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Secret Packages Locations

In Portland

1.Harwood; drive north to the end of the path.

2.Harwood, on roof of Head Radio station. Jump from EL train tracks.

3.St.Mark's, on top of the AMco Gas station building. Walk the street walls and jump from one rood top to the next.

4.St.Mark's, inside Easy Credit Autos. Break the glass.

5.Portland Beach, Salvatore's back balcony.

6.On a beach ledge below Salvatore's back balcony.

7.Hepburn Heights towers, behind building as far as you can go.

8.Hepburn Heights Towers, in parking lot island near EL Burro phone.

9.Hepburn Heights, between trees.

10.St.Mark's, one block due south from AMco Gas Station, in small parking lot. Enter driveway in back of building.

11.St.Mark's building facing large potholes. Climb rubble around back.

12.St.Mark's Park, all the way to the back wall.

13.Red Light District. Take stairs to roof of Luigi's sex club 7 and jump to next roof west.

14.Red Light District. Take stairs to roof of Luigi's sex club 7.

15.Red Light District, rooftop opposite across from Luigi's sex club 7; stairs in the ally.

16.Chinatown Subway, near bathrooms on the middle level.

17.Red Light District. Smash the glass of the Rush Construction Company building.

18.St.Mark's' long sloping alleyway in back yard.

19.St.Mark's, tramp tunnel. Enter near Super Save or 8-ball's.

20.Portland View, on top of Super Save. Jump down from the EL train track onto rooftops.

21.Chinatown Market, ally behind Hong Hung inc.

22.Chinatown rooftop. Use stairs.

23.Chinatown, alleyway behind Roast Peking Duck.

24.Trenton, inside the gates and behind Bitch 'n' Dog Food factory.

25.Trenton, roof of Liberty Pharmaceuticals.

26.Portland Docks rooftop. use stairs near Columbian ship and jump to the awning of the next building.

27.Trenton, in yard via an ally ramp and police bribe.

28.Trenton, in front of Joey's garage and behind fence.

29.Callahan Point Power Plant, behind concrete fence facing Saw Mill.

30.Trenton Saw Mill rooftop. Jump dirt mound in a car behind mill.

31.Callahan Point, behind the Turtle Head Fish Co. Use a Belly-up truck or the trashmaster to enter.

32.Atlantic Quays, at the end of the long paved pier.

33.Island south of Portland. use boat to dock on rocks.

In Staunton Island

34.Army Surplus, corner between garage and sea wall.

35.Coliseum, behind RockStar billboards.

36.On top of hospital overhang, east of entrance.

37.Stadium entrance.

38.East side of University, facing street.

39.Construction site, small building, second level, insideroom.

40.On top of small bridge. Jump on girders walk up.

41.In Columbian Garage where you saved the OO.

42.Constructian site, on the round in a corner.

43.Connecting ally to 8-Ball,s in a garage next to carpark.

44.Multi-Storey carpark, second floor corner, near ramp.

45.Allyway south of Coliseum, Uncle BJ's Deli and Grocery.

46.Jump off in car, Surburban curvy bridge onto roof top.

47.Under road tunnel, lower Shoreline road, in corner near ramp.

48.Basketball court.

49.Stauton to Shoreside bridge in center median of drawbridge.

50.Under park bridge.

51.End of third south dock, on Pier north of Callahan bridge.

52.Newport, L-shaped alleyway near Callahan bridge.

53.Museum, top of stairs.

54.Pier, south of Callahan bridge. Jump up, away from water, to grab hovering package.

55.Behind police station, in parking lot.

56.Newport, lower pathway to police station, in parking nook.

57.Behind the church.

58.End of alleyway.

59.Underground AMco parking garage, near elevator.

60.Take ground level fire exit doorway to very top of Amco rooftop ( multi-leveled ).

61.Bedford point, upstairs in smash able glass building.

62.Doorway facing intersection.

63.On roof in projects area.

64.Behind rocks on pavement before pier.

65.Behind building in projects area.

66.Underground carpark.

67.Ontop of pedestrian walkway.

68.Behind star statue loo.

69.On top of Kenji’s casino on helipad; take stairs.

In Shoreside Vale

70.West dam dome.

71.East dam dome.

72.First dam tower.

73.Lower dam, “Exchange” helipad.

74.Behind boulder, corner of dam building and canyon wall.

75.Behind the furthest west swank house.

76.Front porch of third furthest swank house.

77.Frint porch of fourth furthest swank house.

78.Colombian mansion, in swimming poll.

79.Shoreside Vale, picnic tables.

