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Easy killing

Once you have haste and berserk on your lisense board and you bought it this tip will only work.Well here it goes if you can't get any hit's on a certain boss use haste and berserk on your main attack person and that bar will charge like crazy!easy way to own a boss,also keep one person to healyour main gun since most of the people will be attacking him


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Added 3 May 2007, ID #26376, by guy in oakland and get

Zeromus, the Condemner

I've heard a lot of people have trouble beating this guy, and I've come up with a plan to beat him without extreme leveling (which is the most common way to beat him). First of all, Zeromus is a secret esper in the Stillshrine of Miriam. After beating Judge Bergan in Mt. Bur-Omisace, talk to the acolyte in front of the temple to get the Stone of the Condemner. Go back to the stillshrine and use the waystone in the first room. When prompted, use the Stone of the Condemner to reach the Throne of Veiled Gods, where the esper lies.

BOSS - Zeromus
HP 166,888 - Level 51
--Most Recommended Levels - 60+
--My Recommended Levels - 50, preferably with all characters

The most notable (and annoying) aspect of this battle is that your magicks are sealed. Also, Dark Lords will spawn constantly to back Zeromus up. Normally this would be a tough battle, but I've found a cheap easy way to take him down. My recommendation for this battle is 99 phoenix downs, everyone with Ally: any - Phoenix Down and all your level 3 quickenings (which you should have by the time you fight this guy anyway). Start by immediately casting a quickening chain. Get the highest chain possible, hopefully along the lines of 15+ hits. Now, the fun part. The battle area is roughly a circle, so what you want to do is run around the outer edge (try not to get stuck) while holding down R2 (to flee). Doing so will drag Zeromus and all the Dark Lords that have spawned behind you. Keep running until one or two of your characters has at least one quickening bar. When this happens, revive any downed members and unleash a quickening chain again. If you don't have everyone revived it's no big deal, you just might not do as much damage. Now, rinse, lather, and repeat. If the quickening is good enough, it should knock out all the dark lords surrounding Zeromus (or at least do a hefty amount of damage) giving you some time to revive any downed members. Then continue your running until you can use another quickening. All it requires is time, a bit of luck, and a lot of phoenix downs. If your party goes down, switch out to the other and continue this strategy. I beat him with all level 48's. Luckily he won't have enough time to cast stop or slow on you because you'll always moving. Just be careful when you stop to unleash a quickening, he might hit you with Piercing Graviga or his normal attack (a good couple thousand damage), and also watch for dark lords' poison spells, maybe have some remedies and a gambit just in case. Other than that, it might take a few tries but if you do it right, you'll have claimed a difficult esper. Good luck.

Added 16 Apr 2007, ID #26224, by WheezetheJuice

EASY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

This works a lot easier if you are level 30 and up. Making Battle chains are the best way to receive great loot from monsters. If you go into the Henne Mines you will find a great abundance of redmaws and flans. Each time you press the gate switchboard 20 or more flans attack; *EQUIP FLAMETONGUE SWORDS* because the flans are weak against fire. The flans drop different loot items that sell for 100, 500, and higher. The redmaws drop ICE SHEILDS, BLOOD SWORDS AND CROOKED FANGS. If you fight enough of them you will start to get these items in abundance. This hint works anywhere where there is an abundance of the same monster classifications; the loot will vary. I hope this is useful to you.



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Added 12 Apr 2007, ID #26185, by dragoonoverlord

If you need some help

If your struggling against a boss then try this,before you vs the boss cast protect on everyone and berserk on one character and then go on the save sphere again to recharge your mp, that will save alot of time during the battle and you will have more time to attack!


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Added 6 Apr 2007, ID #26123, by guy in oakland

Obtaining the Zodiac Spear (European PAL version)

The Zodiac Spear is the most powerful weapon in all the game, and has a trick to obtain it: you don't have to open every single treasure chest in the game, or you would lose the opportunity to find this wonderful weapon forever.

There are 5 (not four as some guides says, the European version got 5) treasure chests that must absolutely not be opened in order for the Zodiac Spear to appear.
Don't worry about the chests (you can open them later, after obtaining the legendary weapon, and they contain nothing you will miss in the game).

- Treasure chest in Lowtown, outside of Old Dalan's place, near the South Gate in Ranabastre.

