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Wild Pokemon Modifier Action Replay Code for Pokemon Soul Silver


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Apr 1st 2010, ID#1881 Wild Pokemon Modifier

Wild Pokemon Modifier

Press L+R and you will get 493 master balls and 100 hyper balls. The master balls represent the Pokemon's number and the hyper balls represent the level you want the Pokemon. Hold L for the encounter. For example if you want a bulbasaur at level 10 then you would throw away 492 master balls and throw away 90 hyper balls. The you would hold down L to encounter it in the wild.

Region: US/North America | Class: Encounter Codes

94000130 FEFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
00000D14 01ED0001
00000D18 00640002
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FDFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
DA000000 00000D16
C0000000 00000027
D7000000 00025A68
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FDFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
DB000000 00000D1A
C0000000 0000000B
D8000000 00025A5C and get
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it works and i know how to use it (i got darkrai) but it froze after i used it.

Added 20th Jul 2014, ID #422201

I might just sue who ever owns this sight how do I fix it I keep getting a red screen when I start the action replay

Added 12th Jul 2014, ID #417166

This ruined my action replay I can't even start it up

Added 12th Jul 2014, ID #417154

nice code hope you always do more good work

Added 2nd Jul 2014, ID #410482

I always encounter arceus

Added 30th Jun 2014, ID #409683

What do I do if it makes my game freeze

Added 18th Jun 2014, ID #401913

It works but the leveling doesnt work..

Added 27th May 2014, ID #389797

it wont work four me something rong :(

Added 22nd May 2014, ID #387008

Its just pops up a blank space and its says its shiney thanks alot for nothing

Added 14th Mar 2014, ID #364143

When I press l + r it does give me the master and ultra balls I need, but when I hold l and walk through the grass, it's just the same wild pokemons that are normally in that area with the same levels that they are normally at.

Added 12th Mar 2014, ID #363597

can you make it give you male or female?

Added 11th Mar 2014, ID #363226

omfg only if ppl would read

Added 7th Mar 2014, ID #361911

Every time I try to use this, and arceus appears. -_-

Added 8th Feb 2014, ID #352892

Hey, the people that are having problems with this. All you have to do is re-enter the code because its a bug. Trust me I did this and after that there were no problems at all.

Added 6th Feb 2014, ID #352435

You guys are dumb the hyper balls are the pokemons lvl and the master balls are the pokemons pokedex id

Added 6th Jan 2014, ID #340470

all i get now is shiny lvl 100 voltorb please help me i hate voltorb what do i do i entered buildings nothin

Added 27th Apr 2013, ID #278067

It is best if i used the azura flute code than dis

Added 18th Apr 2013, ID #275377

all i'm getting are ultra balls why

Added 9th Apr 2013, ID #272029

I keep getting arceus

Added 12th Feb 2013, ID #253603

I caught a yugioh

Added 4th Jan 2013, ID #237117

hey i just want to throw this out there i used this code and caught every freaking pokemon in game without ever pressing l+r at the same time again after i gt the balls after u activate it hold l encounter arceus catch it with a master ball omg thats 1 less master ball so hold l again and omg its the next one down on the list ctach it and do it again every one u catch means one less master ball so just hold l and get into another fight its stupid simple the lvl thing idk i caught them all at lvl 1 so i could learn the moves on them i wanted them to have hope this helps some of u and for the dumb ones sorry i cant fix stupid

Added 4th Jan 2013, ID #236576

I don't set the balls 😞

Added 8th Dec 2012, ID #216658

i can't turn it off

Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #212109

Every single time I try to use it, the game just freezes. Screw this cheat

Added 19th Nov 2012, ID #210344

I love this code just caught arseus

Added 2nd Nov 2012, ID #204301

this code dosent work im trying to get chimchar but it gives me a level 1o geodude

Added 21st Oct 2012, ID #199596

This works!!! Get into another building to fix the problems...This rocks!

Added 16th Oct 2012, ID #196961

This does work for me, just the master ball part, and i just redo the L+R trash the masters and hold L to get the next pokemon i want, level depends on the area but i never have to leave the grass.... I LOvE THIS CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 6th Oct 2012, ID #192243

how do you get level 100? I didn't delete any thinking it would give me level 100 but it gave me level 3 indtead

Added 26th Sep 2012, ID #189261

how many master balls do u throw away for a suicune

Added 3rd Sep 2012, ID #182948

i tried to use the code but i keep getting a level 3 or 2 pokemon when i have 100 ultra balls

Added 26th Aug 2012, ID #180326

the code cant be turned off i needed one arceus not infinite :(

Added 8th Aug 2012, ID #173526

It Works Fine for me I just ot a shaymin :D

Added 25th Jul 2012, ID #168197

I keep getting Arceus, I delete the amount of Masterballs I want including the amount of ultra balls, and hit the L button game wise, but I keep getting a 100 Arceus

Added 22nd Jul 2012, ID #167156

Someone mentioned the modifier cheat like Black and white has but for Soul Silver, well They have have all the pokemon codes at Codejunkies, the site used by the creators of Action Replay. Here is the link:

Added 8th Jul 2012, ID #161547

ULTRA BALLS ARE HYPER BALLS! My L button doesn't work so can I use the SELECT button instead??? I'm confused.....

Added 17th Jun 2012, ID #153626

Thank you!!!!!! all other codes for this I tried wouldn't work. ps go to and their is a cheat to get all wild pokemon to level 100!!! :0

Added 14th Jun 2012, ID #152576

the level is free flow thats why itz different

Added 9th Jun 2012, ID #150705

you suck stupid man! It does not work! SUCKER!!!

Added 9th Jun 2012, ID #150659

For those of you having trouble with still seeing the same pokemon even after disabling/deleting the code, you can also walk into a pokemon center or other building to fix it.

Added 5th Jun 2012, ID #149170

for all of you having problems with re-occuring pokemon, for me it was arceus, got a lvl 3 arceus for start of game, kept encountering it after, did you think to save and re-open the game? this fixed it for me try it dudes

Added 25th May 2012, ID #145255

After I get the one that I want I delete the code but then I keep seeing the same pokemon. help?

Added 20th May 2012, ID #143960

After I get the one that I want I delete the code but then I keep seeing the same pokemon. help?

Added 20th May 2012, ID #143959

I need help.... wait a second. The modifier code needs work done...

Added 20th May 2012, ID #143652

suckers in dose not work at all.

Added 11th May 2012, ID #141212

It doesnt work for me why???

Added 5th May 2012, ID #139673

Works pretty well, except i dint throw away any ultra balls when i threw away 14 masters so i could get Rotm and it was a level 6. I dont really care but still. Thanx man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #133436

OK, I used the code and stuff, but the level thing wasnt working until I saw somebody posted u needed to press select. THE CODE WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 12th Apr 2012, ID #132623


this code rock

Added 28th Mar 2012, ID #127125

It worked for me when I went to get a snorunt.

Now, it's not working for me at all. I am completely mystified. It's like suddenly, my cloning code on Platinum and my modifier code on White suddenly stopped working.

Added 14th Mar 2012, ID #122976

all im getting is a weedle why do i kepp getting a weedle

Added 24th Feb 2012, ID #117863

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