), if the theory of reflections is true, who is the sitting unkown? And can the glowing-eyed unknown be Ansem because, well you know, Glowing eye! No, cause the sitting unknown says to him/her at the end that Sora looks just like him. But, he could have said that someone else looks just lke him. So, after all these theories, I have come up with the ultimate review!!! It's an analysis of everything we know so far!!!

1.The are four worlds of which you know. In KH, Sora, Kairi and Ansem actually lost their hearts, so the pure parts of their hearts are in the Between world. There is a boy with two keyblades, Sora's reflection, you can know that for sure from a wallpaper I have, in which Sora is present with another boy just like Sora but with faded outlines and lighter colored hair. He has the Oblivion and Oathkeeper from KH1. He is trying not to fall to darkness, stop the heartless and return to the present world. The present Sora in a new dress(so that you can distinguish him from the Reflection Sora). PS(present sora) fights the mindless and heartless and stop them from uniting and tries to reach the hooded unknowns and the Enigmatic Man. Sora, Donald and Goofy comes to this place from where they were left in KH1 in the field. They see a hooded unknown and he tells them to go to the castle before him and if he goes he will gain something valuable and loose someone precious. Then, the hooded person disappears. Sora, Goofy and Donald proceede and reach the Hollow Bastion. There they also meet King Mickey. Now they search also for Riku. This happens in the in-between world.

2.Now to the in-between world again, a hooded person with a glowing eye emerges from a heartless rock. He is a bad type character, you could say. There is a sign of the heartless on his chest. Yes, it's the reflection of Ansem! Then, the one sitting is Kairi, cause that's the only solution. There is a secret that Kairi was actually sent by Ansem which is true in KH1 to the island. So, obviously they both know each other. So, then Kairi says that Ansem looks like someone. Then, we see in another town which is much similar to Traverse Town's second District. There RS(refelection sora) went for a walk, when heartless emerged from nowhere. Then, he brings out his two keyblades and prepares for battle. Then, The rooftop Riku somehow made the clouds to move away for a short while and bring forth meteors. Remember, in KH1, shooting stars were the sign of worlds being accessible. Kairi in the end of the clip is on a beach looking at a shooting star. Oh yeah, then a heart shape is formed around RS. RS, asks actually to us where sora is.
Kairi after seeing the shooting star writes a letter to sora, as she knew all about these worlds and she thought that the letter would reach the PK(present kairi) or PS.

3.Now in the present world , the bottle does reach there somehow as seen in the beginning of the clip. Sora, didn't find it yet or could have found it. We see a part where Sora is standing in the field. The continuation of this in Para1.

4. Next to the part of the third clip, in the in-between world. RK reaches the area with a bag and she looks to their island maybe from a town. She goes there and is dressed in a hooded cloak. She knew RA(reflection ansem) was there. The RS is also in that world. All the reflected people are here. There RS makes three more new friends. Two guys and a girl and RS sit on a rooftop laughing and talking. Then later on below, RS chases a mindless and the mindless finally dissolves into the wall. Then, we see RS in a place from KH1 in the very beginning of KH1. On the round platform. There he has to fight a huge mindless. Then he remembers the past Sora memories.

5.Then we see PS with Goofy and Donald also fighting some heartless in Hollow Bastion. Then some hooded unknowns appear which have relation with the Enigmatic man(a man with a red dress complete and two belts criss-crossed over his face over one eye like a pirate) Sora fights the heartless off and targets one of the unknowns. Many similar appear. After this, we see one unknown hooded person talking with the Enigmatic Man. They decide something, then the hooded unknown leaves. I think he must be Ansem. But it could be the guy with two circular keyblades.

6. Next we see RS fighting with another hooded person, but he removes the hood. He is a guy with green eyes and red spikey hair(not like Sora's style though) and with two circular keyblades. He has powers with fire as he also makes a ring of fire around RS and himself. RS bring out his two powerful keyblades and prepares for battle.

