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Teleport- Underworld

This is similar to the teleport in San Andreas except in this one you can see the underworld, to start, go down to the train station and follow the tracks(always the righ hand side) keep running along the wall until half your body is in the wall, stay and wait for the train to hit you, yes hit you, the train should push you straight through so your whole body is now in the wall, slowly walk through the wall until you see the underworld, thats that part, then to teleport simply jump into the underworld, you will start falling, then you will be telported outside, wallah,
Ps, if when the train hits you and you die, don't worry just try again until you get it, try and get as far in the wall as you can
Happy gaming, check the other teleportation in GTA San Andreas

Added 16 Nov 2006, ID #24343, by Aaronxxx and get

3 island

To go to the third island go on the subway on island to you can go aither to the 1 or 2 island

Added 28 Sep 2006, ID #23606, by ferrari48



Added 15 Sep 2006, ID #23414, by LLUTHER691


Has anyone noticed that on the back of the securicar that it says groupie sex. But it really is spelled as groupe secs. Lol

Added 23 Aug 2006, ID #22928, by carnage rahl

Fun with Tanks II

Tank Cheat: (Circle{6x}, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle)

Every time you place a tank into Liberty city, the ratio of car appearence decreases. So if you place 10 tanks in Liberty City, when you're on the roads, you probably won't see any cars, which also means you can't bumb into any cars. This can be very useful when doing Taxi, Vigilante, or Fire truck missions. All you have to do is do the Tank Cheat about ten times. You should have ten Tanks now. Put them into a place where you won't crash into them (Parking lots, yards, side walks, LC campus, etc.) Now when you do missions, you won't have to worry about getting distrated by pesky cars.

To explode the tanks press L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1. When you explode the tanks, all cars will come back
This code explodes ALL Vehicles in Liberty City, so if you practice the code, it can be a powerful weapon at your disposal.


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Added 24 Jul 2006, ID #22314, by intrepid04

Fun with Tanks

Tank Cheat: (Circle{6x}, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle)
Flying cheat: (Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1)

How to find some wierd stations:

1.Go to the Mafia territory and do the tank cheat (If you're far in the game, you should probably do the tank cheat before you get to the Mafia because they'll kill you if you're out in the open doing a cheat)

2. Activate the flying cheat.

3. In the Mafia territory, drive to the beginning of the road where you can see the mountains if you look straight forward. This road will be your "runway".

4. Turn the tank's turrett to the back until it is symetrical. Push the gas and start shooting backwards (remember that you are heading for the mountains). The backward firing will act as a kind of rocket boost.

5. When you lift off, KEEP SHOOTING BACKWARDS or you'll fall into the water Keep aiming for the mountains.

6. When you get past the mountain, your little side map will be yellow. If you keep flying a little more, your map will speel two names of towns. Keep going and you'll glitch.

Have fun.

Added 24 Jul 2006, ID #22313, by intrepid04

Wreck cars without shooting or crashing them

First enter the fast gameplay cheat (triangle,up,right,down,squareL1,L2) and enter it 5 times and your game should be super fast, this is funny!!! Then run into any car and it will get damaged. In slow motion mode (triangle up,right,downR1,R2) you can roll over cars but not trucks or buses. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 18 Jul 2006, ID #22176, by fish guts

Bye bye enemy Boooooom!!!

Have you ever been chasing some one and you can't kill them because they are in a car and they are too fast?

Enter this cheat

Destroy all cars:L2 R2 L1 R1 L2 R2 triangle square circle triangle L2 L1

It will have destroyed every car in sight including the enemy but be careful
Don't be near a car or be in one when you enter this or you will be blown as well

Added 19 Jun 2006, ID #21645, by DUDE GAMER

To get there you need to get a city bus then go to the thirde brigde that conects with the tuired island.

Stay in the middle you will notice ther it is a little taller go full speed ahed but before you do that you need the flying cars cheat and just before you are about to fall out use the right anlog stick to lift of the ground.

Don't try to land on the middle because it will not make it use the right path or the left path.

See you I'm Jose Castrejon
P.S pleas grade the hint if you like it.

