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Mystery Machine from scooby doo (Graffitiless hoods rumpo XL)

Go to ss vale house put a car in it now run to the parking spots and back each time back make sure the door opens after 1-10 minutes it should come by.
The rest say HOODS.

Added 6 Feb 2011, ID #33472, by Guest and get

Keep Your Game Safe

If you used the cheat code, "Violent People" Do not save with the code on. If you save, every time you play, the code will be on.

Added 4 Oct 2010, ID #33214, by hatershateme

Need help with the " Gone Fishing" mission?

When you're near ray's partner, and you're right behind him, don't turn when he turns around a bend, because this will cause to acclerate more faster than him, since he's turning. Now when, you find an arch right near the beach, make sure you follow him and get right beside him, so that you can push him onto the sandy shore. Once he's up on the shore, get right beside him, so that his boat don't slide down and go into the water. Then, once you're blocking him, get out an automatic gun and aim at the boat. Make sure that you're a little away from the boat that you're shooting at, or else your boat will explode.

Added 5 Jul 2010, ID #32989, by Nicole Holmes

repair cars free

pull into safehouse garage, get out, go back in the garage and it will be repaired.

Added 16 Jun 2010, ID #32917, by Guest

General Hints

On the 'Turismo' mission for El Burro, do it ASAP [As soon as possible] while all/almost all gangs like you in Portland. If you do this mission after leaving Portland for Staunton Island and killing Salvatore, the checkpoints in St.Marks and it's area will be hard/near impossible to get through without having your car caught on fire by a shot gun blast or blown up on the spot by the mafia as you drive by. Getting out and getting another car can lead to the new car being shot up while your jacking it or you getting shot when out and about. Using the health cheat in the car can help, but personally I'm doing the game without cheats first and then using cheats after I beat the game and on future files.

In the 'Arms Shortage' mission, The mission for the man in the park where you protect his army buddy from the Colombians, go to Ammu-Nation and stock up on everything that isnt the Sniper Rifle as it is useless in this mission. Go and take any car to the mission and stock up on the weapons he gives you behind him. Wait directly where the gate would normally close and open and wait for the first Cartel truck to park, and throw a grenade DIRECTLY behind the truck, as to attempt to blow up that truck and the truck behind it and any Cartel near them. Run back to the crates and hide and kill the men that come up from behind the building because if you don't kill them they will kill you AND phil from behind as you are engage in a firefight with the Cartel from the trucks, after you kill the 'Building Cartel', just use the crates for protection and occasionally pop out and AK/M-16/UZI to kill the Cartel, and Grenade or cocktail anyone near the gates.

In the Asuka Part 2 mission 'Espresso-2-go' you can use one of two methods the 'Ram method' where you just ram the stands with a car, or the ' Blow it up method' where you get out and use a rocket launcher on them, if you use this method be sure your a few steps from your car as to not hit it and kill yourself instantly. Anyhow, start with the stand at the Shoreside vale hospital since the clock doesnt start until the first stand is gone, from there go out to the left and down the road to the airport go all the way down the front of it and up the stairs for number 2, go THROUGH THE TUNNEL to Staunton Island because the bridge can cost you 30+ seconds because of the part that goes up and down. Get the three near the torrington area, the one in the park and the one near the Newport carpark, from here you can use the Callahan Bridge since it is in one solid piece, ideally you want at least 2 minutes to complete Portland, from the bridge go straight to Portland Harbor and get that one, go towards Salvatore's mansion like a bat out of hell and hope the Mafia doesnt blow up your car before you get to the stand right on the corner. I recommend coming from the other side and speeding down the street as to have the speed to hit the stand, otherwise you may be to slow to kill it, and be blown up.

One more, for the Decoy mission for Don Love, get in the Securicar and sit in the truck for as long as possible until someone [S.W.A.T, Police, Army, whoever] gets near the warehouse and take off to the right up the ramp and over the wall, take this route and you should do this correctly. Warehouse>Draw Bridge[ Pray that the whole bridge is in one piece] >The Callahan Bridge>Portland>[Depending on the amount of time left just run around[15 Secs. Or less, or go some where Isolated like the sub way tunnel, 45+ Seconds left], this should work first time out depending on your luck, driving skill, and damage amount.

Good Luck, Hope I helped!!!


Added 31 Jul 2009, ID #32188, by CK20

Get Rid of Cops Easy

If you drive to the Callahan bridge(The one with the gap in it.)and the cops are chasing you, drive to the edge, but not over it! Once you are at the tip at full speed, turn around! The cops will continue to drive over the edge! Oh, and the cops have to be right on your tail.

Added 5 Jun 2009, ID #32008, by Talon9889

How to get to third island

In order to get to the third island if you havn't unlocked it yet, You will need to enter the flying car cheat. Get a fast sport car like a cheeta or an inferno, if you can't find one of those cars a taxi works too. Then get to the bridge to the third island. At the top,in the middle, you can get on top of the thing in the middle that sticks up. (it is where it gets real high) Then start to go down it not too fast so that you don't fly off and die.(during going down the ramp push up on the analog stick) Once you get near the end push down and fly over the gap.(make sure you land to the side od the middle thing or you won't make it because you barely make it anyway) Hope you have fun on this island. Bye (please rate this a 10 <(-.-)>. Thx!)