80.Fudge packing factory; walk concrete walls, jump down to rooftop, drop into fenced-in area.

81.Cedar Grove, in overpass tunnel behind hideout.

82.Behind Police station, on roof.

83.Pike Creek, behind amongst oil drums.

84.Behind hideout, billboard, and toyz van.

85.Wichita Gardens, entrance to apartment.

86 Wichita Gardens, in between apartment building.

87.Pike Creek, on blue container, in lot east of hospital.

88.Behind hospital.

89.Rooftop; use stairs on opposite building, jump to the awning of the next.

90.Pike Creek between back wall and Turtle Head storage garage.

91.Wichita Gardens, under twisted wooden bridge.

92.Airport, across from parking lot.

93.Airport, under wing of plane near hangers.

94.Airport, on ground next to dome.

95.Airport, under plane.

96.In front of airport, behind billboards.

97.Subway, lowest level.

98.Airport, on helipad.

99.Airport runway, lower ledge near water.

100.Airport, end of runway, lower ledge.


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yet and get

This is my first submit but here is a easy way to beat a mission with the Mafia called: Bomb Da Base Act 2

First Part:

Pay the 100,000 to 8-Ball. Then drive up to spot where you drop him off. Get a sweet vantage point if you want, your gonna get one the second time any way so find one.

Part Two: Fire the sniper and miss so 8-Ball runs in and gets killed.

Then while still, put in the tank cheat alot of times so you got tons of tanks. I say you should get about as many tanks as there are bad guys on the boat.

Then put in the Dodo cheat.

Part Three: I got how to fly the tank from cheat planet so I will say it here so you dont have to go there. NOTE: I have not used the flying tank cause I found a ramp... And I forgot where. But here is how you fly the tank: Turn the cannon around so its right behind you, then, go down a streched out path like Hepburn Hights. NOW START DRIVING!!! keep hitting O so you can have enougth speed to fly but, keep hitting it or you could very well die. Now fly around in the tank to the boat witch you have 8-Ball running onto in the mission. Land on the boat with about 20 tanks or less. Or in short as many as you can get on and around... AWAY FROM EXPLODING BARRELS FROM WHERE HE CROUCHS!!! Now that the public service annoucement is out of the way on to part four!

Part Four: Get 8-Ball from his dumb little shack and drive out to where you drop him off. But wait! Theres more! Just before you get there, get out of the car and waste all your ammo on a wall. Next get back in and he hops in, drive to the drop off point and your almost done.

Part Five: Get up to the vantage point you found the first time, and put in the all cars explode cheat. The tanks will explode thus clearing a path. Now put in the weapons cheat nad fire one shot and you just beat the mission.

Sorry this was long and I should have submitted to the strategy but I hope Super Cheats fixs that. It works but takes time.


Note:you must be on the 2nd island and past the mission Grand Theft Aero to do this.

Go to the Panlantic construction site and take Yakuza Stinger and go back of the first part to the back of the site with it.

Go full speed and bump the curb to perform a backflip and get some quick cash for fun.

When you don't see any more Stingers

go to the back and you can repeat


Fly the tank

First put in the flying car code (Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1). Then get a tank or put in the code (Circle x6, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle).

Turn the gun backwards, keep shooting the gun. You will take off and fly for along time if you keep shooting.


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As you know on GTA3 you can have alot of fun but let's get to the point, if you have completed the game or you just want have a laugh type in the do do car mode cheat (R1,L1,R2,L1,left,R1,R1,triangle) then go speeding up to a wall and and press L3 about 2 meters away then your car will do 1,2 or if your lucky 3 or sometimes you do it and it goes in to a backflip if your on the 1st island jump on to the car shop with Banshee in it drop slowly off the edge put in reverse in the air and you might go over the car to make sure press L3 again smash through the glass and over the banshee or on topget off drive it around and sometimes the Do Do car mode works better. In the second island if you can't get acrossjump on to the hospital your screen will go weird and you are magicaly in the tunnel! P.S the first cheat will work best with the Cabbies.


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to get a bullit-proof patriot complete all the misions for the guy who hides out in the restrooms in beleve park I forget his name. when you go to his lock up you'll find a bullit proof patriot along with other ammunition then take it to the gone in 60 seconds mission in portland harbor. then compete the list all of the otther cars.and u will get those cars whenever u go there plus all the patriots you get will be bullit-proof.


