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The FBI cop car

To get the FBI cop car you have to get 5 wantes level stars, thats pretty easy just go around killing people, then once you have reached your 5 stars some black cop cars will start chasing you.

They are the FBI cop cars, stand still and wait for the FBI to get out of the car, and when they do you must kill them right away.

Then get in the FBI cop car and do the level wanted cheat which is R2, R2, L1, R2, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN and drive away safely.

Have fun supercheats fans !!!

Added 7 Aug 2004, ID #10355, by gtaimpreza and get

Vice city character in here

There is a character from Vice City in grand theft auto 3.

My guess is that when they needed another person for the game, they took him out of Grand Theft Auto 3.

The person is Hillery, the guy you race in Vice City for the mission called the Driver. You can see him walking around everywhere, but he doesnt play any roll in this game.

He is wearing a blue and white shirt ( with blue flowers on it) and blue shorts.

Added 30 Jul 2004, ID #10277, by jjasonman1554

Bank of nowhere

You know the bank they use in the beginning?
Well, notice how it isn't in Liberty City? Or is it?

To do this you will need a dodo.

Go to the airport and highjack a dodo plane. Use the runway that goes off to the right.

If you circle around the city, personally, I find it much easier, and you will notice a mountian to your right as you circle Portland headed towards Stauton Island.

Fly in it. Dont be afraid. There is no berier to stop you. Now, after your in it, keep flying towards Shoreside Vale, still in the mountain.

Now head to the Observitory, still under the mountain. You should See the Bank, with a couple of roads that just drop off. Dont bother to land on it, 'cause you cant. The game will freeze.

If you miss it, just keep trying, it's there, okay?

Added 28 Jul 2004, ID #10240, by jjasonman1554

Taxi Missions in any car

Have you ever wanted to do a taxi mission in a Banshee? A Cheetah? Even a Dodo?

Now you can.

First, get a Taxi or a Cabbie. Press and hold R3, so the mission does not start. Do not let go of R3.

Get out of the car and control the guy with the directional pad. It is difficult to move him around since controls are inverted for some reason, but keep trying. Once you get the car you like, get in it. Then take your finger off R3 and the Taxi mission should begin in your new car.

Added 21 Jul 2004, ID #10129, by The Informer

5000 dollars over and over again

When the mission with the dodo, the sucuricar , or Mr. Whoopi comes, fail it and take it to the garage in Portland .

You do this so once you get all the cars in there the sucuricars in there too .

So you can just get it and drive it a few feet to have it unlocked in the garage, get 5000 dollars over and over again!


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Added 23 Jun 2004, ID #9367, by jokerboy 1

Cop battle

For a good fun cop battle go to Kenji's Casino.

Go put cars down at the bottom of the balcony stairs , then get cops over and blow up the cars , then the cops will die and they can't come up so you can shoot them all you want.


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Added 22 Jun 2004, ID #9335, by jokerboy 1


You will find taxi's anywhere in the street's , though , taxi's appear more than cabbei's.

To get a cabbie easily , just go to the mean street taxi's service close to Joey's Auto Repairs and get one.


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Added 22 Jun 2004, ID #9329, by jokerboy 1

Explode tanks

Tanks on GTA3 are bulletproof but not explosion proof.

You can throw a grenade on top of a tank and it will start on fire...!


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Added 4 Jun 2004, ID #8961, by ssax

Taxi glitch

You have to be driving up a hill for this to work if you are driving behind a lot of cars and a taxi is at the front get really fast speed and hit all of the cars in a certian, spot make sure the taxi hits a lampost while going up the hill, then drive in front and if you have hit them correctly the front of the taxi should be stuck in the pathment and trying to get out.


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Added 17 Apr 2004, ID #8265, by Hurst502

Hidden Glitch

First go to the subway station at Francis International Airport.

Go down the stairs to the main part then go up the small set of stairs to the platform.

If you look to your left, theres a part of the platform that goes down till it`s level with the tracks.

Go down and stand here till a train comes (but dont stand on the tracks for obvious reasons).

When the train arrives, go into the door your facing (its high up so you will need to step up into it) then come straight back out again.

You'll find yourself underneath liberty City!

Trust me, this works, ive done it loads of times. If you wanna ask me about it, post here!

OK, catch y`all later!

Added 14 Apr 2004, ID #8196, by ATTICUS-EAGLE

The sniper position

Who has ever wanted a sniper position where you can keep shooting people without being shot by the police helicopter or any police men?