- In the Giza Plains (Dry Season), the first chest you can see, just near the connection with the city of Ranabastre.

- When sneaking into the palace (Before getting the Goddess Tear), there are several chests in the Cellar. Do not open the chest in the south-east corner (the most south-eastern one).

- The central of the three chests in the Confiscatory (the place where you get your weapons and armour back after being captured).

- In the Phon Coast there is an island with 16 chests (in a 4x4 formation) all near each other. The forbidden chest is in the first North row, the second from East. Pay attention to not open it by mistake.
You can leave all, anyway, because they contain 200 guil each, or a Knot of Rust, nothing worth the risk, or the Zodiac Spear, trust me.

If you manage to avoid opening these chests, you will obtain, later in the game, the Zodiac Spear: +150 attack & +8 Evasion (like all the spears).

Happy gaming!

Added 28 Mar 2007, ID #26028, by John Woodman

Zodiac spear

To obtain the wicked master spear later in the game don't open any chests in the following areas:

1. The chest outside dalan's house in lowtown.

2. Before getting the goddess tear when sneaking into the palace. Don't open any in the cellar.

3.After being captured, in the confiscatory don't open any chests their.

4. Lastly when your at phon choast later in the game don't open any of the 16 chests on the island

Added 25 Mar 2007, ID #25988, by kjrules

Buying Teleport Stones

Teleport Stones are hard to come by but you can buy them .Just go to any Aerodrome pick a flight to any where it dose not metter.When you are ask how you want to travle pic :by leisur craft(this is a must do)This will cost 250 gil now you on board of the air ship walk around till you find the assistant storekeeper here you can buy all the Teleport Stones you want for the simple price of 200 gil.Have fun with the Teleport Stones.

Added 23 Mar 2007, ID #25978, by kboykelvin

Training Levels 20-30

If you're on level 20-30, some good places to train include the Paramina Rift that links Mt. Bur-Omisace & the Stillshire. Another good one is if you're doing hunts the Cactile one, and then if you want the Barheim Key Dantro's wife will tell you as the final errand to get something for her in the Broken Sands, North of the Northern Village. (Note you have to take the boat to get to the Northern Village and don't be thinking it's on the side that she is, it's not) Another place is the Golmore Jungle. These places are not too difficult but you can get alot of experience & license points by fighting here.


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Added 18 Mar 2007, ID #25919, by suteki_da_ne

Easy rocktoise kill

When you face the rocktoise elite mark eqiup your party with ranged weapons.

When you have it's attention run back to where you came from and stay there, the rocktoise should not follow you there and all he can hit you with are spells, so all you have to do is cast reflect on all of your party and just fire and reflect until it's dead.

Added 6 Mar 2007, ID #25800, by jamster05

Really good accessories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all you people that have trouble finding the right accessories heres a couple for u. O and some of these do cost quite a bit of money but they are worth it. SAGE'S RING: half magick cost. THIEFS CUFFS:stealing becomes easier & good loot
DIAMOND ARMLET: better treasure. GENJI GLOVES:improves chance of multiple hits
NIHOPALAOA:Reverses effect of potions and status curing items.such as potions cause damage and antidotes become poison potions. EMBROIDERED TIPPET:double wearers recive EXP
JADE COLLAR:improves chances of avoiding attacks. INDIGO PENDANT:improves chances for magick to hit. GOLDEN AMULET:doubles wearers receive lp. BUBBLE BELT:doubles the wearers hp
HERMES SANDALS:endows the wearer with hast status effect
CAT-EAR HOOD: huge speed and vitality increase. Well I hope this helps!

