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Save those Rotten Turnips!

Place them in your town on the ground and the next day either ants, or roaches will be eating them. It's the only way I know of to get ants

Added 28 Jul 2008, ID #8566, by yogurttoad and get

the golden rose (and the golden watering can)

You look at flowers and think well there just are normal flower but too impress your friends keep this little secret!

1.get 4 healthy looking red roses them in a square circle next too each over

3.soon you will find that black roses near them started too grow

Note:DON'T pick out the black roses!

4.soon leave the black roses too dye!

5.water the dead roses with the GOLDEN watering can

Now too get the golden watering can:

You MUST keep the environment clean and heathy for 16 days (ouch!)

Thank you this is my first cheat here ever well... Anywhere!

Added 27 Jul 2008, ID #8548, by animalcrossinglover1

the real best way to get money without time traveling

Wait till it's july and plant abunch of coconut trees and just run up and down the beach and you can get a golioth hercules atlas and others I made about 100,000 in 1 hour

Added 14 Jul 2008, ID #8356, by coltono10

The real 99,999 Bells cheat

Okay everyone this is the real way to get 99,999 bells on Animal Crossing. Before you read this You must be ready for a ton of weeds and roaches but, it's so worth it. Okay here are the steps 1- Make sure you have 10,000 bells in your account 2- turn on the game 3-select contenue and touch the phone 4-choose Reset clock 5-Set the date to January 1st 2000 6-Wake up your character and ceck mail and (sometimes your mom will have sent you a present) 6-once you have checked the mail save the game and turn off the DS. 7-Turn on your DS and go to the menu where you can change your DS settings and change the date to January 1st, 2099 and confirm and press back the DS will turn off. 8-Turn the DS back on and press Animal Crossing 9-Okay get your character up and leave the phone alone now go check your mail and you will see a letter from the post office saying thanks for staying with us for so many years blah blah blah and go to the bank and the money will be there.

NOTE: The first time you do this you wont recieve 99,999 bells but after a couple times ifyou leave your Bells in the bank it will after a couple of times give you 99,999

Added 30 Jun 2008, ID #8159, by yococoyo

I dunno if this works but it sure is funny! Plant a pitfall seed infront of a townsperson heading your way and theyll fall! He he he HOORF!

Added 24 Jun 2008, ID #8051, by Shimmy

fossil fish!

I heard at 12:00pm and if it's raining the ocean will go black like all of the ocean were a fish so get your rod out and fish but it is hard to get.

Added 10 Jun 2008, ID #7850, by Garra59

Golden Shovel

If you want a golden shovel you have to have 2 of them. When you have the both of the shovels, dig a hole, then bury one of the shovels and wait exactly 24 hours. After the 24 hours have passed go to the same spot where you burried the shovel and take it out.

Added 12 May 2008, ID #7568, by Kevin H

House Color

Ok if you are starting out or starting over here is a cheat. Before you begin playing Animal Crossing on the Preview Screen or whatever sometimes it shows yor house. Anyway you roof color starting out depends on the color of the border when you turn on your DS where you can change the time and stuff like that. So what ever that color is that is what color the of the roof on your house is.

Added 3 May 2008, ID #7459, by Dumbee101

U.F.O spotted O_O

If you are lucky a U.F.O will appear in your world. O_O I know wierd isn't it^_^
.Shoot it down with your slingshot,If you don't have a slingshot you can get it when you get Nook 'N' Go you can't get it if you have Nook's cranny (yeah rip
Off,i know) Any way shoot it down and it will crash land in your village (not always at the top like the prezzies ^-^ I love prezzie) But in your world somewhere tlak to him he will give you a quest to find I think 12 U.F.O parts (i just can't remember ._.) Find them all and you will get a prezzie off him I got something wierdly rare ._. -.-

Well thts all from me (phil907) ('theyre not thick phil'):)

Added 27 Mar 2008, ID #7037, by phil907

Never get Resseti!

1. Go to the town gate where Copper is. 2. Talk to Copper. 3. Select Invite guests. 4. When he's finish registering, go outside. 5. Reset the game. 6. Play the game and there is no Resseti! Everything you've done too is even saved!

Added 8 Feb 2008, ID #6447, by ihave2petfish

Extra storage space

When your cupboards in your house are full you can store extra items in your mailbox. Simply attach to a used/unused letter.

Added 16 Dec 2007, ID #5739, by bubble231

New Resident Cheat

Well if you have seven residents and an open bed, you can do this cheat.