Added 28 Jan 2009, ID #31613, by activehacker

To get to the last island all you have to do is first jump the first bridge by entering the jumping car cheat (r1,l1,r2,left,r1,r1,triangle). Then when your at the second island find the tunnel then go all the way till you see sign and will tell you where to go.

Added 27 Sep 2008, ID #30948, by rere

stauntion island check point mission

Park any Stallion just outside of the multistory parking
Garage in Newport, then exit and re-enter the vehicle again.
Objective: You'll have TWO minutes total to collect 20
Checkpoints There are 4 checkpoints on each level. The
Final checkpoint is just beyond the ramp in the corner of
The top level, you must build up enough speed to grab it!

Added 10 Sep 2008, ID #30876, by skills

any car for taxi missions

Get into a taxi, hold down the R3 button. Exit the taxi and step into another car, release the R3 Button and You should be able to do taxi missions in the car you are currently in. Note: Have both cars side by side with driver side doors facing each other (facing north and south)Because it is hard to control the character holding R3.Get a fast car for your taxi. A easy way to do this is to take a taxi to sun shine autos and use the banshee.

Added 10 Sep 2008, ID #30875, by skills

How to beat " Skunk in the Trunk"

Ok, first you gotta get on the hill behind the sentinal nearest the manana("skunk car") and use the weapon cheat (R2 R2 L1 R2 left down right up left down right up) or just do it the hardway and use a uzi or sumtin but anyway, blow up the car then the other one, then all you gotta do is drive the car to the crusher at any speed.

Added 2 May 2008, ID #30000, by vroom69

Staunton Island

This is how to get to staunton island without proggressing in the game. First, find a fast car such as a banshee. Next, type in the 2 following cheats.
R1,L1,R2,L1,left,R1,R1,triangle. "Better handling"
right,R2,circle,R1,L2,down,L1,R1."Flying cars"
Now head out to the callahan bridge. Once you see it, back away extremely far away from it. Drive full-speed at the bridge, and when you get 10 yards away from it, hold the control stick down. You should repel yourself over the barriers. Now, drive full-speed towards you the gap in the bridge. When you get 10 yards away, hold down on the control stick.You should now be over the gap in the bridge. To return to portland, repeat the step.

Added 25 Apr 2008, ID #29944, by constatine

Rob The Robber

When you find 1 of 2 robbers(one in a black bandana and black everything and a guy in black pants and a poka dot shirt I think) wait till they pick pocket somebody. Make sure they don't die. Then take a random weapon (like a uzi) and point it at them in the front and money will come out. Than kill them for additional money. Hope I helpeed.

Added 24 Apr 2008, ID #29921, by vroom69

cinematic camera

Hey you want cinematic camera it`s mega easy dude`s you just have to press select twice.But it only works in a vercle.also never use it on a mission guys.

Added 4 Apr 2008, ID #29688, by black lava

8 Balls Mission in portland

On the mission with 8 Ball boarding a massive ship, don't use a sniper rifle. Instead, use a rocket launcher. Using this allows you to be less carefull with your shots because of the blast radius. Just make sure you don't bomb 8 Ball!

Added 8 Jan 2008, ID #28803, by Brother dusty

Car on fire?

If your car is on fire just do the health cheat...R2,R2,L1,R2,left,down,right,up,left,down,right,up

Added 11 Nov 2007, ID #28245, by guy in oakland

Get 125 health

OK, go to the Red Light District with a nice car and honk your horn at a hooker. She will get in. Drive to your safe house and the car will begin to shake. (hmmm.) When she gets out, you will have 125 health! Hope this helps.

P.S. Don't use a taxi.

Added 20 Apr 2007, ID #26267, by GTAfanatic928

Subway glitch REAL WERED!!!!!!!!

Fist go to the fist island and if ya don't have the suby open (lucky you) well it realy only works with it closed and ya see the ramps go on 1 and dirve off and when your about to drive off aim at the bars and you should get thow them then the car will be in the bars and the ground in the stayson and if your lucky just lucky when you exit the car you should land on the ground in the subway and then can go to the second island but if your not youll fall to your death unforcanitly hay but remeber practece makes perthect

P.s. Plese rate this 10

Added 5 Apr 2007, ID #26099, by mike bill1

Save Marty Chonks From A Shotgun Blast

It Doesn't Benefit Much But It Does Work, This Works For The Last Mission For Marty Chonks

First Of All: Enter The Tank Cheat( Circle x6, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Secondly: Leave The Tank At The Bitchin' Dog Food Factory(Where Marty Chonks Stays.)

Park It In The Spot That Marty Stands Before He Gets Blasted(Try Doing The Mission First And Seeing Where He Stands, Then Kill The Wifes Lover, So You Can Start The Mission Again.)

Then Do The Mission And Drop Off The Wifes Lover But Make Sure Marty Is Under The Tank, The Wifes Lover Will Then Shoot The Tank A Couple Times, He Will Stand There For A While But Dont Be Fooled The Game Wont Freeze, He Will Then Walk Away, Kill The Wifes Lover, Then Move The Tank Slowly, Marty Will Get Up From Under It AND STILL BE ALIVE!

Added 9 Jan 2007, ID #25142, by AGx7

Free ride driveby

Jump on cars and use the ammo cheat(R2,R2,L1,R2,<,down,>,^,<,down,>,^)
And gun people (And cars) down.

Added 3 Dec 2006, ID #24615, by BLASTOISE BOY
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