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Event Victini Movie 14!! (WILL replace pokemon in box 15 slot 2 Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black

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May 5th 2011, ID#7212 Event Victini Movie 14!! (WILL replace pokemon in box 15 slot 2

This code will give the event victini for the new Pokemon movie
Ability: victory star
MObes: V-create
Fusion Flare
Searing Shot
Fusion Bolt
Item: Fire Gem
Ribbon: Wishing Ribbon

Region: US/North America | Class: Event Pokemon Codes

94000130 fffb0000
0222a034 fec06e53
0222a038 8ae40000
0222a03c eba87b0a
0222a040 aff99a67
0222a044 5a75388d
0222a048 21be0804
0222a04c 772e3c62
0222a050 b05705b6
0222a054 a926d3a8
0222a058 9daa5676
0222a05c 04b659e7
0222a060 1d03c956
0222a064 818f8149
0222a068 6ef3383a
0222a06c ffa29896
0222a070 d59b24b7
0222a074 7807fa27
0222a078 e941cadb
0222a07c e9415dd6
0222a080 f5e155b5
0222a084 07bb6906
0222a088 f1e95cc3
0222a08c f5d308a3
0222a090 592b1a83
0222a094 7a655bed
0222a098 7f8f8381
0222a09c 250059a1
0222a0a0 dfe020e4
0222a0a4 7327b287
0222a0a8 ab278acb
0222a0ac 264a3a15
0222a0b0 a7e8e90a
0222a0b4 ab8950ea
0222a0b8 0b7c4212
d2000000 00000000 and get
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[size=32][/size] it didn't work

Added 28th Nov 2013, ID #322860

You got to be kidding me I spent half an hour typing it in what do I get "error please shut your ds off

Added 28th Nov 2013, ID #322859

you have to be playing pokemon black

Added 4th May 2013, ID #280151

It doesn't work! I have all the 16 boxes and all but when i open the computer i can scroll from 1-4 or
16-1 but when i go over to page 15 it just says error and shut down you DS... What do i do? Im playing on Pokemon White.. Please help!

Added 12th Feb 2013, ID #253549

i got an egg that repeats oh an does nothing -_-

Added 1st Feb 2013, ID #248585

this actually works this guy is a legend

Added 26th Oct 2012, ID #201334

will this work for pokemon white? i just tried it and it said system error and to turn off the power in a black and white screen when i went on the PC. How EXACTLY do i do this step by step?

Added 5th Oct 2012, ID #191919

Just put 1 of each Pokémon in each box like one of the guest who said that and turn the pc off then turn it back on u wil hav 16 boxs then u put the code dont do it with the code on bcause I don't know what wil hapen... This is sure to get agounge boxs 4 victini! ;-) ps just press select when it goes black on the pc boxes

Added 28th Sep 2012, ID #189821

Thanks it works!

Added 10th Jul 2012, ID #162533

how do you activate it

Added 15th Jun 2012, ID #153134

This sucks! I spend 15 minutes typing this in and it doesn't even work!!!

Added 5th Jun 2012, ID #148956

Worked like a charm thanks!

Added 3rd May 2012, ID #139138

When I use the code I get a black screen that tells me to turn off the power. How can I fix it?

Added 27th Mar 2012, ID #126875

It works!

Added 20th Mar 2012, ID #124750

Thanks Man, it really works

Added 5th Mar 2012, ID #120707

It doesn't work! Whenever I try I get victini in box 15 slot 2 it said there is an error and I have to shut down. Could you please help?

Added 12th Feb 2012, ID #114475

i activated the code every letter identical. i dont have the game yet, but i would like more info on wat u mean on, basically everything u said

Added 26th Dec 2011, ID #98904

i activated the code every letter identical. i dont have the game yet, but i would like more info on wat u mean on, basically everything u said

Added 26th Dec 2011, ID #98903

Also Guest #50656, thnx a lot for the tip about getting more boxes

Added 6th Jul 2011, ID #55169

Thx for the code, it worked perfectly. Can you try a liberty pass ar code for black if it's not too much trouble? Thx.

Added 6th Jul 2011, ID #55167

just put one pokemom in each of the box's then come out of the pc and go back in u will have more boxes and if u want even more put one pokemon in each of the new boxes this will give you all the boxes you can get.

Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #50656

For the my screen is blackguy you must update your ar firmware for this game so suk it

Added 12th Jun 2011, ID #48676

It worked for me. First, go to the pc box. Then you have to hit select when the screen is black, and it pops up in box 15 slot 2

Added 11th Jun 2011, ID #48392

you gotta have da other boxes filled

Added 8th Jun 2011, ID #47845

this cheat doesn't even work!?!?!?!

Added 7th Jun 2011, ID #47653


Added 25th May 2011, ID #44903

my screen is all white what should i do

Added 24th May 2011, ID #44815

So basically what it means is that after you fill up 8 boxes, you get sixteen, then after you fill them up you get 24.

Added 18th May 2011, ID #43691

when you have a pokemon in evey box you get more boxes

Added 13th May 2011, ID #42782

noo wen yu beat the game yu unlock more boxes

Added 12th May 2011, ID #42601

I am not sure what you mean by Box 15 Slot 2. Since there only 8 boxes in Pokemon Black, it is impossible. Do you mean Box 2 Slot 15?

Added 11th May 2011, ID #42497


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