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heres a tip, don't go around skipping missions cos you'll need the money for shoreside vale. you'll have 2 pay $500,000! it will take quite alot of your money so watch it! all i've got 2 say about gtaIII is that is wikid man!

and i have got alot more stuff in store for you lot. loads of tips for missions.

if you think 'espresso 2 go' was hard to complete, this should do you some good. first get a fast car, then go through all the islands finding all the coffee stands. once that is done hit the first stand and your timer will begin, start with portland going through trenton,saint marks. head over to staunton island and find the 5 stands in newport,bellvile park,bedfordpoint and torrington. finally one at the airport and one in pike creek.

arms shortage is easy, get a bazooka and blow up the cruisers wich keep coming. somehow 2 gang members will somehow get behind you and shoot you with shotgun and ak-47 kill them, check on phil and mission complete instead of an all out world warIII!

thats all for now people!



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Bom Da Base: Act 2:

Drop 8-ball off in the blue marker.

Go the other way round and go up the stairs. Use a sniper and kill the Cartel people on the boat. You have to do it very quickly or 8-ball will go on the ship and get killed. Don't listen to other people. They might tell you to block the bridge with a tank or car. But 8-ball will push it.

It will give you time but if you go on the ship you'll get yourself killed too. You have to sneak.


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Mega Boost!!

First do the cheat for the tank:

O-x6 R1 L2 L1 O

Then point the gun on the tank the

oposite way you driving and start shooting.

P.S This is usefull if you in a car chase.This is a great game.

PP.S The tank can draw attention to the police in about ten seconds!!!!!


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Here is some stuff I've worked out.

In any of the races, you mighten be able to out run the competition. Take the easy way, and block the first check point with 3-5 tanks. Let the competition get ahead of you, and when they are in clear view, get out of your car, move out onto the side walk, and do the blow up all cars cheat. make sure they are trying to push the tanks out of the way before you get out. You might need some armor while doing this. It could get dangerous. Wait a few seconds, and take the first car you see.

With the hidden package deal, just look in any passageway, hidden place, breakable glass store, tunnel, garage, or any where high.

In Bomb Da Base, get the 100 thousand dollars by the money cheat. When 8 Ball goes and hides, block him with the car. The vantage point is NOT on the stairs. It is on the roof top. Get to the end of the roof, and take a bazooka, using the weapon cheat, and blow the people up like crazy. Make sure you have enough ammo, and after about 10 seconds of firing, use the sniper to zoom in and find 8 Ball, and see if anyone is still firing. If you use the car block idea, you should know not to use the blow up all cars cheat.

If you don't know how to find a truck by the name of Barracks Ol while in Stauton Island, go to the outer edge highway of the city. There is a dirt road leading to a small army base on the side of the road. It is before the huge tunnel thing. The road is in by the trees. Anyway, it is behind one of those cages. It will only open from the inside. There is a passage way leading behind the building. Before you know it, you'll be right in front of the truck. It has a greater power than the Flatbed truck, but not as good as the tank. Go on a rampage and you'll see what I mean.

In case you didn't know this, when you get inside of a squat team car( Enforcer), you get armor and a shot gun.

That's all I have for this game(so far).


The mission:TURISSMO

for this mission from El Burro' the diablo leader from a payphone,the mission is to do a illegle street race with three other fast cars,well you have probly figuard out that you can use the banshee for this race witch is found in harwood near 8 balls bomb shop.. ok so you get the car but one problem is your car wont take soo much damage by the time you finish the race so you do the health cheat while you are in the car and your car wont be smoking anymore but do the cheat quikly while you are in the car.the other racers are a bit clumsy,so take ur time in the race.


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Hello its gtaimpreza again heres some more hints.

when you are doing missoins in portland

you will get a mission where you have to protect 8-ball while he goes on the ship, he will give you a sniper rifle.

When you get sniper rifle drive 8-ball to the ship and to complete the mission easier you will find a set of steps on the building thats facing the ship. Go up the steps and you can shoot them easier.

Well see you next time.


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This is how to get a turbo mafia sentinel. when you are going up the big hill to the mafia house drive up the centre of the hill and keep on looking left and right untill you see a gap, Go in the gap and you will find a normal looking mafia sentinel. Hop in and take it for a test drive, You will find that it goes much faster than a normal mafia sentinal. Have fun, later.


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If you are looking for certain cars for the import/export garages let me help.

If you have completed the story and are looking for the bus, then head over to the military base on staunton island. Take the tank, turn the gun around and start shooting. Then when you get to the street next to the stadium look for the bus.

If you are looking for the Mr.whoopee ice cream truck, go to shoreside vale, and go to the road behind the cartels mansion. (FOR ME) The ice cream truck came between 21:00 and 23:00.



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