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IV'S AND EV'S CHECK(hold L for IV and R for EV ) Action Replay Code for Pokemon White

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Mar 10th 2011, ID#6869 IV'S AND EV'S CHECK(hold L for IV and R for EV )

IN storage or party pokmon go to sumary and hold L for for IV's or hold are for EV's.

Region: US/North America

521d5384 efe6f660
e2002000 00000068
29016da9 2108d12d
d1074208 42080189
0849d10a d0244208
e006200d 20a04911
390a7008 e0051d02
1cc22046 7008490d
70083154 3001315e
280f7008 2848d003
28a3d001 3001d101
2812e7f4 284bd003
28a6d001 3803d100
d1eb4290 65a92100
47702010 021da108
021d5384 fe3cf62c
d2000000 00000000 and get
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doesnt work it makes the game freeze

Added 26th May 2013, ID #285442

Can someone recreate this code for B/W 2??? One reason why B/W is preferable for me right now is because of the more convenient codes.

Added 11th Nov 2012, ID #207518

Yeah, will this show up in the vcg check??

Added 4th Oct 2012, ID #191492

i cant seem to get this to work either, i have checked over the code like 6 times from 3 different sources and the code still is not working for me....

Added 10th Sep 2012, ID #185098

Is there one for black?

Added 15th Aug 2012, ID #176446

the code WORKS, it does not PERMANENTLY change your pokemons stats. The purpose of this code is to simply "check" a pokemon(s) IV's and EV's. Look it up on serebii if you don't know what either of those things are. The main purpose for most people, for this code, is so they can successfully RNG ideal pokemon with ease. Without an AR and the IV/EV check code you will have to enter a wifi battle then enter everything in an IV calculator and you will have to do all the EV math in your head. This code helps a LOT. *Note* RNG is NOT hacking pokemon, it is taking the "random" aspect out of pokemon encounters, eggs and events. Smogon has walkthroughs on how to RNG.

Added 15th Mar 2012, ID #123081

this works for my us white version, but didn't work for balck. is there a similar code for black ?

Added 8th Dec 2011, ID #93479

Ev works but it freezes when I click L...someone help!

Added 21st Nov 2011, ID #89157

the 100's were how many EV's you must have had in those stause, seeing that IV's dont pass 100. also you dont do anything, its not a status editor its a CHECKER, meaning you can train your pokemon better by finding your what stats will get aboosts in what & by how much. 4 ev's = 1+ status point in said stat. also theres an EV cap , a grand total of 510 EVs may be used before a pokemone stops gaining bonuses from EV's, with a sing staus cap of 250(252 in actuallality). meaning pouring EV's into that stat past this point is just a waste of EV's that pokemon can use.

Added 15th Nov 2011, ID #87634

I pressed the button for EV's and it all changed to 100 until I exited out of the summary. Then my stats were the same again. What do I do now?

Added 22nd Oct 2011, ID #82098

this only works for pokemon white not for pokemon black

Added 18th Oct 2011, ID #81170

Pfff what a lie got UK but stll doesn't work!thanks for nothing!

Added 22nd Aug 2011, ID #69293

this works for me pokemon white US version, awesome

Added 18th Aug 2011, ID #68292

really dont work. must over look your code again.

Added 10th Aug 2011, ID #65981

This is awesome, thanks for the code!

Added 7th Jun 2011, ID #47682

does this show up in the pokemon vcg hacks check

Added 14th May 2011, ID #42992

For me L or R didn't have to be held down, just pressed once. Go to Summary then Stats page, EVs or IVs will have the values instead of the calculated stats

Added 12th May 2011, ID #42664

In order to get some of these to work you need the new action replay firmware.

Added 2nd May 2011, ID #41192

um what's an IV?

Added 2nd May 2011, ID #41185

yea it works. nice job

Added 30th Apr 2011, ID #40742

n00bs, this code DOES work you probably messed up.

Added 20th Apr 2011, ID #38535

n00bs, this code DOES work you probably messed up.

Added 20th Apr 2011, ID #38534

Doesn't work...

Added 10th Apr 2011, ID #36852

doesn't work

Added 1st Apr 2011, ID #35224

this code DOSENTWORK

Added 27th Mar 2011, ID #34562


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