Well I have found one...

Make your way towards the pay'n'spray on the second island and you will come across a big gray car park that is 3 stories high.

Make your way into the car park and proceed to the middle level.

When you get to the middle level park your car against any of the walls (the best place to be is in the corner of the side closest to the main bridge which leads to the 1st island).

Once your car is parked get out and jump on top of the car so you can see over the edge of the car parks wall, then shoot inisent pedestrians untill you heart is content!


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Crammin the garage

You know that on the second island you can only fit 2 cars in the garage.

Well do not worry Super Cheats fans because I have found a way to overcome that obstacle.

When you go to try to park a third car in the garage, the door will not open.

Simply get out of the car and get one of the cars in the garage and park it under the garage door.

All you have to do is repeat this process a few times.

P.S. You can only park 6 cars in the garage and they have to be small cars like the Banshee(my favorite) or the stallion.


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Added 28 Feb 2004, ID #7176, by paintballace53

A different way of getting dosh!

Get a car put it in your garage.

Then blow it up.When you blow it up you get some dosh(money).

Then you go back in the garage.

Then your car is there.Keep on doing this method to get some big dosh,in other words a WOOOPPDING 999999999!!!!!!!!!

I wanna say hi to all of super cheats and members


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Added 22 Feb 2004, ID #7074, by Mental boy

Ok, I was in the firefighter mission on the island you start on, and I extinguished a car that looked like a porshe.

It's super fast its called a Yakuza Stinger and its real fast you should get it and try it!

sent in by jesse_blackwelder2

Added 1 Feb 2004, ID #6671, by jesse_blackwelder

Make Some Money

Here is a cheat you can all use:

First you have to get two or more tanks.

Then what you do is get in one of the tanks after you have lined up all of the other tanks and start ramming them together.

Your money will start going up.The longer you ram the tanks the nmore money you make!


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Added 19 Jan 2004, ID #6354, by BaseballKrazy93

How to repair a cop car

If you have a cop car thats trashed and you want to get it repaired then heres how to do it.

If you try to get it repaired in the pay and spray it wont let you because it will say that the car is HOT.

So instead you go to your garage where your hide out is, park the cop car in the garage then get out of the car and let the door of the garage close, then when you open it up again your cop car will be in mint condition.

The garage will repair any car by the way, and the best thing about it is that its free.

Have fun supercheats fans.

Added 12 Jan 2004, ID #6215, by gtaimpreza

Cool stuff

This is something that I figured out by accident but it's kinda cool. If you aim a sniper rifle at the moon at night time and then shoot at it, it will change sizes.

And there are probably a lot of you out there that can't find the securicar and have already finished the missions that have them in it.

There are no cheats to find it but your best chance to get one is on Staunton Island between the stadium/hospital/bridge area. Just drive up and down a few times and it just might show up...

Added 31 Dec 2003, ID #5787, by studly72588

Weapons !!!!

10 hidden packages=pistol
20 hidden packages=uzi
30 hidden packages=grenades
40 hidden packages=shotgun
50 hidden packages=armor
60 hidden packages=molitov cocktails
70 hidden packages=fbi machine gun
80 hidden packages=sniper rifle
90 hidden packages=army machine gun
100 hidden packages=rocket launcher+$1,000,000

100 in firefighter mission=flamethrower

35 in paramedic mission=health
70 in paramedic mission=drug

10 in vigilante mission=1 bribe
20 in vigilante mission=2 bribes
30 in vigilante mission=3 bribes
40 in vigilante mission=4 bribes
50 in vigilante mission=5 bribes
60 in vigilante mission=6 bribes

100 in taxi mission=bigorne taxi

Go to the airport area near the runway where they keep the planes.

Go near the building
(not a garage)where the signs with writing moving across it and there will be a secret website!


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Added 8 Dec 2003, ID #5240, by matty dawkins

Pitt manuover

If you drive along side a car at the same speed, swerve to hit the back of the car.

You are following while accelerating, It will cause the car to spin out and stop.


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Added 24 Nov 2003, ID #4961, by The god of GTA

Cop hint

If you have just died and you are at a hospital or police station, and you want a fast car wait till a cop car comes along. It shouldn't be long there are alot around that area put in weapon cheat (if you go on this site you should no).

Then shoot or hit the car than the cop will come out you let him chase you around then quick run an get his car. Awesome its real easy to.


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Added 28 Oct 2003, ID #4589, by ps2 rule
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