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World 2011 Scrafty Action Replay Code for Pokemon White


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Aug 20th 2011, ID#7835 World 2011 Scrafty

The special gift Scrafty given away on August 14th, the third day of the Pokémon Worlds Championship.

Level: Lv. 50
Moves: Fire Punch, Payback, Drain Punch, Substitute
Ability: Moxie
Held item: Leftovers
Poké Ball: Cherish Ball

Region: US/North America | Class: Event Pokemon Codes

Press select, it will be in slot 1 of box 1 in your pc.

94000130 fffb0000
0221bfcc f124f1e9
0221bfd0 89c60000
0221bfd4 7697ff5e
0221bfd8 c413fc37
0221bfdc a04616a7
0221bfe0 e9de4471
0221bfe4 1caa99f5
0221bfe8 0727d688
0221bfec 9d1ce7e9
0221bff0 f978bb2a
0221bff4 0efe1f57
0221bff8 9e36669d
0221bffc 87a4acd9
0221c000 fcc6f7ce
0221c004 df3a9f54
0221c008 b051c8f8
0221c00c dd170402
0221c010 6fc6d49c
0221c014 d3946864
0221c018 22681457
0221c01c 02b49ace
0221c020 ef07d7d5
0221c024 5a8a0680
0221c028 9b25083f
0221c02c 3769bb8b
0221c030 e9e301bf
0221c034 db3451ec
0221c038 9a6893ae
0221c03c ae6a2b81
0221c040 067119e8
0221c044 6d421c93
0221c048 8d4c35e7
0221c04c 246510a1
0221c050 3707af7b
d2000000 00000000 and get
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7 comments, latest first.
What do you mean? The real event's nature was random and I can't do that with pokegen, so I just picked one. If you don't like it, don't use it!

Added 12th Sep 2011, ID #74216

this is not the event becuase when i do it, its nature is wrong.

Added 12th Sep 2011, ID #74206

I put the code in and I got an egg. every step I take it keep saying "Oh!" Why do I have a bad egg, where did I go wrong?

Added 29th Aug 2011, ID #71119

does this also work for black?

Added 23rd Aug 2011, ID #69604

works, it awesome. thx for all ur help.

Added 22nd Aug 2011, ID #69211

cant u make the zoroak with the snarl atk event pokemon?

Added 22nd Aug 2011, ID #69128

cant u make the zoroak with the snarl atk event pokemon?

Added 22nd Aug 2011, ID #69127


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