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How to receive two golden shovels!!!

To get two golden shovels, just buy two shovels and bury one of them next to your house where you can find it. Save and then quit after your bury one of the shovels. While your character is still sleeping, go to the phone and skip to the day after the shovel was buried. Then dig up the newly golden shovel with the original shovel, and then bury the regular shovel with golden shovel in the same spot. Then save and quit again. Go to the phone once more and fast forward to the day after the second shovel was buried. Now you can dig up the second newly golden shovel with the first golden shovel and you can either sell one or both of them or you can justkeep them both!! Nook only gives you 140 bells each but it is really fun to time travel!!! This is actually really easy but I had to explain every little bit of it. Hope this works well for you!!!

Added 20 Jul 2007, ID #3910, by SetSumi-chan and get

Instant Order From Nook

I am not totally positve about this one, but if you really want or need your order from the catalog open up your gate in order to get your request from Nook. I'm not sure this works if it doesnt try having someone in your town instead of just having the gate open.

Added 16 Jul 2007, ID #3844, by Dumbee101

To get all fossils

This cheat is for people who almost is done with their fossil exbiht, but anyone can do this.

Get atleast 10 undienified fossil. After that open your gate to DS to DS so you can turn off your game without the mole coming. After you did that go to blather and have him idenify all your fossils and if there is no new ones turn off your game without saving because each time you turn your game off, the fossils are different.

Added 14 Jul 2007, ID #3812, by drdrei30003

To get the golden shovel buy two shovels and bury one now in two days dig it up and voila!

Added 19 Jun 2007, ID #3267, by Arceus RULES

Infinate Royal Crowns

I will break it down into steps:

1) Get 99,000 bells by fishing, bug catching, etc.

2) Go to a friends town via Wifi or close connection

3) Drop the 99,000 bells

4) Don't have anyone pick it up, just save. After 6 1/2 spins of the little swirly thingy in the bottom right corner in the save box, both players shut off their systems.

5) You should still have 99,000 bells, and it should also be in their town where you dropped it.

6) Repeat until you have 1,200,000 bells.

7) Find a day where the Royal Crown is in the Abel Sisters' shop. Buy it.

8) Repeat steps 2-4 with Royal Crown. You have 2, then 3, then 4, etc. Repeat until you have as many Royal Crowns as you could possibly need!

9) Sell them all to Nook if you want, it's easy money!

Added 27 May 2007, ID #2848, by Imakuni

Easy money!

If you have insurance by lyle, then buy a king tut wig, and run around for a bit. You should fall down a few times. You get 100 bells each time you fall.

Added 20 May 2007, ID #2727, by Mark432

Easy money

If you want to get easy money follow these steps

1)set the date to 1/1/2008
2)set the date to 1/1/2009
3)set the date to 1/1/2010
4)set the date to 1/1/2011
5)set the date to 1/1/2012
6) every time you should have a piece of mail from your mum with 10,000 bells attached to it take them off.
7)put your DS date on 2000 any day then put 50,000 bells in the bank
8) put your game date on 1/1/2000
9) save turn off and put your DS date to 2011
10)next go 11 years foward
11)carry on repeating step 11 then go to your bank you will have loads of money in it!

Added 12 May 2007, ID #2630, by Superjoegoal

Animal crossing cheats voor snel aan geld komen

If jou need mony go fishing for snapper tom nook gives 3000 each
Donering: jou can donate things to the museum and it is fun to see your fish and bugs that jou have counght also you can see your fossils and paintings

You can also speak the people and do jobs for them!!!!!!!!

Added 11 May 2007, ID #2621, by steven!!!

!!!extra ca$h!!!

Put around 100,000 bells in your bank (via the post office) then save and turn off your ds. Then turn it on and go to your ds settings and turn your whole ds settings to 10 years later and you will get 99,999 bells. Then you can repeat and after a couple of times doing it you can set it less year forwards like
10 years - 100,000
5 years - 500,000

Hope you like get rich soon because it worked for me and now I'm rich with 3 of each crown and 5 thrones !!! <(^_^)>

Added 21 Apr 2007, ID #2472, by owenie

Money money money

If you think you can put up with weeds in your town and when I say weeds I mean
First you need to actually have done all tom nook's chores and have about 40,000 in your bank save your game and turn off the game go to your date settings in your ds menu and fast forward the date to 2099
Turn it back on and toss all the letter in your mail box save and turn off then go back into your date settings then turn it to the year 2000 turn it back on and toss all your letters and save
Repeat this until you have 25,000,000 then if you want you can now pull up all your weeds this is optional and not part of the cheat it just returns your town to it's former glory now instead off fast forwarding the date 99 years you now only need to fastforward it 1 month and there will be less weeds each month to pick out and every time you do this you will get 99,000 bells and I now have 70,000,000 bells but this dose get very boaring and tireing so I suggest you do it over a week but it can be done in about a day and a half of constant play that is if you don't get fed up easily and it can be done trust me

Added 12 Apr 2007, ID #2434, by ainsleyandrews

Money Trick! A MUST SEE!!!!

by: BeeCrazy

Now I will walk you through this easy cheat to get the riches on animal crossing. You get 99,999 bells each time done! Its very easy, it takes little time to do, and you can do this cheat over and over again until you have the money amount you want!