On the second day after one of your residents have moved out, start a new file. If you find an extra house when Pelly shows you where your house is, then you've got a new resident. Quickly dash over to that new house an check who it is. If you don't like that resident, then you can turn off the game and try again. Sometimes it doesn't work, but if you kep trying you might find a cool resident! Like Apollo!

Added 8 Dec 2007, ID #5683, by InvertAlpha

Easy money

Go to your game. Take money out of your bank. Save and exit the game. Then turn on the DS or DS Lite. You should see a little ds picture. It is on the bottom center. Click on it. Then go to the one with the clock on it. Click the one at the very top. A date should show up. Then click the arrow pointing up until you reach the year 2099. Then confirm. Exit and turn off the ds. Turn it back on and enter the game. Go to your mail and open the mailbox. There will be a letter. Read it then go to the bank. You have to put it in your pocket to keep it. Then save your game and exit. Turn off the ds then turn it back on. Turn back to your year. Then go to the game and you will still have it. You can keep doing this as much as you want. Just remember to put it in your pocket.O.K. Get an Action Replay. Only an Action Replay. O.K. Other cheat systems don't work as well. You might as well pay the same price for a better one. So,bie. I got to go back to the year 2099. O.K. I hope you enjoy. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!!!!!!

Added 19 Nov 2007, ID #5493, by wiiman926

get lots of money and furnitur without changing the date

do you want to get a lot of furnitur and money then read get a lot of furnitur you have to get pitfall get pitfall seeds you have talk to that fat dog Booker.then ask for the lost and found.he always has pitfall seeds.then mail the pitfall seeds to your freinds.and thats how you get get money you have to first fish.if you fish for an hour.then you will probaly have 99,999 you have what you need.

Added 14 Nov 2007, ID #5451, by Air jordan23

the big money maker

Hey do you want to make 16,000 bells.This is what you have to do you get a red turnip from joan then water it every day.It might be done by saterday then you sell it to tom Nook and you will 16,000 bells!

Added 13 Nov 2007, ID #5435, by Air jordan23

Fishing (and bug ) trophys

Everyone can get frustratiated if you lose the fishing derby will I know how to win every time first when is the day of the contest go catch the record fish then take it to toramore and he'll give you a prize then insantly save after you are done talking then from the main screen go to contiune then check your mail and there will be a letter from the mayor and it will have a presant in it and if you want more than one go back in time to the day before get a big fish then save and go to the day of the fishing derby and repeat for beging and soon your romm will be full of beautiful shining trophys!(and also works for bug nad havent triend flowers yet)

Added 19 Oct 2007, ID #5202, by bellossom_13

Sleeping friend

This have a few steps you have to do

1. Go to anather town via DS to DS.
2. One of you close you`r DS.
3. See on the other screen.
4. Then the one who closed his/her DS sleeping. COOL!!

Added 16 Sep 2007, ID #4896, by sansia


To unlock the HRA Bonus Items

Unlock Mansion Model - Earn 150,000 Points

Unlock One-Story Model - Earn 70,000 Points

Unlock Two-Story Model - Earn 100,000 Points

To Unlock House Upgrades

Unlock Expand House (1st) - Pay the debt of 19,800 Bells

Unlock Expand House (2nd) - Pay the debt of 120,000 bells

Unlock Upstairs Room - Pay the debt of 298,000 Bells

Unlock Left Room - Pay the debt of 598,000 Bells

Unlock Right Room - Pay the debt of 728,000 Bells

Unlock Back Room - Pay the debt of 848,000 Bells

Added 25 Aug 2007, ID #4602, by Forest-Boy

Sick of the Rain?

If you are sick of the rain then try this...create a new player, you do not have to save it just turn it off and then it should be clear outside. The reason this should work is beacause when you are in the cab Kapp'n says oh look it looks like it is clearing up, so autimatically it should clear up!

Added 27 Jul 2007, ID #4070, by Dumbee101

How to receive two golden shovels!!!

To get two golden shovels, just buy two shovels and bury one of them next to your house where you can find it. Save and then quit after your bury one of the shovels. While your character is still sleeping, go to the phone and skip to the day after the shovel was buried. Then dig up the newly golden shovel with the original shovel, and then bury the regular shovel with golden shovel in the same spot. Then save and quit again. Go to the phone once more and fast forward to the day after the second shovel was buried. Now you can dig up the second newly golden shovel with the first golden shovel and you can either sell one or both of them or you can justkeep them both!! Nook only gives you 140 bells each but it is really fun to time travel!!! This is actually really easy but I had to explain every little bit of it. Hope this works well for you!!!

Added 20 Jul 2007, ID #3912, by SetSumi-chan
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