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true Darkrai updated Action Replay Code for Pokemon White


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Jul 14th 2011, ID#7654 true Darkrai updated

Okay I forgot to put stuff on darkrai I for got his bad dreams ablity it's not tested
Shiny no
Move set Dark void roar of time spacial rend shadow force
And for an extra for my good friends if you missed the victini event darkrai has the libraty pass YAY enjoy your new darkrai!

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FCFF0000
0221BFCC 3351BDB9
0221BFD0 38040000
0221BFD4 85A16808
0221BFD8 55F3D5C9
0221BFDC 651284E6
0221BFE4 E04CEF66
0221BFE8 0A1DA761
0221BFEC 5ACB3A79
0221BFF0 C5F79BF9
0221BFF4 B239B303
0221BFF8 0F3AD117
0221C000 BBEF7A28
0221C004 E7542F0E
0221C008 08408A89
0221C00C C0F7495E
0221C010 5C37CCAE
0221C014 1ADD7350
0221C018 035BA5B4
0221C01C 9C75E523
0221C020 37FC7F44
0221C024 C3263B6E
0221C028 D4818990
0221C02C 65C1A5E2
0221C030 66650296
0221C034 B92D8547
0221C038 DCD97274
0221C03C F9F5BB4C
0221C040 9C9A3400
0221C044 14C230A5
0221C048 494274A5
0221C04C B0F491B4
0221C050 A97E3C34
D2000000 00000000 and get
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