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Names Action Replay Code for Pokemon White


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Feb 14th 2012, ID#8474 Names

If you want me to make a name code I will. No matter who you are. And I will also make AR name codes for Pokemon HG, SS, D/P, Plat, And Black. Note: all of my codes are activated by pressing 'Select' Second Note: I can only make codes for the JP and US/American Versions

Region: US/North America

Name = Robert:
94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 E003463C 00000010 006F0052 00650062 00740072 0000FFFF D2000000 00000000

For Pokemon Black Version

Name = Zephraxe

94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 E003463C 00000010 0065005A 00680070 00610072 00650078 D2000000 00000000


Edited: Mar 11 2012

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Aug 11th 2012 Caolann123
hey request here

espeon lv 100
maxed out stats
from hoenn
moveset: volt tackle
freeze shock
dark void

message me on this
ID #174786
Mar 27th 2012 stenbe0709
Just wondering,how do you make these codes?...
ID #126939
Mar 18th 2012 Guest
Hello dont think this is chreeepy but it will be awesome if you were able to make a code thats i know your familiar with his name is Ghost from thsoe old games
i would love to have the pokemon i have white version
if your not able to get it then can you make a shadow lugia it doesnt have to be legit from all those transfering i know it may be hard if you cant do that then can you make alakazam with 666 all stats with the move
Dream Eater
Dark Void
if you can make that pokemon a shadow pokemon then please try if you cant then thats ok and it doesnt have to have pokerus and the OT can it be yours? and the id it can be watever
and i know this is tooooo much already but can the code not be long like there are many of them i guess just 20lines
PleaseMake this happen especially the Ghost pokemon if possible if not then try the shadow lugia if not then i guess try alakazam
ID #124111
Mar 17th 2012 Alamandias
IS it possible to make a code that would make all pokemon appear as random encounter? besides the one using pokeballs to make them appear.
ID #123898
Mar 13th 2012 Gomanme
Then I can only make the code for your white. Is that ok?
ID #122693
Mar 13th 2012 nick7499
the problem is that my pokemon black is euro version and my white is us version
ID #122690
Mar 13th 2012 nick7499
then can you make a white code for me
ID #122689
Mar 10th 2012 Gomanme
Um, Yes and No. I can make codes for Black. But the codes that are here at the moment are not for black. What code did you want?
ID #121847
Mar 10th 2012 nick7499
can the code use on black and also white
ID #121710
Mar 10th 2012 nick7499
can you make me a code: name: Nick
ID #121709
Mar 2nd 2012 Gomanme
I get E-mails when you comment so you don't have to E-mail me too. But I don't mind though.
ID #119677
Mar 1st 2012 Guest
As you said, you would make a code for anyone to change their in game name, so could you make one for me? name: Zephraxe

You can contact me at wvdelucia@aol.com
ID #119609
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