Added 25 May 2006, ID #21356, by wapo

Scary Town

The (Scary town) or deserted town is behind the dam in the third island there are two ways of getting to the town first the normal way dodo the dodo is very hard to fly becasu of the wings when trying to fly the dodo take off the frances int air strip that the 767s are takeing off but go the other way now press the right analog stick slight ley up no jam x then when you see sparks or the nose bobing let go of up now level out the plane with up 7 seconds after take off any later or earlyer will crash you some where now try to take off from the middle of the take air strip so get level now if you stay up wich you should if you leveld coorectly start taping the one of the turn buttons not analog sticks do if slowley to fast or if you hold will reslat in a borrow role for all you beginers thats a warning now follow the coast line of the thrid island do not go over the third island keep folloing it when you're behind the dam you will notice some thing weard like a hole in the water only a small one neer the huge rock that is the island keep following then you should see a huge hole in the islands back well go in there it's like a cave do not go down soon you should see a huge island that in a island that you're gona crash in too ahhh just do it ull go right tro now if you want to die or try to be makeing history try to land I can't help you on landing tho The Tank drive put in the flying cars code then get on the run way same as the dodo now turn the turret back words so it's faceing back gun the gas and start shooting wich shold life you high up you don't have to level out once you're in the air go the same way as the dodo now you're in scary town you can't land well I can't on it it's not solid if you want to go in as what I call blu hell try to land some things are soild like the some of the cars some patches of land and some other things but none of the buildings so if you want to try to land have a good day the mistery behind the town well it is said that it is carser city well there is no carser city or disney land go to far off in you're game will stop but it's the floting that gets me it just scary you can't get there on boat only on dodo or tank I take the dodo it's fun and somen to do try to find more mysteries in libty city I will poet new ones when ever somen strange or weard happens to me

peace out


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Added 18 May 2006, ID #21289, by supercheatman

Make Super Cars

Ok blow up any old car get in another car push the blow up car to the clostes garage push it in the car area and let the door close to the area when closed open up the door and presto you got you're own home made super car ripe for the picking

peace out

Added 17 May 2006, ID #21279, by supercheatman

White light

Ok this is hoow you do it at you're second island hide out look for the dumpster neer the save point now use a granade to move it and use you're sniper rifle from a distance to look in to the light only the snipe rifle can see the light weard

peace out


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Added 16 May 2006, ID #21269, by supercheatman

easy money$$$$$

An easy way to get money is to... either steal a taxi and do about 40 drops to earn about $80,000 or to do mission from tony and get about $30,000 each mission happy cheating.


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Added 8 Mar 2006, ID #19874, by wwe fanatic

Extra missions

Police missions:get up to 6 bribes in your hideout!
Complete 20 police missions in each city to get 6 stars in your hideout

Ambulace missions:get health,pill and run forever!
Save 36 people to get health,save 75 to get pill and complete mission 12 to get run forever

Firetruck missions:flamethrower in hideout!
Get flamethrower in hideout complete 20 missions in each city to get it in your hideout

100 packages:for each 10 packages you get 1 wepon in your hideout!
Wepon packages
Pistol 10
Uzi 20
Grenades 30
Shotgun 40
Armor 50
Moltovs 60
AK47 70
Sniper rifle 80
M16 90
Boozka 100

Taxi missions:you get a new taxi in portland:harwood
Drop off 100 people to get new taxi
Notice? You drop off 1 person at a time


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Added 12 Feb 2006, ID #19574, by Lord Hades


If you put in the ammo cheat alot, say until your gun is maxed out, then you will have infinite ammo !!!

It take a while.

Added 1 Dec 2005, ID #18410, by Ruler of Games

You can save six (6) cars!

When you get to the second island, you will notice that your garage is much bigger than your first one. This means you can fit more cars, depending on the size of them. To be exact, you can fit six (6) cars in it. The only downside to this is that you can only get into four out of six without moving two of them.

Added 11 Jun 2005, ID #15421, by aflyonthewall

Finding helicopters

To find helicopters go to some of your save points and in some of them there's a pad for an helicopter.

Added 15 Apr 2005, ID #14492, by roadkiller

How to beat the last level

First you go to the a on the map.then you have to hurry.

You'll find the jappense girl dead.

You have to activate this cheat R2,R2 L1 L2 LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP.


Added 22 Mar 2005, ID #13846, by orggs

Falling cars

Ok, this is pretty funny, first of all get to the 2nd-3rd Island bridge and wait for the bridge to go up, soon someone should pull up along side you , now shoot them with you're uzi and they usually drive off the bridge!

Added 7 Nov 2004, ID #11483, by jokerboy 1

Hidden Cars

Here is where some cool cars are across Liberty city.

on Portland head up to capital autos in st marks, shot down the glass windows and there is a banshee.

BF Injectoin_
first complete the mission Sayona Salvitore [Asukas first mission] once you've done that go to Mistys apartment next to El Burros payphones in Heburn Heights and that is the only way to get the BF Injectoin.

Mafia Sentinal_
go to Salvitores mansion in st marks and parked outside it there are 2 mafia gang cars.

Borgine Taxi_
first pick up and drop off 100 pasengers, once done this go to Borgine Taxis in Heburn Heights and there will be a red cabbie parked outside it this is the borgine taxi.

Army Vehicles_
go to Phil Cassidys army suplus on Staunton Island and you will notice there is sometimes a Tank or Barracks OL parked in side.

There are a lot more hidden cars the places to find them are mostly in car parks BUT watch youself some parked cars have alarms which means the cops will be after you and some parked cars are locked which you can't get into no matter what you try.


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Added 3 Oct 2004, ID #10999, by mr rangers
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