Added 5 Mar 2007, ID #25797, by evee lover12

All esper picture

Hey everybody I have found all espers and there pictures! Ha! If you guys want them e-mail me at and for free no joke e-mail back detaild information with picture! Get them from me as well as the only person that knows how to get all of them!(this one is valid without e-mail) do you want ,
Adrammelch,the wroth! It's easy! When you get to jahra level up to around level 33. Upgrade some wepons! Put 1 charater on lowest level by themselvs! Rent a chocobo and ride it down the path to the middle point turn left to see a tree with a blue dotted line here,go to the other side of the blue line then you will see it on your map a opening ,ride chocobo down to cave entrance,get off bird! Get the elixer in the basket! Go in the cave! Now when you get here you better have phinoex downs on all charaters! Run like crazy on left side run till you get in a part where no enemy is , trust me you know when you get there! Your map will be messed up! But world map is fine! Don't use any magic on the way! But use phenix downs and high potions to heal up turn back on cure,curaga,curajia,but make sure you ar fully heald on hp! Put your 3 lowest charaters up first ,then walk foward you will most defenatly see the thing! It's huge! And it's now mad! Use gambit mp/10%=ether use your quickinings as many as you can get! Hopfully you have 3 on everybody! And curaga! And life! Keep using quickinings on same person that charges back up with mp change out low hp people! (put one at a time with full quickinings ) so you can posobly get the other to mist charge use it! Then coninue! Keep repeting untill it's dead then it will be yours!) thats a good one but there is 1 or 2 espers before you got this far!


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Added 9 Feb 2007, ID #25542, by jbq197800

The Espers

The Espers

Belias, the Gigas-Location: Tomb of Raithwall (story)

Mateus, the Corrupt-Location: The Stilshrine of Miriam (story)

Shemhazai, the Whisperer-Location: Giruvegan (story)

Hashmal, Bringer of Order-Location: The Pharoes-third ascent (story)

Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud-Location: The Pharoes-third ascent (story)

Adrammelech, the Wroth-Location: Zertinan Caverns (side quest, "Paying for the past")

Cuchulainn, the Impure-Location: Garamsythe Waterway (side quest, "Lost in the Pudding" hunt and "Sluiceway Search")

Chaos, Walker of the Wheel-Location: Necrohol of Nabudis (side quest, "Waterway Haunting," Lost in the Pudding" and "Broken Artifact")

Zalera, the Death Seraph-Location: Terminus no. 7/Barheim Passage (side quest, "Dalmasca's Desert Bloom," "Pursuit of a Cure" and "missing Ferryman")

Zeromus, the Condemner-Location: Mt Bur-Omisace (side quest; collect the Stone of the Condemner)

Exodus, the Judge-Sal-Location: Mosphoran Highwaste (side quest; solve floatweed puzzle in Mosphoran Highwaste)

Ultima, the High Seraph-Location: Giruvegan (side quest; hidden in Giruvegan's Great Crystal)

Zodiark, Keeper of Precepts-Location: Henne Mines (side quest; must acquire at least 10 other Espers)

Added 21 Jan 2007, ID #25297, by bbtheboy

Liscence Points

It takes approximately 17,000 liscence points to fill up a board for 1 person, not including quickenings and espers. So it's a good idea to buy golden amulets as early as possible. They cost 4,500 gil, so be prepared.


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Added 15 Jan 2007, ID #25208, by Riku994

Gambit Tips

For all of us, Gambits is a very new system and with it are bugs and problems that we must over come to use it properly. Here are a few of my Gambit tricks that I have found to be very effective.

1. First let me say that the most important thing you should do is to heal your party first. So make sure that your White Mage (or just person who heals the party) has CURE set to ALLY:HP <70 (you can change that a little, but I like 70). This way your party's health will ususally stay above 70, unless you are fighting something pretty strong, and that is what the next part is about.

2. Now there are going to be some fiends that will deal you some good damage. To help heal your party I have my healing gambits staggered.

EX. Vaan is your primary White Mage and has ALLY:HP <70 [Cure] set.
Penelo then has ALLY HP <50 [Cure] set, so in the event that one of your party members recieves major damage, he also get a double dose of cure. ***It is optional to put your third party members at ALLY HP <20 (or 30) [cure], but then you lose all of your attack, so it depends how you want to play it.

***** For 1 & 2 Cure can be substituted by CURAGA or POTION, HI POTION ect.

3. Berserk is possibly one of the best melee attacks you can have. For your melee warrior I have found that SELF [BERSERK] is a very powerful Gambit. Instantly upon entering the world that character will begin casting Berserk on him or herself until he or she becomes berserk. While in this state he or she turns red, attacks quicker and does more damage. The drawback is the player does not listen to commands and aimlessly attacks any foe (*Except enemies with a GREEN HP BAR which must be attacked by another party member first). While you are not able to use him or her as a Party Leader, he or she will deal major damage. For most of my Boss fights I put two of my meleers into Berserk and make my Party Leader my best white mage and manage them as they go off hitting combos and eating away the Bosses HP.