Warning:This cheat involves Time Traveling! You Will get ALOT of weeds but I can guarantee it does work, I payed off my whole loan with this cheat. Also this may cause animals in your town to move away, but you get new neighbors to replace them, I would say in the end the cheat is worth it though. NOW HERES THE CHEAT:
YOU NEED: A bank account at the town hall and money to start the cheat with.

The first step is to put all your money in your account at town hall, after this is done, you save, and quit. You then turn the power off after the save is done. With the game still in your DS, you go to the DS setting and change the Date, It does not matter about the month and day, but the year does, you must change the year to 2000 and then save that, and turn the power off. Then turn the power on, once again, and go on your game, there will be no changes yet, so you then just save and end the game, you must save when you go on the game in the year 2000 to have the cheat work. You then turn the power off after you save and still with the game in turn the power on and go to the DS settings and change the year to 2099, save that date and turn the power off. Then go on animal crossing, this is when all that work pays off. You then check your mail, you will get a letter from the town hall telling you your account gained 99,999 bells in money and blah blah blah. If you check your account, you will be 99,999 bells richer! If you want more bells, keep doing this cheat and every time it's done, your account will gain 99,999 bells! Every time you do this cheat make sure you have all your money in that account, and when your done with this cheat, simply take the money out of your account and spend, spend, spend! To continue the cheat just keep changing the years between 2000 to 2099. And always remember to save!

Added 7 Apr 2007, ID #2392, by BeeCrazy


If you want to make millions,put 100,000(NO LESS) into your account(via townhall!).Then save and turn off the power.DO NOT GO INTO THE GAME.Go into settings and change the year to five years ahead.You will get interest.Once you do this about 10 times,you'll be a millionaire!!!(Note:interest is 0.005% of the amount in your account!)

Added 4 Apr 2007, ID #2382, by sillysod101

Nookingtons fast

So you want nookingtons fast all you have to do is go to tom nooks and have some money (10000 bells) and buy something and then sell it and buy and sell (you might have to get more money after you keep seling ansd buying)( the way to get it is to sell and buy stuff) until you thing you gave 640000

Added 3 Apr 2007, ID #2379, by dragonball z goten

Glitch Tulips

After connecting to Nintendo WFC Via Wi-fi. You may recieve a starnge letter with a present. The letter is blank and the present is a glitched red tulip. DONT PLACE IT IN YOUR HOME! If you do, the space you placed it in can never be used again. Just place the tulips outside then pick it up again. They will be normal red tulips. If you do place them in your home then it is recommended you restart your town.

Added 21 Mar 2007, ID #2298, by bacboy1

Fake Myths

There have been strange and wierd myths about Animal crossing WW. Most of whcih are fake. I shall tell you a few which are DEFINENTLY fake:

You cannot see toom nook in Pyjamas.
There is no "Resetti House".
You can't avoid a visit from resetti if you accidently turn off without saving.

There you go.

Added 21 Mar 2007, ID #2297, by bacboy1

Infinate Bell Trip

1) First, store 20,000 to 30,00 bells in your account.
2)Save and turn your game off.
3) set the date to 2099.
4)Turn your game bac on and check your mail. You should have 99,999 bells though you will have weeds too.

Thank You!

Added 24 Feb 2007, ID #2195, by thunderninja99

Get 10,000 bells in 3mins

Switch on your DS as usual and go on animal crossing. Click on 'Continue'
And before you click on your character (who is sleeping) click on the 'phone' beside the bed. Then click on 'reset clock' and reset the clock to 1 year forward (2008) and put the date as 1st January (new years day) and the click on your character and begin the game. Then go on your 'mail box' and you will have a letter from your 'Mom' and attatched to it will be 10,00 bells. You can reapeat this process as many times as you like, exept you DON'T have to turn your DS 'OFF'. Don't forget to save. Once you have finished this as many times as you have wished, then you can reset the clock to the correct date and year. As long as you have saved your progress then you will still have the bells you have collected.

Added 15 Feb 2007, ID #2152, by sxc_lil_miss

Shooting star

When you see a shooting star press A on your controll panel the next day you should recieve a letter with a present in it the letter will be from the star thanking you for wishing on it.

Added 12 Feb 2007, ID #2131, by Kirbygirl

Easy Money (Bad Side Effects Though)

Ok if you want easy money you need to change the date on your DS to January 1,2000, then put a large amount of money in your bank account, then you need to change the date on your DS to have the date January 1,2099. The more money you put into your bank account the more money you'll get after doing this. The side effects of this are your town will need a lot of weeding(it took me an hour to weed it), and your house will be filled with cockroaches. So do this at your own will. Hope this helps!

Added 6 Feb 2007, ID #2114, by Oceanside Gamer123

Easy money

Write to your freinds and give them a shell from the beach (do this to everyone) some of your freinds will give you fruit, plant it, water it, when it grows grab fuit off and sell it when there is no fruit left fast forward the days and the fruit will come back. And sell again

Added 4 Feb 2007, ID #2097, by Jackfalk
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