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Epic Lucario Action Replay Code for Pokemon White


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Aug 26th 2011, ID#7865 Epic Lucario

Pokemon: Lucario
Max Happiness
Nature: Bold
Held item:twisted spoon
Max Stats

Aura Sphere PP:255
Close Combat PP:255
Hi Jump Kick PP:255
Draco Meteor PP:255

By pressing select, this Pokemon will appear in the first slot of Box 6. This Pokemon will not obey you if you have not won alll your gym badges. Another solution is to use an ar code to make traded Pokemon obey you. I tested it and it works! Please thumbs up and comment. I also take requests

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000
02220FCC 29905FF4
02220FD0 47970000
02220FD4 D03ACA78
02220FD8 64C3FBF1
02220FDC F62A456C
02220FE0 8E9C063F
02220FE4 D720C2DE
02220FE8 1354794F
02220FEC EA6C0F95
02220FF0 69803683
02220FF4 7E1F6205
02220FF8 77AC9CEB
02220FFC 3D9D7FD4
02221000 DC5FB1D6
02221004 9916454F
02221008 88DE90C6
0222100C 0508E125
02221010 FD07FB90
02221014 475838C8
02221018 2F893857
0222101C 4066455D
02221020 FB529D17
02221024 E9156791
02221028 BDA76D2E
0222102C 77BFF4DE
02221030 4633ED41
02221034 E06968F3
02221038 B463D160
0222103C 243702FB
02221040 D5F06968
02221044 2F21739E
02221048 DABC35A0
0222104C FAE7C44A
02221050 71E294C5
D2000000 00000000 and get
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