*** A note to remember on this is that it is best if the person going berserk casts it upon himself or herself because he or she can't cast spells or use techniks during this time, but if you want another party member can cast it on them just set ALLY: (Name) [BERSERK]

4.Healing is an annoying task, especially after a battle when you are just roaming the world. Regen is an amazing thing to have on your party memebrs to make sure they are always gaining hp. Choose a party member (probably best if it is a character that doesn't use magic often or is not your primary White Mage) and have his or her Gambit set to ALLY:ANY [Regen]. Now, upon entering a battle area, this character will automatically begin casting Regen on all of your allies and Regen cures about 20hp ever second to two seconds, so it not only helps in the heat of battle to have that constant HP supply, but afterwards it brings people back to full hp pretty quick.
***NOTE: Regen costs some good MP, so don't be surprised if you find your self drained of it.

5. My final Gambit Tip for now is to get a lot of Gambit slots for your White Mage and set them to cure all statuses ALLY STATUS: BLIND [Blinda] ALLY STATUS: PETRIFIED: {Stona} ect. It makes life easier when foes begin to rely on such trickery.

Hope these tips will help you out

-Cheating101 (I'll post more when I find them)


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Added 4 Jan 2007, ID #25077, by cheating101

Dead End Treasures

As you roam Ivalice looking for that next monster to hunt or Boss to fight make sure you check around you for hidden treasures. When roaming through monster-infested areas be sure to stop and check that dead end path because more than likely there is a treasure there. While some treasures probably aren't worth the short walk, some are worth the world. I got a sword that was 7 points better than the best I could find in a shop that gave me another 100 dmg to my attacks by checking all the the dead ends on the Levainte.

Just think like a programmer, where would you hide a treasure, and check there.

Added 2 Jan 2007, ID #25029, by cheating101

Training + Cash + Chain for low levels

When you reach Bhujera (Flying city with Lhusu Mines) you can get a lot of good loot and great levels really easily. Enter the Lhusu Mines and journey through them until you reach a bridge that has a lot of skeleton spawns on it. Slice your way through, then run down the staircase and go back and walk through again. Do this until your chain reaches about 25-30 or you find all the skeletons are gone. Head onward into the next section and slay all the skeletons and go to the very back of the Magicite Mining area, more skeletons will pop up, kill them all then go back to the bridge where you started this chain.

What do you know!? All the skeletons are back. Just repeat for a while and you will get an amazingly high chain (104 is when I got bored) and level up a ton. (5 levels from 15-20 for Vaan).

Then go sell the Dark Stones (35) and Fractured Bones (123+) for big cash.


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Added 2 Jan 2007, ID #25023, by cheating101

Zalera the hidden esper

Ok this is my guide to another hidden esper

Zalera about 80,000 hp

Recomended level 40ish depends on your equipment

Getting there..

This takes alot shorter than you think go to the wall in the sandsea in rabanastre with the wall of creatures people want you to kill after the rogue tomato theres a cactus accept it visit dantro in the estern estersand outpost and then find the cactus kill it talk to dantro go to south bank vilage talk to his wife leave town enter again talk to the little boy by the docks go with him to the north vilage everyones being held prisoner by the mom cactus of the one you killed for dantro erlyer so go back to south bank vilage talk to dantros wife go behind the house click on the little flower it grows into a cactus take it to the cactus mom on north bank village they accept it and leave the village it's not done yet go back to dantros wife talk to her she want you to collect shells so leave town to the eastersand go to the beach collect 3 go back to her give them to her leave come back talk to her then go talk to the guy behind her house now save leave town and heat to the east section of the easter sand there the guy who gave you the key talk to him and then enter the barheim passage.go west until you reach term no 7 cast HASTE...

Boss zalera hardness level 2/5

Theres a 5min timer I did it within 3 mins it's easier than it looks but at the start you can't hurt her/him but when you attack the dead bones it hurts him/her so kill about 7 dead bones until there all gone now attack zalera who now starts casting kill and death on characters have phenix down because raise takes to long altogether it's easy.

Added 25 Nov 2006, ID #24494, by finalfantasyfan117

Hidden espers all 7

This is the guide to getting all the hidden espers because I don't like the 5 basic ones.dont mind the order of the espers it's the order I got them in.

1.adremelk-hardness scale-2/5 not very hard...