7. Now back to the PS(present sora). PS gets hit badly by the mindless and lies quite defeated on the floor. DOnald and Goofy are completely defeated. Then, just before he was gonna be killed or attacked by the mindless, Mickey in a hooded cloak appears from high above and jumps and attacks the mindless in powerful combos. Then, Sora looks amazed at him. And Goofy ad Donald revive and also watch in amazement at King Mickey with his keyblade.

8. Extra info I know is that all the disney worlds are also present. And like Dave said this is all connected with parallel worlds(different worlds existing in diferrent times in a close and near space in a continous time flow.). I saw another thing in another clip. PS goes to different worlds, all the disney worlds again. It will all be re-visited, friends are re-met and this time they fight together against the mindless and the heartless. In the colossium, more challenges are present. Cloud returns, or someone else who looks like him is hired with a long keyblade. I can't decide cause this guy has the same long sword and dress and hairstyle of Clud but looks kinda different as he has bit different look and has a bit of shaven beard. He talks with Hades. Sora meets Alice, Pinnochio, beast. And something happens there. One of the hooded unknowns appear. It's the red-haired, circular keyblade holding guy. Something happens, there and PS, goofy and donald come after. There are more powers, elaborate and long levels. new fighting skills and a complete new story. This is the best game ever made in gaming history and still will be cause it's very huge and it has asuperb storyline. I am sure this games movie is coming soon! I hope I cleared up a lot about this game.
New hearts Added 16 Jun 2004, ID #9183
In KH2 the duoble wielding key blade master is asking Riku were to find Sora because he's trying to save him from some unknown evil(the guy with the circular key blades).

The are a total of 5 main nobodies.

The nobodies are a shape shifting foes that you have to face some time in the game.

Sora has new gear with the same kingdom key blade.

There is a new boss with a red mask, I dont know his name yet but he's supposed to be the one controlling the no bodies.
Update! Update!! Update!!! Added 10 Jun 2004, ID #9030
If you look at the reiew FOR THE CONFUSED, I promise to let you know what else I find out. And I am.

If you look at one of the trailers, there's a guy (Tidus?) about to face off with a giant white-colored heartless.

This location is the very first place in the original Kingdom Hearts.

You know, where you decide your weapon and stuff. As far as I know, there are 4 different keyblades.

There's Mickey's, Sora's, and 2 belonging to the mystery guy.

In the trailer here on SUPERCHEATS, the guy pounding all those heartless is probably the mystery guy (or Ansem. Yellow eyes.), trying to find out where Sora is from Riku.

There's a place called Twilight Town by some, so the name sticks.

If you need to know, the guy in the blindfold is Riku and the long-haired girl is Kairi.

The game might be more about the struggle with heartless than Sora's friendships.
More about the people Added 10 Jun 2004, ID #9024
Hey, I just watched the trailers again and I got a new wallpaper of Kingdom Hearts 2. So i know more about it.

There is another boy who looks just like Sora, having two keyblades which look just like Oblivion and The Ultima Weapon.

I know now the appearence of one of the hooded "unknowns". One is a red haired guy who fights with this boy(with the two keyblades). He fights with two circular keyblades.

There is a red-dressed guy who has a connection with this hooded guy(red-haired).

Something, I didn't understand is that many hooded buys come from nowhere.

And Sora tries attacking one of them. And the funny thing is that the boy with two keyblades also comes in the appearence of a hooded guy.

Even King Mickey. If you ask me, there are many people in hooded raincoats in this game.

But I can assure you that this will be a superb game just like the first.
For the Confused Added 3 Jun 2004, ID #8929
This is about what is hinted in all 3 Kingdom Hearts 2 trailers.

I think that we'll have to play as an alternate character (Tidus?) for a while. There are hooded characters dubbed "Unknowns".

Hollow Bastion will be a playable world. King Mickey and Riku will come into the story quite a bit.

There are many different keyblades.There is an unknown leader(Ansem?). Kairi probably plays a significant role in KH2.

There are these white-colored heartless. This is supposed to take place one year after Kingdom Hearts one.

If there are any updates, I'll let you know. I'll search the trailers for hidden clues.

After all, I, Invisible, am a man of my word.
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