-my recomended level entire party (all 6) 35+
-required stuff-blizzaga, curaga, chronos tears and ranged wepons on everybody

-there nothing much to this esper it's the easiest. Go to ozmose plains and in ozmose plains go to the area the switch back and in the center there is a cavern enter theres alot of strong monsters here so come with protect on and haste if you have it.head north until you reach a desert area DO NOT PROCEED recover mp and hp and cast protect and equip ranged wepons.

-boss adremelk hp about 40,00

Not much hp I know but hes flying and hass zombies help him don't worry about the zombies blizzaga will hit them too. At about half health adremelk uses thundaja wich causes stop 50% of the time continue the battle with EVERYONE casting blizzaga on him if there out of mp take control of them and run around in corcle and attack with a ranged wepon.


-recomended level 35+
Requirments-DISPEL if you don't have it wait till level 40 or 45 phenix downs and raise,gyshal greens(dont know how to spell it corectly)

-geting there-talk to the learned man at the morphus highway or what ever and then talk to all of the local people. Go up to the shrine of south wind and touch it.go north get on the chocobo go south not into town cross a little brodge marked on your mark follow the path on the chocobo until you reacha new section then head west intil you reach a next area where your chocobo is forced to leave. Go though to a shrine touch it and push a rock over to go into town and then touch theshine of northwest wind SAVE go back up the path with the pushed over rock you push head up north and where you went west erlier go east run and turn gambits off ad then at the end of the path stop hesl and get ready...

Boss-exodus-hp about 110,000-hardness level-3/5 mid

-ok have a character with haste with all gambits off except wen a foe uses reflect that character uses dispel every time you use dispel he will recast reflect completly distracting him for a while now ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK with your other chracters. At about half health he starts useing powerful magic like scathe and flare and he will make it so hes immune to physical attacks so cast protect or protectaga if you have it and continue casting dispel and healing.when he isnt immune to physical attacks use quickenings and dispel and strong physical attacks until he well dies thats all I can say.


Recomended level 40-45 possibly more if your hp is less than 3500
Requirements-curaja,jackboots and blackbelts ,firaga,dispel

-getting there-ugh this takes so long ...ok well first you have to hunt the ghoul and the white mosse in the garmthis waterway under lower town rabanastre well after killing the white mosse talk to the girl that asked you to kill it she will give you a key head back to the waterway now in the centeral room wit the four switches turn off no 3 and no 10 then go out the no. 3 cloaca waterways go the end there will be a switch near the end like the ones in the centeral room touch it then go back to the centeral room turn switches no 3 and 10 off and turn 4 and 11 on go out cloca waterway 4 (just like 3 but on otherside) just like in three theres a switch at the end touch it head back to the centeral and touch swich 3 and 11 head into the cloaca waterway 1 go until you can go inot the lower area the gate closes behind you...

Boss-chucklain hp-120,000-hardness 5/5

Really hard battle your hp is on perminate sap throughout the battle and you can't get rid of it anyways have one per repeatedly cast curaja while equiped with a blackbelt have one person cast firaga and one physical attack chucklain and at the begining of the battle cast dispel on him he is very difficut I had vaan level 48 ashe lvl 48 balthiere lvl 48 basche lvl 44 penelo lvl 41 and fran lvl 43 it took me 3 tries (on the third try I had reddas)this is a very difficult battle if you can't win beat vmore of the game until you can get the holy spell and a few levels it all depend on chance what spells hell casr how many flans will appear and other than that what equipment you have...

Um well I only have those 3 right now but I've beaten the game with them but I'm trying to get zalera the death angel and zeromus but zeromus in hard and you can't use magic in the battle so don't go after him until everyone has three quickenings and your at about lvl 54ish and don't even try chaos ,ultima,and zodiark if you have a hard time beating zeromus because ultima is almost imposible zodiark took me out in less than one minute.. And choas doesnt alow physical attacks only magics.

Added 20 Nov 2006, ID #24398, by finalfantasyfan117

Helpful tip

When you first start the game as vaan and you get the quest to go out and kill the rogue tomato guy after you kill him continue to kill stuff out there. You can get level 4 easy and that will definatly help later. Always try to kill as much as you can for the XP and LP. It really helps.

Added 10 Nov 2006, ID #24247, by gothmer
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